"Tears Don't Fall"

Summary: Sasuke and Hinata are arranged? And they agree? Hinata is trying to get her parents off her case and Sasuke already has a girl, oblivious to his parents. Hinata decides to help him if he agrees to go along the arrangement. Falling for him was never part of the plan.

Genre: Romance, Family, Friendship

Rate: T (Language)

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto!

Chapter 2: Deal

"Sasuke, meet your fiancée, Hyūga Hinata."

As Hinata heard this, her white eyes shot up surged with black as black eyes engulfed in white. The room was filled with awkward silence. If crickets were to exist inside buildings, they would surely be heard.

Hinata's heart began to pound furiously against her chest, rapidly, loudly. Her eyes amplified at the sight of the blood curled Uchiha. This only increased her heart. For a moment she thought she was going to have a heart attack.

Sasuke examined the 'poor' Hyūga which only caused Hinata to fluster in her position even more. The first thing he noticed was her eyes.

"You arranged me with this?" questioned the confused yet angered Uchiha. Hinata flinched at his degrading statement. For some odd reason, Hinata could feel herself at the brink of tears; however she had no idea why. Maybe it was just a characteristic of hers that she hated so much. Her weakness and inability to take such comments without tearing, although she felt it they were unimportant.

"Don't speak to her like that boy," retorted Fugaku, as if he was defending Hinata. This statement only brought shock to both the unlikely pair.

Sensing how uncomfortable Hinata may have been, Fugaku told Hinata to sit down. Hinata willingly complied, being a bit skeptical at first, but she complied, feeling a bit unnerved due to the thick disposition of both the Uchiha.

"You sit too Sasuke."

"Like hell I am!" Sasuke kept his eyes sharp on the petite Hyūga heiress, his eyes cutting her down piece by piece.

"Do as you're told boy."

"No, you listen, old man! I don't know what you're planning but don't drag me into this deep sh*t!"

"Watch your language. That's no way to speak, especially in front of your fiancée."

That word, fiancée, brought discomfort to Hinata she unnervingly rattled at it's every utterance. It on the other hand, only brought increasing enragement for the inculpable Sasuke.

"For you information, she's not my fiancée. If you like her so much why don't you marry her! Or have Itachi marry her! He has nothing better to do!"

"Shut it Sasuke!"

"No, you shut up old man! I already have a fiancée! And it's not that thing over there!" He said gesturing towards Hinata. His words carved deep into her pours as crystalline drops threatened to flee. She only hated herself even more. Or did she? Was it herself that she hated or was it the insensible Uchiha? Either way, Hinata was ready to disappear.

For such a short while, this moment felt like forever. Seconds felt like minutes. Minutes felt like hours. And hours felt like days. Tick Tock. Hinata could have sworn she went pass 20 Thanksgivings and Christmases.

"What?" the horror, evident in Fugaku's voice.

"You heard me. I already have one."

"Is it that Sakura girl?"

Silence stalked for what seemed like a mere instant before being overtaken. Rage and a sense of betrayal flooded Fugaku's eyes as they fed dread through his eminent voice.

"You're talking to that wretch of a girl!"

"You don't know her."

"You're not going to talk to that girl again, you hear me!"

"Is that so?"

"You are not and that's final!"

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In the midst of the father-son exchange, Hinata's cell phone went off. Hinata's head shot up surprised, more like fear it was.

"A-ah, I-I'm sorry. Excuse me…" Hinata promptly dismissed herself as she scurried out of the "oh-so-buoyant" atmosphere, leaving the two Uchiha's just to admire each other's inimitable eyes.

Hinata trudged out of the spacious yet stifling vacation of Uchiha Fugaku's office reaching a door that led to the roof of the building.

"What Hanabi?"

"Don't 'what' me. Tell mom and them to pick me up."

"Why? Did you not call them?"

"No, I didn't yet."

"Well, why didn't you?"

"Fine, I'll call them gosh. Bye, idiot!" Hanabi hung up on Hinata leaving her rather dumbfounded. Heaving a defeated sigh, Hinata sluggishly stalked back into the building. On her way back to Fugaku's office, her body slammed into something hard…or was it someone?

"Umph...Sorry!" Hinata lowered her head apologetically awaiting a response.

"Be careful next time, hm," the stranger replied calmly. Hinata's eyes stretched in alarm realizing that it was the voice of male, a rather young male. Pinching her gaze from the ground to the eyes of her unwanted company, Hinata shrank. He looked much like Sasuke, black eyes, black hair, pale complexion; only his hair didn't look like a chicken's behind. He stood a whooping six feet compared to Hinata's striking five feet three.

"Ah, so you're that Hyūga I've hearing about, eh," he said accompanied by an oddly sincere smile. Hinata's head cracked to the side in confusion permitting her unwelcomed guest to a light chuckle.

