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Chapter 1: Immaculate

This wasn't supposed to happened, he was supposed to win the old hags bet, take her necklace, and return to the village praised as a hero for bringing back the Gondaime Hokage. Well, he wouldn't delude himself, that last part wouldn't happen, but a boy could dream. Of course, he couldn't dream anymore, he was dead, or at least he thought he was. The bastard snake had rushed him before the fight began, forcing his palm into the boys stomach with a heavy twist.

His world exploded in red and then, nothing he felt nothing anymore as he floated in a sea of black. From deep in the darkness he heard a voice, soft and flowing, floating on a none existent wind out of the blackness.

Death befalls the child of wind and waves

Ripped from the path through life that he paves

Blessed by the lord of the sky was his sire

Deep in his hear burned a will fierce as fire

Born again to the goddess whom shines as the moon

But sealed into darkness again just as soon

His return shall be heralded high 'bove the din

Saving the one from the curse of her kin

He crack his eyes open once more as he felt light on his face. From the abyss came a light, small at first, but no less blinding due to the crippling dark from before. It approached quickly flying on gargantuan wings, a magnificent creature glowing with ethereal energy. Its feathers glittered like gold in the sun, as it wrapped a hulking talon around the young boys' torso.

Naruto lost all sense of being as the giant golden eagle carried him off into the gloom, only praying that it went someplace warm, the darkness was so cold.


A man stood before a small hearth within which sat a roaring orange flame. He wore the pinstriped suit of a businessman, a stark contrast to his long black hair and beard. He looked at the flame in deep comprehension. What was he to do with the boy, his spirit was infallible, and he truly did have the will of fire. He just dreaded the repercussions should his daughter not be happy with her part in the prophecy.

"My gift shines greatest within the heart of this battered young boy." Hestia had once said.

Zeus once more focused upon the flame that seemed to radiate calming warmth; it dances this way and that with barely controlled energy. He took it up in his palm looking at it appraisingly as it seemed to nestle into his palm before bouncing there swirling in a whirlpool of flames.

"Your father was a loyal follower," Zeus commented," so much so that he received my blessing, and with it rose to great fame exulting my name in the very attack that I gifted him. The Hiraishin, Flying Thunder God."

Zeus sighed as he looks out over the night sky from the window overlooking Olympus itself, he held the flame high.

"I spoke to Apollo," he said," I received a prophecy, you will live Naruto Namikaze!'


The flame writhed in response to his voice before streaming across the night sky. It flew high over plains and rivers, before darting down into a dense forest. There it flew towards its intended target, as the Goddess of the Hunt Artemis was enveloped in the flame, he hunters cried out in horror. The flame died down leaving Artemis in an older form; she stood tall with a gorgeous figure, the very image of natural beauty. On all sides were young girls of various ages, they stood stock still among the red woods of the California coast, having never seen their Lady in such a mature form.

"Hunters," she called rubbing gently at her stomach," it's seems my father has blessed me with a child, whilst allowing me to withhold my chastity."

The hunters cried out in joy, Artemis being a goddess of childbirth as well as fertility, she would have had a child before could she keep her virginity intact. It was the next statement that drew the ire of the collective hunters; "It's a boy."

Some cried in outrage while others were confused as to why Zeus would do such a thing. They began to argue amongst themselves, yelling this way and that, hurling insults.

"Silence," Artemis growled," you are my hunters not babbling little girls, but strong women. I will raise my son until he becomes a man, then he must leave, you will all help me. My only duty is not the hunt, in this situation, to abandon my child would go against my very being, even if he is a boy. This is my duty, I will not abandon my child, and so will you stand by me?"

A chorus of yes's rang out through the forest, as one of the hunters walked calmly towards her, a gleaming silver circlet firmly upon her head. She had long silky black hair, and caramel colored skin, with eyes a deep entrancing black. She stood before Artemis a questioning look on her face as if awaiting permission to speak.

