"Ok, everyone get into your groups. I think I have a plan."

So really, I didn't have a whole plan laid out right then and there. But I realized that these kids were as lost as I was a few years ago.

"So I know that you are all scared, but panic won't improve our situation. I need one person from each group to come up here." 10 kids came up to me then, while the others sat back down in circles with their group and tried to stay calm.

Among those who came up to me were Ryan, Mr. Perfect from the speed group, the bitch from the hallway aka Sharpay, from the freezing group, then the girl from the hallway, Taylor, from the telekinesis group, the other guy from the hallway, Chad, from the Pyro group, Kelsi from the seeing the future/ memory control group, Jason from the strength group, Zeke from the flying group, Martha from the healing group, and Alex from the teleporting group.

"Ok, Kelsi? Can you see anything right now?" I asked her, touching her shoulder lightly. She closed her eyes for a few moments then shook her head.

"Nope, sorry." She replied looking down immediately.

"Hey that's ok." I replied, and looked around, then looked up. There was still a huge hole in the roof, and who knew if there were any more of them coming this way. We need to get that covered then find a way out to join the others.

"So, Sharpay and Zeke, I'm going to need you two to work together with your groups. Zeke, your group will fly Sharpay's group up and fix the damage to the roof. Kelsi, I need your group to try to go into the Coach's mind to see if he knows what we are supposed to do-"

"Hey! Will that hurt him?" Troy interrupted me, with a scowl marking his face.

"Haven't you been listening in class Troy? No it won't hurt him at all, it's a invasive mind probing technique developed-" Taylor started to lecture him when Alex cut her off.

She asked, "What can we do?"

"Well as I was saying," Insert scowl toward Mr. Perfect, "Ryan I need a few, just a few people to stick their head out to see what's going on. Martha, I need a full report on how the Coach is doing. The rest of you, go to your groups and find out if any of them know how to fight hand- to -hand combat. We're going to need it. Then come back with your answer." I turned away and knelt down next to one of the robots.

I heard the others walk away, and tried to focus on what's in front of me. I took the head and gently turned it over. The robots were dressed like black ninjas with a big "M" on their face to service as eyes. I closed my eyes tightly and chucked the head at the wall.

"There's an underground tunnel behind the bleachers that will lead right to where everyone else is." Kelsi said quietly. Nodding I stood up.

"Good, is he awake?"

"No, and he won't be for a while." Reported Martha. Ryan hadn't seen any one in the hallways, the roof was fixed, and no one could fight. Splendid.

"All right everyone get up. Ryan find the tunnel, Jason help him. Everyone else get your groups toward the bleachers. Jason, make sure one of your guys manages to grab the Coach."

Ryan, Jason and I walked behind the bleachers, Ryan after a few seconds found the door and Jason punched it out and gently placed it on the side. The tunnel was a medium sized light lit dirt covered tunnel. Soon the groups were streaming through the door. All of a sudden there was a loud thud. I looked up, the ice was breaking!

"Quickly!" I shouted, the people started running, soon everyone was through the door and I managed to put the door back in place as I heard the ice shattering. "Run!"

We all ran towards the end of the passage way. At the edge, there was a huge door with a button. Someone pressed it and we all fell outside into an open part of the woods. The rest of the student body were there including the teachers. Immediately the nurse came and took the Coach out of someone's hands.

"What happened?" The principal quickly demanded.

"Something fell out of the sky and knocked out my dad and then we got out of there." Troy quickly explained, looking over at his father in concern.

"All right you may go. Ms. Montez, please stay back." The principal said. The others then left to rejoin their friends. Ryan gave me a concerned look then left as well.

"Now, Ms. Montez. I was reassured over and over again by your mother and ... others, that the school was to be safe from any...danger. What happened?" The principal asked me.

"I don't know what happened, they weren't enough in numbers to be anything more than a scouting party. Let me take care of them." I responded, because if you let the scouting party back, then more and more of them come.

The teachers and principal looked at each other nervously, no doubt conversing in their heads. I shuffled my feet to try to speed them up. The principal then looked up.

"You have a go Ms. Montez. Be back in two hours or we will come after you."

"Understood!" I mock saluted him and took off toward she school again.

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