A/N: Holy crap! I finally got to writing this thing. Here's the sequel to And Here You Sit titled There She Once Was. Enjoy ch 1 and please review! I know it's been a while. ~White Shade

There She Once Was

The commotion of downtown grew deaf to Willy's ears as he ran across the roads.

Leave it to Slugworth, he thought. Why did he kneel down in the snow? He wasn't hurt, he hurt Chance is what he both intended and succeeded to do. Why did she hide her relationship with that man from him? Maybe she thought he wouldn't let her stay because of it. But, the thought seemed so out of place now. Willy would never push Chance away, especially now.

"Chance!" he called into the open forest. He couldn't see her and the trees didn't even have leaves!

"Chance?" he tried again. "Answer me, please." His last statement was weak. Willy wouldn't give up, and he pierced the snow with his cane and walked once more.

I will find her, he thought, and just as he told himself that, he spotted Chance's trail in the snow. Her cold, bloody trail left drops, sometimes lines, of red on the white ground. There was no sign of the dagger, so it must still be in her arm.

"Chance!" The bark of a dog came as a response, and Willy looked around quickly, calling for her again. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a something move. Yet, when he laid eyes on what he could have sworn was an object, only the snow came to view. He shook his head, dismissing the assumption, and followed the trail more hurriedly. The barking reached his ears again, but he ignored it. Although, it did seem pretty close by...

Wonka felt something brush against his leg but very quickly. He looked down at his feet. Gasping, he found the source of the barking. A white dog lay at his feet. He would have never noticed the dog, for its fur was pure white and the blue eyes made the dog harder to spot. The dog rolled over on its belly at the chocolatier's feet.

"Hey boy," he said, but he didn't touch the dog. He was slightly frightened of the dog's wolf-like features. The dog stood up, giving Willy an idea of just how large he really was. He had the height of a wolf and the nose of one, but wolves didn't live around here and he knew a white wolf could never get this lost. The dog sniffed at Chance's blood trail, focused. He stared down the path, gave a glance to Willy, and then the next second, he darted off into the woods, immediately following the trail.

The candy man followed the dog but couldn't keep up. At least he still had the trail to follow. He walked more, and a pile of branches came into view. He noticed the dog had burst straight through, seeing his body outline and the trail of blood went straight through as well. Willy pushed back the branches out of his way, and there was Chance.

The dog was beside her, licking at her wounded arm. The dagger stood out, making Wonka turn away for a moment. He saw Chance stroke the dog's face as he licked. She put her hand on the tip of the dagger, and the dog ceased his tongue.

"On three," she said, letting her had go. The dog placed its mouth on the dagger and Willy watched in astonishment, holding his assumption to himself. "One, two, three!" The dog bit down on the handle, and Chance leaned back while the dog pulled the dagger.

"Gah!" Chance said, covering her arm. "That...hurts!" The dog dropped the knife and began licking her arm again, pawing at her to make her other hand move.

"Chance," Willy chocked out, walking towards her. She turned her head, eyes dull, and her expression lightened some.

"Willy," was all she said, then dipping her arm into the stream next to her. He came closer as Chance wrapped her arm with a cloth she ripped. The dog sniffed it. "Nothing's broken."

"That's good," he said, kneeling beside her. She didn't lay her eyes on him, but instead on the white dog who had probably just saved her life.

"He's kinda cute," she remarked. "Can I keep him?"

"You're asking me?" he questioned. Chance grew silent once more, petting the dog.

"You're right," she said, standing. "Hey boy." She razzled the dog and he wagged his tail in return.

"You know what I mean," he said, still sitting. She stopped.

"I don't belong there. It was a bad idea. I will be gone by tomorrow morning," she declared.

"And if I said I didn't want you to leave?" he asked. Chance didn't reply to this for a long few moments. She loved Willy, but she didn't feel like she was a part of the town. She hadn't even told him about her relationship with Slugworth. She sighed, knowing this wouldn't be easy.

"Then, I would ask why," she admitted. Willy looked up at her, disbelief covering his face.

"Why? Because, because I love you," he said. "I don't want you to leave...ever."

"Oh come on!" she finally said. "I don't belong here, it's obvious. I belong on the streets, like Slugworth said. He's right you know." Chance turned away from him, pouring some water onto the cloth that covered her arm. The dog pushed his head into her side, and she petted him again.

"I will never believe a thing that man says and neither should you," he began, but he wasn't going to finish.

"He said the same thing you just told me before," she interrupted.


"He said he loved me too. The sad part was, I believed him. He ruined my life! I can't go through with that anymore. I couldn't tell you, it was too soon. I didn't even want to come back here. The whole thing was some kind of chance. I don't think we were supposed to meet," she said. She saw his reaction to this, and she thought about what she had just said. She regretted it.

"Wait, that came out wrong. The street isn't something I can give up overnight," she tried again, though that wasn't much better.

"So, you and Slugworth had something?" Willy asked.

"For a time, but I broke free. That's how I got on the streets again," Chance explained. "But, this is different. I'm just scared." The dog pawed at her and she sat back down in the snow. The dog came up and laid right across her legs. His warm fur felt cozy to her.

"I would never shut you out," Willy said. "Slugworth, though. Wow. I would have never guessed that." They shared a moment of just staring into each other's eyes. The dog didn't shift at all until Chance sat up.

"I'm going to name him Tundra," she said, wanting to change the subject.

"Will you come back?" Willy asked.

"Not tonight," she said. "I want to stay here with Tundra."

"You and I both know there's more to that," he said.

"It's an instinct," she told him. "Just tonight." Willy gave into her and got up off the snow, and he brushed off his black pants. He hugged Chance.

"I love you," he said before kissing her on the lips. She kissed back and he pulled her closer. When they parted, Chance hugged him tightly.

"You sure?" he asked.

"Yes," she answered. "Good night."

"Good night Chance," he said before walking away. She led Tundra to her little spot and gathered more wood to make a larger fire. She piled it and the fire grew. Tundra curled up by the fire and she laid next to him. His fur was warm, but it was nothing compared to Willy's embraced. But, she needed another night in the woods. Tundra stayed on the outside, as if protecting her from any harm. His blue eyes analyzed the surroundings one last time. He shut his eyes, but his ears remained vigilant... a crack in the branches signaled his awakening. A grackle sat comfortably in a tree, cawing once. The wolf never took his eyes off his target...