"After so many years Zoë you of all people have earned the right to speak to me freely." Artemis said with a smile.

"Are you sure it is wise," she said timidly," no good doth come from any man before."

"We shall see" Artemis sighed," maybe under the guidance of my loyal hunters; he can grow to be a good man. Can I count on you for that Zoë, to help me raise him right before I must give him up, to teach him to live by the hunt and make him into a man that can be counted on."

"My lady," the girl whispered tearing up at the trust displayed by her goddess," I wish to know the name of your child. As he is soon to be all of our charge, doth it not ring true that we should know by what to call him?"

The goddess chuckled as she gently rubbed her stomach, drawing a soft sigh from her hunters. Despite the circumstances, they would be fools to believe that their Lady was not happy about having a child of her own. They all began to chatter, yelling out different names, unable to come up with one that felt right. Artemis held her hand up beckoning silence from the camp as a gentle wind swept through the great Red Wood forest carrying with it the scent of the sea.

"Naruto Namikaze," she stated the name just flowing off her tongue," a child of waves and wind, a child of changing tides, a child of the moon and my precious son."

As Artemis was a goddess of childbirth she had to endure her pregnancy instead of just giving birth trough divine means. It was nine months later one cold night on October tenth that a shrill cry broke through the darkness of the very same forest in which he was immaculately conceived. One of her older hunters, whose mother had been a midwife, assisted in the delivery.

After four hours of labor you would find Artemis the Goddess of the Hunt, holding a small bundle softly to her chest. Baby Naruto suckled gently at his godly mothers breast, something no demigod before him had done, as Artemis appraised her new born child. His skin a light pink he was a plump healthy baby. He had small tuffs of golden blond hair on his newborn head, which Artemis found herself stroking lovingly enjoying the softness of it. His defining feature where the six whisker-like marks that lined his face, three on each side. She ran a finger over one eliciting a light squeal from the child as her released her breast with a soft 'pop' and a cute burp.

Artemis wrapped him in fox pelt; the color seemed to fit well with his facial features, as she held him to her chest. They slept there that night on a bed of soft furs, as Artemis dreamt of what the future held.


Years passed as Naruto grew into a fine young man, he learned well from the hunters, and they learned that not all men were horrid creatures, just the ones they didn't help raise themselves. Naruto excelled in the hunt, never losing his quarry even through heavy rain and crippling darkness. He was taught how to forage, how to skin and preserve the meat from his kills. The hunters were very self-reliant, he was taught how to weave, and make his own clothing, as well as how to create a shelter in most any environment. He learned of healing herbs and how to make various medicines from the forest. He was even, reluctantly, taught how to call upon the aid of other gods via offerings and pretty words.

He excelled in archery never missing a target, his shots always precise and deadly, and his bow strong and maintained. It was a gift from his mother made from the branch of her sacred tree the Cypress. The Cypress tree, he was told, had special seeds that only released when the parent tree caught fire. It was meant to be a symbol, as his birth was one of will, a birth by flame. The bow itself was gorgeous it was a sturdy long bow; engraved upon it were many swirling leaf like symbols. It stood just short of his height, and he was told it would grow along with him; the draw string was taut and offered a long draw his arm resting at his cheek as he fired.

He also received a set of throwing knives from Zeus, which Artemis begrudgingly allowed him to keep. The handles where wooden, offering a surprisingly good grip. On the handles were many strange symbols that seemingly held no meaning, but she knew there must have been something to it still wary of her father's gift to his grandson. The blades were peculiar being pointed thrice, one long blade up the middle with two sharpened prongs off to the side. The blades where made from black steel, with only the blade being celestial bronze, there were large rings at the ends of the handles and Naruto could often be found spinning one idly on his finger. With practice Naruto was able to throw them with nearly the same accuracy as his bow. With them came a pouch that they would return to once thrown.

