Chapter 4

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The sound was steady. And annoying. Joss wished it would go away so he could sleep. He was so sore.


Joss tried to ignore the sound and fall back into blissful unconsciousness. He was tired, but the beeping was insistent and demanded that he wake up.


Joss groaned. Damn beeping.

And then Joss heard another noise over the beeping that occupied his mind. A faint, background sound. Something that was always there, just not really taken much notice of. Like the whisper of wind through the trees lining the street. Or the sound of traffic when you were in a car. As his ears focused, Joss realized the whispering sound was whispering voices. People were talking and they were seemed to be getting louder with each second.


Oh yeah, Joss thought, let's not forget that stupid beeping sound. Heaven forbid he should be allowed peace.

"So you guys still can't contact him?" A girls voice said. Joss knew the voice, but his mind was still too foggy from sleep to allow him to sleep.

"Correct," A man replied. "He's blocking us." Joss knew he knew that voice. It was teacher/vampire prey, Mr. Otis Otis.

"This is not good," A heavily accented voice declared. Joss was sure that was the Russian vampire. "Vladimir has been sentenced to death by the Elysian Council of Elders.

"What?" Several voices cried out in shock.

"For supposedly committing crimes against vampirekind," Otis explained. "Vladimir has a powerful enemy in the Council. Someone who obviously wants him dead."

"D'Ablo," A boy spat out scornfully. Was that Henry?

Suddenly everything that had happened came rushing back to Joss. He had killed Dorian, whoever that was, some vampire friend of Vlad's, Joss thought. Then Vlad had almost beat him to death.

Joss vaguely remembered Vlad trying to stab him, but being stopped by someone. Then Henry, Meredith, Eddie, October, and that Snow girl had showed up. And Vlad had revealed himself to be the legendary Pravus, the incarnation of evil destined to enslave humanity and rule over vampirekind. (A/N: Shorty: Did you guys know that Pravus is Latin for evil? I figured the slayers would see him as a evil-incarnate.) And then Vlad had disappeared, claiming that his day was coming, and that was all Joss could remember.

So the question was, where did Vlad go?


And what was with that damn beeping?


The infernal sound rose with his petty rage.

"Uh oh," A squeaky voice muttered. Eddie?

"What's wrong with him?" Meredith's frantic voice demanded. "Why's his heart doing that?"

Oh, duh! Joss mentally slapped himself. Of course, he was in the hospital. The annoying beeping sound was the heart monitor.

The knowledge helped Joss, and the beeping, calm down.


"He is fine," The Russian assured, contempt dripped from his voice.

Joss opened his eyes. Sure enough, he was in a hospital room. Henry, Meredith, October, Snow, Eddie, Vikas, and Mr. Otis were scattered around the room. Joss absentmindedly wondered where his parent's were.

"He's awake!" Meredith cried out joyfully. Vikas muttered something in Russian under his breath. Joss didn't have to speak the language to know he was swearing.

"Where are my parent's?" Joss croaked out. He sounded like a microwaved frog.

"Work," Henry explained. "They couldn't get off."

"What time is it?"

"About 8 at night."

Joss nodded. That made sense, his parent's worked nights. That's how Joss could always sneak out so easily to hunt vampires.

"Do you remember what happened last night?" Meredith asked.

Joss nodded again. "How bad am I?"

"You have a broken nose, broken cheekbone, two fractured ribs, a broken rib, sprained wrist, a concussion, and some bruising and cuts," Mr. Otis said.

"And two black eyes," Eddie added.

"Ouch," Joss said dryly. Everyone was quiet for a while.

October broke the silence. "So what happens now?"

"I don't know," Otis announced. "It seems that we're at a bit of an impasse. Vlad has disappeared. Frankly, he was the only reason that Vikas or I did not kill Joss the minute he stepped foot into Bathory. While I imagine that Joss would love nothing more than to drive a stake through our hearts, he is no position to even feed himself pudding, much less attack two very powerful vampires. On the other hand, Vikas and I would like to kill Joss, but we can't just yet."

Joss blinked. "Why not?"

Vikas smiled. It didn't reach his ice blue eyes. "We know what happens when a slayer doesn't get his target. The whole town is massacred. While we could simply kill you and leave to avoid the Society, Otis refuses to leave and I refuse to leave Otis to face them alone."

