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From Silver to Sasori

He wore a dress of blood,
And was coated in your tears.
He wanted what he couldn't have,
And decided to disappear.

He wrapped his arms around you,
So tenderly in tears.
But you swore you're self to another,
whose hatred, his heart did sear.

Such a pretty little bitch,
All dressed in black.
In a fit of anger, gave the other a slap.
He swore He didn't mean it but there was no going back.

So that pretty little bitch,
Dressed in black lace and golden chains,
Fell to your blood soaked hand.
How many lovers have you killed, you awful man?

Now, the bitch. Let's call him Itachi.
And the boy. Let's call him Deidara.
But you… What do they call you?
The scorpion of the bloody red sands?
Sasori akasuna, the crimson sadist! Yes I've heard of you.

Oh, Sasori. How you broke Deidara's heart.
Itachi wasn't meant for you,
They were rivals but you picked the strong one,
Over your soul mate.

Your hair and eyes are crimson, stained by the blood on your hands.
Itachi's eyes match yours but where framed by ebony locks.
Deidara has the looks of an angle sent from heven above.
Golden locks that fall to his waist and cover his left, baby blue, eye.

If you hurry you can stop the blond from slashing,
All that holds him to this world.
For that knife cuts blood red X's,
Across the angles skin.

Perhaps you've hidden it to long,
But you know you're a demon in side.
That angle can complete you,
As you destroy the last thing that keeps you tied.

Now you've rescued him, He's yours.
BUT, Sasori please be clear sited and see,
For you are the only one that he adores.
You may lock him away from them,

And be jealous of the mere mortals that long for him.
Deidara is yours and has cut,
The bindings on your soul.

I hope you are happy Sasori,
With the love of your dreams.
For it takes the joining of a demon and an angle,
To set her free.

From Silver to Itachi.

He wore a dress of blood,
And was soaked in his tears.
You would make sure that you crushed him,
And made him disappear.

You saw their loving embrace,
And your blood began to race.
You swore him to yourself,
And mocked your rival cruelly.

But the rival got a pretty dress,
And caught your lover's eye.
In towering rage you slapped him,
And Sasori said you must die.

You wore your best black lace dress,
And your golden jewelry set.
You knew Sasori would kill you,
And wanted to die in your best.

Oh, Itachi how you broke Deidara's will,
He thinks you beat him in your death.
You're the stronger one, fit to be his queen,
But Deidara is his soul mate.

From hell you saw Sasori save your rivals life,
And it fills you full of anger and strife.
There's nothing you can do but curse their union,
And smile as the chains that bind her come undone.

Deidara's True Master.

He was running. Down a blood soaked corridor filled with sobbing people. He knew this place, some how. He skidded to a halt in front of an ebony door with a blue glass rose for a door knob. There was something eerily familiar with this place. This strange urge to open the door over took him and Deidara turned the door knob and entered the room. Slabs of black rock made the walls and roof while blue, red, silver, and black roses twined around the room. On an alter of onyx rock was a huge crystal with a young girl locked in side of it. Deidara moved closer to her, his eyes opening in shock. "Mercy?" at his whispered question the girl opened her eyes. Her arms and legs where bound together with chains and her body was covered with rope. Raising her hand she placed her palm on the crystal and pushed. The crystal prison shattered under the power of her rage. She stepped out of the crystal and turned to Deidara. "Deidara, so you have returned to me." Deidara flinched. He had thought her dead and he free from her rule. "Lady Mercy this is my dream, why are you here? Un." "He, He, He!" her laughter like bells fluttered through the room. "I was born before demons and angles, before the fist dragon mist and before time and space had defined them selves." Her voice was that of a sweet child but Deidara knew the truth. "And you are the bringer of death and pain. The mistress of suffering and the mother of the plague. We've heard it all before, Un." Deidara cocked his head to the side. "Why are you in my dream? Hmmm." Mercy's face crinkled in fury. "Do not question me!" Deidara felt the slap hit his face as he was throne across the room till the wall stopped his free flying. Getting up he ran to wards the door his white wings fluttering on his back. "You can't run from me, Deidara." Her cruel laughter followed the young angle back to the waking world.

Sasori put a charm on Deidara's neck. How dare that bitch try to claim his Deidara. Deidara is his mate and he would never let his Deidara belong to that demented half breed. Mercy was a half demon and half angle child who had gone mentally insane and tried to crown herself queen of the world. Sasori had led the attack on her castle and met her best friend, Itachi, and her current play toy, Deidara there. She had fled after shrieking that her toys where hers and she would rise again from the shattered remains of the old. Deidara had taken his revenge for being enslaved and torchered for 12,000 years buy inclosing her in a crystal prison and shoving it into the deepest trench in the ocean.

"Danna?" Deidara was awake! "Are you okay, Brat?" Deidara smiled at him. "I'm okay now that you're here… Danna, what's with the charm around my neck." Sasori winced he'd wished Deidara wouldn't have known what the pendent was. "It's a charm strong demons and angles give to there weaker mates to stop their emenies from possessing their mates. I had it made yesterday and was going to give it to you for our one year anniversary today." Deidara smiled. "Danna remembered!" Sasori was suddenly glomped bye an over enthusiastic blond. "Danna's the best person ever. I didn't even have to remind you!" Sasori smirked, thinking he had distracted the blond from worrying over why he needed the protection pendent. Of course fate is never on a demons side. "If Danna had to get me a mind protection amulet then dose that mean Danna's enemies are going to try to use me to hurt you?" Crap! He'd hoped that Deidara wouldn't catch that. "I don't want to be used to hurt Danna." He would have to calm down before Deidara had a panic attack. "It's just a precausen for your safety, love." "Oh, okay. Un." Deidara got up and put on a backless white halter top to leave his wings free and black pants with Sasori's emblem of a scorpion on the hems. "Danna, stay here for a moment, Un." Deidara left for the kitchen but quickly returned with a large cake. The cake was chocoleat with black icing. There was a red icing scorpion and a gold icing eagle twined together on the top of the cake. Red and black icing roses bordered the edges and iced thorny rose vines that spelled out, "I Love You," on the cake. Sasori looked at Deidara. "I still can't be leave your so skilled at cooking, real men can't cook." Deidara put the cake in the mini fridge beside their bed. "What do you mean 'real men', hmmm?" Sasori smirked. "What guy would want to be uke? Sometimes I wonder if you really are a guy or if you're a girl in disguise." Deidara snarled. "After all the time we've had sex you think I'm a chick? Un." Sasori smirked. Deidara hadn't seen Sasori's chakra strings attach to him. Pulling Deidara onto his lap Sasori smirked. "Danna! Let me go, Yeah!" "But, Dei-Dei. I haven't had my fun yet." Sasori's laughter filled the room and made Deidara gulp. He was so fucked now.

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