From Arula to Zigu

A is for Arula, who bees 'ee turrible mad beast
B is for Beau; the Bogle wants its feast
C is for Cuthbert, shrew, otter, hare in one
D is for Darkclaw; boiling water is best to shun
E is for Emily, of Log-a-Log Bigclub's clan
F is for Finnbarr, who plays the ottercordian
G is for Grubbage; wot's that ye say?
H is for Hogspit; shrews are tough to slay
I is for Iraktaan, the guardian of the ford
J is for Jukka; with Fleetscut, there's discord
K is for Korvus, the raven Doomwyte
L is for Lollery, cook for a Forthright
M is for Martin, founder warrior of Redwall
N is for Nipwort; with surrender terms, he'll call
O is for Orlug, who "tripped" on his blade
P is for Phredd; with a scone, he'll banter trade
Q is for Quince, a captain of the Long Patrol
R is for Razzid; the Greenshroud's on a roll
S is for Skipper, a warrior water dog
T is for Triggut, a maddened, old hedgehog
U is for Ullig, whose cruelty Nettlebud stops
V is for Vitch; best watch out for "wasps"
W is for Wonwill, who can knock you on your tail
X is in Sixclaw, kindred mark of Swartt and Veil
Y is for Yik, who will Maudie's patience wear
Z is for Zigu, who messed with the wrong hare