Chapter 1

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Shorty: Whatever. This story takes place at the end of EGB. This is the first time I've ever written in 3rd person P.O.V. and also my first Vlad fic. It was born of boredom and inspiration taken from songs.

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Snow raced through the crowds of teenagers enjoying deep-fried snacks and carnival games. She had to find Vlad. Something was wrong; she could feel it in her bones, in her blood. Snow looked around frantically and sighed with relief when she saw October and the gang eating kettle corn under a tree.

"October!" Snow shouted as she ran toward her black-clad friend.

"Snow!" October cried happily. "What are you doing here?" October saw the look on Snow's face and her smile melted. "What's wrong? Is it your Dad? Did he—" She was cut off by her friend.

"No. It's not him; it's Vlad." Snow saw Kristoff snort derisively, but she ignored him. "I think something's wrong with him. You need to help me find him! Have you seen him?"

October shook her head. "No, but I saw Henry over by the ring-toss game. He might know where he is. I'll take you there." She bid the boy's good-bye and led Snow to a brightly colored booth. Sure enough, Henry was there epically failing at the game. Meredith was there, too, watching and Snow was filled with envy for the girl that had preoccupied Vlad's heart.

"Henry!" October shouted. Henry turned around at the sound of his name and smiled at the girls.

"Hey, October, Snow. What are doing here?"

Snow grabbed Henry's arm. "Where's Vlad?"

Henry blinked. "Umm, he left. Said he had something important to do. Why?"

"I think something's wrong. He's been acting really weird."

Henry smiled. "I'm sure nothing's wrong. Vlad can take care of himself."

"Hasn't he been acting weird lately, though?"

"Well, sure, but he always acts weird."


Henry interrupted her. "Listen, Snow, Vlad is fine. He's my best friend, I would know if he was in trouble. Trust me, Vlad-"

"He released me as his drudge, Henry!" Snow hissed.

Henry's jaw hit the floor. The expression on his face would have been comical if Snow wasn;t so distraught. "What? But—but I'm his drudge! Not you!"

"What are you talking about?" Meredith demanded.

Snow sighed; she ignored Meredith and addressed Henry. "I know. Did Vlad ever tell about how he bit a girl at the Crypt last year?"

Henry blinked. "Yeah, but he said he released her and…" His voice trailed off as understanding dawned on him. "It was you." He said quietly. "All those trips to the Crypt. I knew there was something going on between you, but…"

"He's been drinking from me ever since. He was too ashamed to tell you, or anyone for that matter. But yesterday, he released me and I have a bad feeling about it."

"What are you talking about?" October and Meredith shouted.

Snow shushed them. "Has he done anything strange lately?"

Henry furrowed his brow and frowned. "This afternoon, he skipped class, and then he was talking really funny. When we left school— " Henry's eyes widened and he looked at Meredith. "He was talking to you. And you said it sounded like he was saying goodbye. And he was telling me about how he always hung out in the school's belfry and that I should go up there sometime."

"He was saying goodbye," Snow whispered.

Henry looked at her. "We need to find Vlad. Let's go, we'll take my car." Henry and Snow took off for the parking lot. Meredith and October followed, hot on their heels.

"Wait! What are you guys talking about?" October asked again.

Henry unlocked the doors of his Charger and slid in. Snow took shotgun and the other two piled in back.

"Henry!" Meredith yelled. "What in the world is going on? What's a drudge and—"

"Where's Joss?" Henry demanded.

Meredith blinked. "He said he was going to find Vlad. He told me had some unfinished business with him that he couldn't put off anymore."

"FUCK!" Henry punched the steering wheel. He started the car and Snow's heart dropped into her stomach. Joss was gonna try to kill Vlad.

Henry was just backing up when the car door opened and Eddie Poe climbed into the back seat, forcing October to scoot over.

"Poe!" Henry shouted angrily. "What the hell are you doing in my car?"

"You're going after Vlad, right?" The photographer flashed an almost evil grin. "I'm coming too."

Henry hesitated. He looked very much like he wanted to take his frustrations out on the nerdy boy. "I'll kick your ass later!" He promised. Then he sped out of the Bathory High parking lot like a bat outta hell.

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