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My eyes snapped open. Lissa. Urgency flowed through our bond.

Rose. Can you come to my room?

Groaning I wearily slipped out of bed and slipped on a pair of black sweat pants, a purple tank top, and some flipflops. Sighing I slipped out my door. It was past curfew, but it's not like I hadn't done this before.. Something was wrong with Lissa, I thought increasing my pace. I crept by the Guardian who looked about to pass out positioned at a desk in the dorm lobby. It was pretty much the same at Lissa's dorm. I ran into no Guardians.

When I reached Lissa's room I walked right in. Inside Lissa sat on her bed cross-legged looking down at something in her lap. She didn't so much as look up at me. I quietly closed the door behind me.

"Okay," I said. "What is so important that you had to wake me up in the middle of the night(day for humans). You know I like my beauty sleep." I said letting some annoyance leak into my voice.

She finally looked up at me. Her eyes were dazed and looked a millions miles away. Seeing me brought her back to reality. She had blocked me from her thoughts on the way here. I hadn't even noticed. An image flashed in my mind.

"Rose," Lissa choked out.

Stiffly I made my way to her and sat beside her on the bed. Slowly I looked down at what lay in her lap. It took me a few moments to process what I saw. When the situation hit me I snapped my head up to look at her.

Tears ran down her face. Fear and uncertainty washed over me from the bond.

Swallowing I whispered, "Lis."

She started sobbing and I wrapped my arms around her. Her body trembled and within minutes my shoulder was soaked by her crystal tears. As the sobs wracked her body my hold on her tightend and I stroked her hair. She was so very frightened. Almost as much as she had been when Victor kidnapped and tortured her. A painful ache filled my chest. I had never wanted her to feel like this again. But with our lives I suppose it was inevitable.

When her crying didn't stop I started to hum a song to her. A song I'd never heard before. Just something I went with. It was soft, sincere, and sweet. Gradually Lissa's sobbing soothed and she fell asleep her head leaning on my shoulder. Gently I lowered her back onto the pillows and covered her with a warm, fuzzy blanket. But not before I took the object from her lap and set it on the bedside table. I locked her door. She really needs to start doing that.

I climbed into bed with her and glanced over at her face. She looked so young. I'd heard that a lot of people look younger in their sleep and I was just realizing it to be true. My gaze softened, but it didn't stop my head from being overwhelmed with questions.

What would happen now? What about graduation? What about after graduation? Or Christian? How would the Moroi world react to this? And Lissa's safety if the Strigoi found out? Lissa was to young for this.

Because everything was, unfortunately, going to change after this. Again.

Lissa was pregnant.

I didn't leave her side all night.