A Redwall Alphabet
by Sauron Gorthaur

From Alder to Ziral

A is for Alder, Friar of Redwall
B is for Bescarum; he'll eat it all
C is for Cluny, an evil, one-eyed rat
D is for Dinjer, a little shrew brat
E is for Egburt, a scholarly mole
F is for Fermald; put the spoon in the hole
G is for Gelf, a Redwall monk
H is for Halfchop, Kachunk, Kachunk, Kachunk
I is for Inbar, of Wallyum's holt
J is for Jess; to the weathervane she'll bolt
K is for Kroova, a jovial seabeast
L is for Lask, a lizard sailing East
M is for Mariel, a warriormaid
N is for Nimbalo, for his father, Dagrab slayed
O is for Orlando, who follows Slagar's trail
P is for Plugg, who's lost his tail
Q is for Quickbill, a thieving magpie
R is for Romsca; Lask's orders she'll defy
S is for Swartt; beware the Sixclaw
T is for Taggerung; see the mark upon his paw
U is for Ublaz; don't look into his eyes
V is for Veil; for Bryony he dies
W is for Wudbeak, an old tawny owl
X is in Foxwolf, giving a blood-chilling howl
Y is for Yoofus, a clever vole thief
Z is for Ziral, a Marlfox come to grief