"You think if you have me as a hostage they won't kill anyone?" Joss snorted. "They don't care."

"Maybe," Otis agreed. "But you can be useful to us in different ways."

Vikas walked over to Joss bedside and bent over until he was face to face with the slayer. "And so, for now, we shall allow you to lie, Slayer. But when the time comes for you to face justice for the lives you have stolen, I shall get the pleasure of ending your life as slowly and painfully as I can possibly imagine. And, Slayer, I have a wild imagination." Vikas grinned wolfishly, his exposed fangs adding to the effect.

Fear turned Joss' blood to ice. Normally he wasn't scared of a vampire, but this one…he was one of the oldest vampires in existence. Fighting him was suicide. Joss had known great slayers who died at the hands of the Russian vampire.

Vikas straightened up. His expression transformed completely. He smiled pleasantly. "And now, if you will excuse me, I shall return to today's crossword puzzle. Does anyone know a five-letter word for something you take potshots at?"

Everyone shook their heads. Vikas sighed. "I was afraid of that."

With that Vikas snatched the paper from a table and headed towards the door. "I'll be at the house. I've no desire to have that insolent rat in my sights any longer than absolutely necessary. Unless, of course, I'm watching him die."

"The feeling's mutual," Joss informed.

Vikas flashed a toothy grin. "Then we're on the same page." The old vampire nodded to the others. "Good night, Otis, children." Vikas left, shutting the door behind him.

"You know I can't imagine how such a cool guy like Vikas can have enemies," Henry remarked causing Otis, October, and Snow to laugh loudly.

"Because he's a cold, blood-thirsty killer," Even though Joss practically whispered, his voice seemed to reverberate around the sterile, hospital room. The laughter ceased.

"And you're one to talk?" Otis raised an eyebrow.

"Don't try to make me out as some sort of hypocrite," Joss threatened. "I'm nothing like you monsters."

"Aren't you?" Otis whispered. "How many vampires have you killed, hmm? Dozens, yes? Vampires who have families and friends and feelings. Just. Like. Humans."

"I said not to compare me to you leeches!"

"How can I not? Vladimir was the one who first informed me of the similarities between us. He was right. We are the same."


Joss' heart pounded furiously. "Vampire's are murderers!"

"And what does that make Slayers?" Otis' blood boiled in his veins. "Vampires might kill, but unlike you, we kill when we eat. We don't dress up our bloodlust as some feeble excuse 'for the good of mankind!' We don't have to justify the blood on our hands. We need it to survive! You kill to kill. Would you kill lion for eating a gazelle? Would you murder a man for eating a cow? It is the natural order of the world and the sooner you hypercritic Slayers except it the sooner there will be less bloodshed on both parts!"

Otis stared down at Joss. Hell raged in his eyes.

"Maybe you drink blood to survive. But I know your bloodlust goes beyond what you need. You've killed for the pleasure of it, haven't you? You try to justify it as kindness. Putting us out of our misery you say. If you're going to call us the same then stick with it. Don't put yourself on a pedestal, you bastard."

Otis' eyes narrowed. "That's nothing you haven't done, Slayer. I guess we're all hypocrites to the core. Vladimir had the most unbiased perception of us. Perhaps it is because of his mixed blood, or his upbringing, or maybe his friends."

Otis looked around at the teenagers, who were quite timid after witnessing the interspecies creaming match. "I'll be leaving, then." He declared coolly. "Vikas had the right idea. I've just remembered how much I detest rats." Otis' glare to Joss would have put Medusa to shame, but he smiled at Snow. "It was a pleasure to meet you, darling." He tipped his purple top hat at her and the others. "Henry, Meredith, October."

He paused when he came to Eddie. "I understand you tempted my nephew with your blood once in an attempt to expose him. Count yourself lucky that he didn't tear your throat out in thirst or anger. Above all remember that experience. I'm sure Joss here can tell you just how dangerous it is to cross a vampire." Otis flashed his fangs. Eddie paled and then Otis Otis walked out the door.

Vlad stepped out of the taxi and breathed the fresh air. He gazed up at and old brick building. His dad had said he was going to need help. And so help was what he was going to get.


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