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Chapter 2

The guardian named Michael sighed. Geez was it so bad to ask a question?

"Some alchemist girl" he said and walked to stand in his guarding position.

An alchemist girl. Sydney came strolling in just on time.

"Hey Syd!" I called out in fake cheeriness. She walked up to the bars and sighed giving me a serious look.

She was silent for a second which was a bit weird and then she exploded. "Rose what have you gotten yourself into!" she yelled at me.

The way she was looking at me, it was complete shock that she was trying to cover up with anger. "What? No you don't get it—"

"People are saying you killed the Queen!"

"I know but I didn't—"

"Did you Rose! Did you really kill the Queen!"

"If you would let me finish my sentence!" I shouted.

She shut her mouth her light pink lip-stick lips were in a tight lined scrunched together. I started to wonder...her expression was really over the top. Was Sydney...scared of me?

"I didn't kill her" was all I said.

She studied me. And studied me...

I gave her a friendly smile, fake of course. "Rose," she groaned. "Do you realise how much trouble you're in?"

I shrugged. "If you mean my possible execution then yes, yes I do" I kept my voice simple.

She looked at me in shock. "How can you talk about it like that?" she asked, her voice was angry once again.

"Talk like what?"

"So calmly" she said annoyed. Why was she always so annoyed?

I sighed frustrated. "How do you expect me to talk?" She just stared at me... "Ok, was there a reason you came?" I asked.

"I was talking to Zmey" she said. What? Why was she talking to him?

I eyed her and rested one of my hands against the bar. "And..."

Sydney looked at my hand that had now moved close to her and took a tiny step back. I tried not to let it hurt me. "And, we were talking about your trial, amongst other things" she said putting her hands behind her back.

"And what would be these 'other things'?"

"Things that I can't tell you just yet" she said her voice all mature like.

What the hell? You don't mention things that will get me curious and then say that you can't tell me. "Why not?" I asked not helping to be a bit mad.

She sighed. "Rose just trust us with this"


"Me and Abe..." she said slowly. Oh right, I think prison was doing my head in.

"Do you even like, Abe?" I questioned. Did she know he was my father?

"I know he's your father" she said. Oh...that answers it.

"How do you know that?" I asked curious. I wonder how many people knew?

"Do you realise you have asked me eight questions in the two minutes I've been standing here" Sydney said.

I gaped at her. "You counted?"


"Ok, ok, I won't ask you any more questions. How about you just tell me everything yourself"

She looked at me for a moment, deciding before she spoke. "Okay. I guess you have a right to know some of it"

"Of course I have a right! I have a right to know all of it!"

"Well, too bad"

I glared at her.

"Okay," she lowered her voice to a whisper. "Now before I start I have to mention that I am totally against this. But, in a way your father is my boss and I can't refuse him" she paused and looked at me for a moment, and leaned towards the bars, I did the same. "It's not that I don't like you Rose it's just that what Zmey's planned to do, kind of goes against the law even if it means helping you"

"Against the law..." I said slowly.

The look she had really showed that she wasn't on board with whatever this was. Then she glanced at the guardians who were stood against walls far behind her. "Listen carefully" she instructed me.

I was really confused but nodded.

Then she leaned in and I could tell she was trying to not make anything look to suspicious and whispered something that I couldn't understand.

"What?" I whispered back.

She tried again.

I gave her an annoyed look. "I can't hear you" I hissed.

She looked at me disapprovingly and spoke a little bit louder. "Abe's got a plan to break you out"