Deidara opened his eyes to see Konan staring at him. "I'd like to say I have an escape plan but it's too moist in here." Deidara smiled. "Let me show you what an angle god can do when their motivated." Deidara removed the scope he normally wore and stared at Karin. Suddenly the red haired prison guard screamed as her blood began to boil in her veins. Cooking her alive in one of the most painful ways possible. After she fell over dead Deidara put a small clay spider on the cell bars. He then stood back and yelled, "Katsu!" This resulted in a blast that blew the entire cell apart and opened up half of Lady silver Wings cell.

"Watch what your doing, Dei!" Konan got up and went to stand by her great grand mother. Deidara smiled at them. "This is not your fight, Un." He whispered. "Go back to Pein, Konan; I have a Fae to kill!" Konan nodded be fore teleporting away with Lady Silver. Leaving Deidara to wonder over the mind message silver had sent him. She had said, 'Be careful not to hurt the baby.' What baby, Deidara pondered as he ran threw corridors in Mercy's castle; searching for her in the maze she calls home.

Sasori landed in the castle court yard just as a raven haired boy was walking by. The boy turned and pulled out a sword coated with lightning, charging at Sasori. Sasori easily side stepped the cut and stabbed the boy with a dagger coated in fast acting poison. With in ten minuets or so he would be dead.

Sasori turned and ran in the door the boy had been heading toward, crashing into a slight figure as he did. He was about to kill the new appoint when he saw that the person he ran in to had long blond hair, a scope and his left bangs covering his scope. "Danna!" Sasori didn't have time to process anymore before he was pounced on by an overly excited uke. "Brat? Aren't you supposed to be a prisoner right now?" Deidara smiled cutely and twirled his hair on a finger. "Well… I might have killed the guard and blown up the prison cell… but only if you promise not to be mad at me." Sasori kissed the tip of his mate's nose. "Of course not, now let's go kill a Fae."

Sasori and Deidara soon ran into a large room made of golden glass. Mercy sat in the middle of the floor. She jumped up when they came towards her. Beside her was the boy Sasori had poisoned. Still alive for now.

Mercy advanced on Sasori, snarling. "I'll kill you, I will." Sasori darted forwards and racked his claws a cross her belly, planning on gutting only to miss as she jumped up and ran across the roof till she was behind Deidara. She then dropped down and took a slash at Deidara. He jumped forwards and spun around. Deidara then tossed several throwing stars at her. "Die, Un." She dogged and was running to wards him when Sasuke screamed and Mercy dropped to the floor. The poison Sasori had put in Sasuke had finally killed him and Mercy was suffering the pain of losing a mate. Some said that losing your mate can drive some one insane. Mercy was already half way their.

She tossed any thing she could reach at Sasori and Deidara. Sasori suddenly smirked. "Give it up, Sakura. You'll never beet us." Sakura covered her ears. "Sakura's dead, I'm Mercy. I can't hear you. I can't hear you." Deidara stood dumbstruck. Sasori snorted. "You're Sakura and that's all you'll ever be."

Sakura suddenly snarled at them. She backed up and picked up a knife coated with Sasuke's blood. She looked at Deidara and sneered. "That gift Silver gave you enables you to get pregnant. You're going to be a mother." She closed her eyes and smiled. "Your child will be mocked and bullied. Raped, beaten and shunned because of its mixed blood. Some day it will take after my ideals and finish what I started. I don't think you can end your own flesh and bloods life." With that Sakura smiled and slit her through. Blood flew across the room staining every thing red. Sakura smiled as she died, and the castle began to fall down around everyone's ears.

Deidara gently ran his hands over the head of his babies. One boy and a Girl. Twins. The boy had messy red hair and red eyes with Deidara's pale skin. The girl had ling red hair in the same style as Deidara's and one red and one blue eye. They where Sasori and Deidara's pride and joy. But also a secret cause of fear.

How would their children turn out? Normal or insane like Sakura? Wonder such things often kept Deidara and Sasori up all night.

Konan smiled as she held the twins. In their future she saw them dancing with other children around 16. In the vision they where the center of attention. Konan smiled at Deidara. Now all she had to do was figure out a way to tell them that their son would be strait but their daughter a lesbian.

Wish and Taylor smiled at each other. If only the world knew the twins would be as much trouble as their parents.