Hello, I haven't been to this site in a while and I re-read this oneshot that I've wrote a few years back and decided to rewrite it, mainly because of a resurgent interest in Final Fantasy and also because i'm kinda ashamed at my grammar at that time. Yeah, so anyway please please read and review. You don't know the happiness to feel when you see a review, no matter how short it is.

Cloud had Lightning firmly pinned against the wall, elbow pressed against her neck, choking her. Her white uniform had been soaked a deep red from the blood she was losing to a stab wound in her abdomen. Her left thigh had been ripped opened and she believed the white she observed under the torn layers of red flesh to be her bone. She could barely stand given the condition she was in and the only reason she was doing so was thanks to Cloud pinning her against the wall.

Her head was throbbing and she shut her eyes, letting thoughts of her own death creep into her barely conscious mind, with it her characteristic stubborn will to win and survive vanishing. She imagined how crestfallen Serah would be and even though she'd hate to admit it, she believed Snow would take good care of her. That belief put her at ease, even if a little.

The man was a peculiarity on the battlefield. His eyes were downcast and dead, she saw no life behind them, it was as though his soul had been detached from his body. Despite the way he looked, he swung that huge blade of his decisively; making no unnecessary movements and Lightning had to give her all just to keep pace with him. Her limbs burned in protest and lungs screamed for more air. However as the exchange continued, she felt something fundamentally wrong with the man that enraged her. He showed reluctance behind every slash and thrust he made and throughout the entire duel he had never once taken the initiative to go on the offensive.

Lightning was frustrated. She had been made a fool of by this man who did not face her seriously. No, she had made a fool of herself. She had in essence brought all of her wounds upon herself by charging at a man who would never have attacked had she not provoked him. No, perhaps this was her last attempt at holding on to her stubborn pride. There was no reason for a man who did not wish to fight to be on the battlefield. He probably did not see her as an opponent worthy enough to be taken seriously.

Lightning chuckled at how pathetic she was. She had been drunk on confidence; when in actual fact she was nothing but a weakling. Having accepted defeat, all she wanted was a warrior's death, a death that would allow her to hold onto the last of a pride as a warrior.

"Do it." She said in resignation.

But Cloud merely let go of her, letting her slide down the wall to rest on the ground below. She opened her eyes and protested, "Finish the fight!" choking on the blood that had been making its way up her throat in the process.

Yet he did not look her. Instead he looked up at the sky forlornly and Lightning felt as though she was being drawn into the man's soul, his emotions of guilt, regret and loneliness filling her.

"Do you really wish to die?" Cloud's words jolted Lightning back to reality.

"Death…" Cloud muttered as he started to walk away.

"Hey, wait!" Lightning called out but he never stopped to look back and only continued walking.

Lightning watched the man's figure receding figure and that was when she realised how much the scene around her looked like a portrait of hell. She sat there looking up at the sky like the man did, lost in thought.

Yeah so anyway I kinda like this idea and I had the thought of developing it into a full fledged story while rewriting it. So what do you guys think? And I've never written a full fledged story before, only 3 oneshots as you can see in my profile so yeah haha. Please review!