She found her son to be very at home in the darkness, often able to come within a few paces of his targets before making the kill. He also leapt through the tree tops with what seemed like practiced ease, when asked he would reply that he just felt at home in the forest. Artemis would smile, as her child he should, but still even for a demi-god he was very athletic and nimble.

Today was his birthday, his thirteenth to be exact; the cool October air blew gently through the trees of his birth forest, his home. He stood in that very clearing the same he had slept soundly in with his mother years before. On all sides were hunters smiling at him as he knelt before his mother in the clearing.

He wore a dull blue robe like top that was loose on his frame; it was lined with a darker blue at its hems. It was held at his waist by a leather belt, attached to which was his quiver which hung at his back peeking out from his right hip. On his left hip was his pack in which he held many dried herbs and some dried meats. Strapped tightly to his right thigh were the strange daggers he got from Zeus.

He wore a white scarf around his neck that hung down his back, under than he had tight fitting grey shirt. His pants were also loose fitting and held by the belt, they were a light tan color and were tucked into his mid shin length dull blue boots. On his hands were a set of fingerless leather gloves, whit a bracer on the left to protect from scraping his forearm upon release of his arrow.

His hair was long just nearly reaching his hips in length, and due to his mothers influence, far tamer than that of his fathers. He held it in a long pony tail with a few unruly spikes framing his face, and giving him a wild look. His whisker-like birthmarks had lengthened wrapping around the bottom of his chin, and his eyes where blue with flecks of silver that shone in the night.

At his hip attached to the belt was a wooden charm in the shape of a crescent moon overplayed with an arrow like shape. It was from this that he drew his bow, as it got in the way when tracking, and traversing the forests.

"Naruto," Artemis spoke," today is your thirteenth birthday; under the care of my hunters and me you have grown into a fine man, the only one I trust. Therein lies the problem though, as a man, you cannot be a part of the hunt any longer."

"I understand mother," Naruto said solemnly," I know that I have been lucky as other demi-gods sometimes never meet their parents."

Artemis' heart clenched, she knelt before her son pulling him into a tight hug; "Know I will always love you my child, but you're a man now, you must chart your own course."

Naruto sniffled slightly trying in vain to hold back his tears; "Not so much a man that I don't still cry into my mother's arms it seems."

"I fear the day you no longer seek the comfort of my embrace," she stated," you are precious to me, a maelstrom whose winds will range in my heart for eternity."

They released each other as soon as Naruto had calmed his breathing, he whipped at his eyes as he and his mother stood to their full height, her being just a head taller than him in her adult form. She smiled down at him, happy with the man he had become, dedicated to the hunt, and a brother to her hunters. She held a hand to the air as a falcon screeched over head, into her palm fell a small leather bag. She handed it to Naruto and he secured it to his waist.

"Inside are some drachma, do you remember how to send an iris message?"

Naruto nodded to which she smiled softly at him again; "You cannot join the hunt any longer, but we would always be happy to see you."

Naruto nodded as the hunters all moved towards one side of the clearing headed north, he stood alone before his mother. After another quick embrace, she turned and began to walk away.

"I love you mother." Naruto said softly.

"And I you." She replied.


It was late March and Naruto found himself traversing the wilderness that surrounded the Pontimac River in Virginia. He had stopped to rest upon the branch of a tree when he noticed movement below him. From the brush came two young people about his age. One was a young boy, he was handsome, Naruto guessed he wasn't a good judge of other males' looks, nor his own. The boy had blond hair, though not as bright as Naruto's, and had an athletic build. He was wearing some tattered blue jean shorts and a red tee-shirt, he was pretty scuffed up they must have been out here for a while.

The second figure was female she had jet black hair that splayed about her face in a haphazard manner, and striking blue eyes. She was wearing a beat up army jacket over an equally beat up black shirt, and a set of blue jeans with the knees cut out. All and all she was cute, in a dying in the forest sort of way.

