Death shall fall upon me! You all are going to kill me for all of this bullshit I'm putting you through.



Yeah, this isn't a chapter, but an announcement. Aren't you all so sick of these by now? Ha. Don't worry, it's a short one. Kind of. I think. We'll see how this goes.

I've both fallen out of interest of writing for this story, and really want to write it. So I've come up with a compromise of sorts. While rereading the chapters to see what I was doing, I noticed HORRIBLE plot holes, grammatical errors, spelling errors, and just general things that had me laughing at my own stupidity. "Why in the hell did I write that?" I asked myself repeatedly. "I was such an idiot."

So, the compromise: Since making a rewrite for a rewrite would be idiotic and not poetic at all, and I still like the plot line that I had, I'm going to do a revision of sorts. I'm going to go through and edit all the chapters. Fix the errors, try to get rid of the plot holes, take out a few small things, and add a few other small things in. Nothing big, nothing that'll change the plot. No new characters, no characters taken out, which includes the reader-inspired OCs in the current arc. They're not going anywhere, so you don't have to worry if you created one of them. Seriously, the biggest thing that'll probably change will be Naruto's arms. I hate his arms. Hate them.

Now, my goal is for this little editing trip to get me back into the groove of writing this fanfic. And since I'm completely losing my train of thought, I'm going to wrap this up.

Since I have no idea if this site sends notifications if a writer switches out one chapter for another, you can either check back periodically for the edited chapter, or, if you want, send me a PM with the topic "Vulpes Alveus edit notification request" or something along those lines. Whenever I switch out an old chapter for an edited chapter, I'll send you a short note saying that the chapter has been updated. Whichever you prefer and/or is possible for you.

At the beginning of each chapter that has been edited, there will be a message at the end of the author's note stating that the chapter has been edited, along with a brief list of anything that has been changed in the chapter, should you not want to have to go through and read the entire thing over. Also, once I've finished editing all of the chapters, I'll upload a document that lists all of the changes that have been made, and I'll leave that up until I have the next, brand-new chapter ready to upload.

Hopefully this editing trip will only take a few weeks at most so that I can get to updating new chapters.

If you have any questions or comments or whatever, send me a PM.

I bet all of you people are getting so tired of my shit right now. Ha, though, because you all kind of have no choice but to deal with it if you want to know how this story ends. ...yep. My train of thought has slowly crept right off of the rails, so I'm going to just go before I start babbling.

~ Kitsune-242