"You know, you're a lot different in person," he said drawing closer, tightening the gap between the two of them.

"E-excuse me?" Hinata responded quite baffled attempting to discreetly retreat from his sudden approach.

"Nothing you have to worry about," he answered jerking himself straight along with his straight smile. I guess I'll be seeing you around then, Hinata!" He brushed pass Hinata stalking towards the elevator.

As he waited for the arrival of the elevator he revert his gaze back to Hinata with a smile. "Ah, how rude of me. The name's Sai." He finished before entering the closing elevator. "See you around."

Hinata continued to gawk her now neatly disordered mind before resuming to her prior activity only to be interrupted by an unfamiliar voice.

"Ok? What was that all about?"

Hinata nipped her head up, with yawning eyes, startled but the sudden presence. "Ahh!"



"Aha-ha-ha!" A wave of lion-ormous laughter sounded the halls.

"Ah, uhm…"

"Haha, sorry to startle you like that. I'm Itachi. Sasuke's older brother."

"Oh, nice to meet you Itachi-san," Hinata replied, politely bowing her head.

"Now, now. No need to be formal," chuckled Itachi. "Call me Itachi."

"Uh uhm...I'm sorry I can't possibly do that!" she dauntingly bellowed.

"Of course you can," he replied rather amused. "But if you're not comfortable yet then Itachi-kun would be fine."

"Itachi-kun…" Hinata questionably tested, cracking her head to the side in awkward uncertainty authorizing Itachi to weep out another quaint chuckle.

"Ahaha-ha! I have a feeling we'll get along quite well, Hinata-chan. Ah, you're walking back to the office, are you not?"

"Y-yes. Ac—," she managed to scuffle out.

"Great!" Itachi said, chopping off the remainder of Hinata's words. "I'm walking back there myself. Mind if we walk there together?"

Hinata replied with a simple and utter, "Huh…?"

Unable to resist his cracking smile Itachi walked on ahead. "Okay, let's go Hinata-chan!"

"A-ah, right…" Hinata scurries along, tailing Itachi. Finally reaching his side, both now walk along the same path.

After a seemingly long walk, they finally reached Fugaku's office. As they entered the room, a mood-forbidden Sasuke slammed open the door. Hinata stiffened in confusion next to Itachi, whose facial gestures already express sensibility to the current predicament between his father and brother.

"You," Sasuke stated accusingly causing Hinata to drown in perplexity. "Stay the hell away from me," he demanded, walking out the office towards an elevator.

Torn between following Sasuke and continuing her talk with Fugaku, Hinata quickly bowed to Fugaku as a form of apology and departure, "Nice to meet you, Fugaku-san."

Without fail, Hinata followed Sasuke straight into the elevator. "Wait!" Unfortunately for Sasuke, Hinata had already jumped into the elevator with him, leaving him unable to stray her away.

"Didn't I tell you to stay the hell away, or are you Hyuugas deliberately stupid?" Sasuke stated without a care in the world.

Forcibly biting her tongue away, Hinata ignored the 'false accusation' and offered a proposal. "You don't like me, right?"

Sasuke stood bewildered by her question, unable to respond for quite a while, thinking: "Deliberately stupid! This girl is a whole other story."

"Like hell I do," Sasuke recklessly spit, before reverting to look straight at the elevator doors.

"Great," Hinata exclaimed in self-assurance, leaving an even more baffled Sasuke.

"What the heck is she up to?"

Hinata continued, "You don't like me and I don't like you…so why don't we just help each other?" Sasuke continued to ignore Hinata's suggestion.

"I..I mean…neither of us want this…and I know you have a fiancée of your own already. And I…I uhm...I still want to continue with school…so, why don't we just agree to the engagement…? Hinata proposed.

Sasuke turned his body towards Hinata, narrowing his eyes at Hinata in suspicion. "What are you getting at…?

Despite her nervousness, Hinata managed to continue, with a bit of fiddle here and there. "What I'm trying to say is, we agree to this little engagement and our parents will get off our case, thinking they're home free. So, you can continue to be with your fiancée without your parents suspecting anything and eventually marry her. By then, there won't be anything they can do about that…"

Unsure of what Hinata was up to Sasuke questioned her, "What's in it for you, Hyuuga?"

Surprised, Hinata's answered fumbled and tumbled out her mouth. "Uhm…just trust me on this one. I'll help you with whatever you want. Just agree with the arrangement. That's all I want…Honestly…please..?"

"Hn…no backing out," Sasuke replied.

"Deal! Deal…?" Hinata managed to muffle.

Outraged at his own self that he actually thought to conform with a Hyuuga, nevertheless, THIS Hyuuga, Sasuke unwillingly, yet willingly complied. "You got yourself a deal Hyuuga."

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End of Chapter 2!
To be continued…

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