He watched as they looked around, as if expecting something to pop out and grab them, then the girl motioned towards the forest. A young girl, who looked about seven, bounded from the forest into the older girls arms. She had short curly blond hair, and was by far the cleanest looking; only a scuff here and there on her grey T-shirt and blue jean shorts. The older two set about clearing the area of stones and twigs, then began to build a shelter. Naruto had to stifle his laughter as he could tell neither of them had any survival training. They were building to close to the water's edge, and at an incline of the bank, they would have a hard time staying dry let alone making a workable shelter.

Naruto idly wondered what these kids were up to, were they lost, on some kind of camping trip? He watched as the youngest head down to the water's edge where she began to fill some canteens. He noticed movement in the water; he summoned his bow, hand fingering an arrow. The young girl finished filling the canteens and turned to go back up the bank. Naruto watched as the shadow in the water sped forward, a long white serpentine body treading the water's surface, he notched an arrow and pulled readying his shot.

The creature burst forth from the water it was a worm, an Indus Worm to be exact, Naruto noted. So this is where those nasty little buggers ended up after the shift of western civilization. The beast was headed for the girl with a horrible shriek, its rat like teeth gleaming in the dim light of the setting sun. The girl screamed, combined with the shriek of the beast it caught the others attention as the older girl screamed; "Annabeth!"


What was once a ten foot long worm was now just golden dust, in its place was a silver feathered arrow, which was stuck in the earth at Annabeth's feet. The other girl rushed forward as she checked Annabeth over for any injuries, the girl was visibly shaken, but otherwise alright.

"Luke," the girl said," what was that thing?"

"I have no idea Thalia," the boy, Luke replied," but I think there is someone out there."

A dry laugh echoed through the trees," Was it the arrow that clued you in?"

The three young demi-gods looked around searching for the source of the voice, only to find the darkness of the forest as night began to fall in earnest.

"Who are you, where are you?" Luke called into the night brandishing a beat up bronze short sword.

Thalia put herself in front of Annabeth, she seemed very protective of the girl . The little girl Annabeth had a small bronze dagger in her hand with determination shining in her stormy gray eyes.

Another laugh; "I'll tell you, if you answer my question."

The three were tense for a moment then Thalia spoke up; "What is it?"

"Whose children are you, Demi-God's?" the voice spoke in cheerful reply.

The three gasped as Annabeth faltered slightly dropping her dagger and giving herself a nice sized cut. She cried out in pain as Thalia rushed to find something to wrap it with, when a figure fell to the ground behind them. Naruto stood there, his bow gone, as he held up the spoils of his victory against the worm a vial of oil from the beast. Very valuable as it sets everything right which it is poured over, from creaking wood to creaking bones, and the flames it started could only be put out with copious amounts of fresh mud. Sadly it could not heal cuts, but he had a way around that.

Thalia fussed with Annabeth as Luke watched the newcomer warily. Naruto had reached into the pack at his hip, retrieving a small wooden cup and some dried Thyme. He filled the cup with water and went over to Annabeth's side; he took her hand from Thalia who looked ready to bite his head off. Ignoring her he set to work.

He looked the cut over, it was small but deep the poor girl must be in pain, yet she wasn't crying tough little thing. He placed the Thyme in the cup with the water and popped the cork from his vial of oil.

"Lord Apollo," he said," God of Medicine and the arts, lord of the sun itself, I offer the oil of the Indus Worm in return for the healing power of this simple herb to be realized."

He poured the oil into the water and after a second it began to simmer slightly before settling down. Naruto nodded to himself ignoring the astonished faces, and the pair of gray eyes gleaming in barley controlled joy. He took the mixture and lifted it above Annabeth's hand; "This may sting a little."

She winced slightly as the mixture bubbled around her wound, but her eyes filled with curiosity as the skin knit together before her eyes. She clenched her fist experimentally, feeling phantom pains but otherwise fine. She launched forward hugging Naruto around the neck; "Thank you, thank you so much! How did you do that? Can you teach me? Is it hard?"

"Not at all," Naruto chuckled," you just have to ask really nicely, now, could you answer my question?"

"Uh-huh," the little girl nodded," I am Annabeth, daughter of Athena."

The other girl scowled clearly not pleased with how comfortable Annabeth was with the stranger; "Thalia, daughter of Zeus."

Luke tried to be indifferent, he was a demi-god like them, and he put his hand forth for a shake; "Luke, Son of Hermes."

Naruto returned the shake a bit reluctantly, it was the first time he had met another male, and from what his mother told him, he was the only good one she knew. It made him happy yet at the same time he wondered how that could be true; "Naruto Namikaze, Son of Artemis."

"That's a total lie," Thalia yelled," Artemis is a virgin goddess, we just met her and her hunters a few months ago."

"You met mother," Naruto questioned," are they doing alright?"

"Their fine," Luke growled," except they kept trying to recruit Thalia and Annabeth."

"It's an honor to join the hunt," Naruto laughed," but you don't have to."

"Yeah," Thalia scowled," but some of them were persistent, especially that Lieutenant of hers."

"Zoë is a bit stuck in her ways," Naruto said," it's understandable, she has lived for many, many years."

"Yeah well I don't want to join their eternal girls club…" Thalia growled.

"Fair enough," Naruto said," so where are you all headed?"

"Camp half-blood," supplied Annabeth," it's supposed to be safe there; they have barriers to keep the monsters away."

Naruto adopted a thoughtful posture he was sure his mother had mentioned that place before, he must have forgotten.

"You're saying that they keep all monsters out?"

"Exactly." Luke said.

"Well where's the fun in that?" Naruto questioned causing the others to give him funny looks.

"Why not go, don't you want to stop running and be safe?" Annabeth questioned.

"Running," Naruto questioned," I never run, I am a hunter, they run from me. Out here, in the forests all the world surrounding me, the thrill of the hunt, it is only then that I feel truly at home."

The others looked at him like he was crazy;" You really are her son…" Luke muttered.

"At any rate," Naruto said," I may as well tag along with y'all until you reach it, can't have you endangering the little one with your lackluster survival skills."

Naruto rubbed Annabeth's head mussing up her hair as the girl tried in vain to push his hand away, giggling all the while.

Luke looked over to Thalia and nodded slightly, they needed all the help they could get. Thalia wasn't all that happy about it until she saw the smile on Annabeth's face, he can't be all bad.

Naruto spent the next hour setting up a better camp for them, finding a small den like indention into a cliff face. It wasn't a rainy season, so they just needed to remain unseen; he covered the entrance with various shrubs and branches. The inside was roomy enough for all of them, Naruto left for a moment and returned with his pack. He pulled out a nice blanket made from wolf pelt and made a bed for Annabeth, as Thalia watched grateful for how well the boy was treating her.

Luke had curled into a corner and was already out cold; Annabeth was falling to sleep wrapped up in the wolf pelt. Thalia yawned loudly as she leaned against the hard wall, forcing herself to stay awake. Naruto looked over at her; her head was drooping every now and again as she tried desperately to cling to consciousness.

"You can rest," He said from his position near the entrance as he tended to his bow," I can keep watch."

"How do I know I can't trust you?" Thalia questioned.

"You don't." was Naruto's curt reply.

"Then I'll stay up thank you." She scoffed.

Naruto sighed and reached into his pack, leaning over towards the girl he called; "Hey Thalia."

"What is it yo-"she said only to be hit in the face with a mixture of ground lavender and sage. She felt calm and drifted off to sleep falling limply to the side.

"Stubborn girl," Naruto laughed," cute though…"

He looked out through the dense artificial brush that made up the door of their shelter, shafts of moonlight catching his eyes as the silver flecks shown in response to his mothers' presence in the sky.

"Watch over me mother, I am about to do something stupid again."

He looked back to the sleeping Thalia; "A daughter of Zeus, things are sure to be fun with her around."


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