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Chapter 45

It was mid-afternoon on Zur and the twin suns were high up in the sky. But the heavy blinds in the room had remained closed to allow the sole occupant in the bed to sleep. She was on her stomach, a light sheet barely covering her from the hips down; one long leg was half bare and the upper curves of her posterior peeped out tantalizingly; long, soft curling locks covered her back and spilled on to the pillow. Even in the dim light, her unblemished skin seemed to glow. She was perfection. At least to the tall, broad shouldered man who stepped out of the bathroom and stood at the foot of the bed and gazed upon her with adoring eyes.

Clark had just showered. He had a towel hitched about his hips and he was using another to dry his damp hair. He had been up for a while now while she slept deeply. She had clearly been exhausted after their marathon session last night. While he was luckier to have the pull of two suns to help him recoup his energy, Diana needed her rest.

He had sat and read for a little while and then gone to shower. Today they were due to leave. They had to check out in an hour and a half. The two days were up. He could hardly believe it. They had not even left the room in all that time. Well, they had to briefly step out and wait in a sitting room, while the broken bed had been replaced yesterday morning. Clark grinned as he recalled the mollified look on Gilora's face. Somehow she had not expected that from anyone who took her cheap rooms.

He wished he could let her sleep some more but Diana had made him promise to wake her early. She never liked rushing if she could help it. He tossed his wet towel on a rail and picked up a fresh one for her. He went over to the bed and gently sat upon it. He bent, lifted her hair and kissed the skin of her back, nibbled his way up to her shoulder and nuzzled nape.

Diana stirred and gave a combined sigh and purr of pleasure. "Hmm…Kal?"

"Wake up, Sleepyhead."

"Mmm, do I have to?" Her eyes were still closed but she was smiling.

He rubbed her back and gave her lovely bottom a gentle pat. "Yes. We have to check out in an hour and a half."

Diana turned, looked at him through hooded eyes and pouted. "Oh no. It's not that time already, is it?"

Clark grinned. "Yes, sadly it is. We had our fun, your Highness. Time to get up." He gave her the towel and went to the windows. "I'm going to order us some food. You want to go shower?"

He pressed a button that opened the blinds and light flooded into the room

Diana blinked and opened her eyes fully. "Hera, it is late." She sat up and stretched like a cat. She eyed him with a flirty smile. "Oh, darn you, Kal. I told you to wake me early. It's your fault I slept in though, tiring me out like that."

Clark grinned as he went to pick up the tablet on the table to order food. "I plead guilty to both charges and I would commit them again. Though you were a very willing accomplice if I recall. For the sake of expediency would you care for me to bathe your again? You did say I was very good at it last night."

She got out of bed, tossed the sheet aside, wrapped the towel around her and headed to the bathroom. She stuck her tongue playfully at him. "No, I can do it myself."

She came back out fifteen minutes later, her hair piled on her head and the towel around her damp skin. She saw him in his Superman uniform standing with his back to her, staring out the window while drinking a hot beverage. No doubt he was using his super vision and checking out the landscape.

Diana patted herself dry and mused, "Lucky you, the trees are no bother for you."

He was staring at a flock of birds landing on the lake. "It's quite a view. Such beautiful wild-life. I'm sorry you can't see it."

Diana went before the nightstand and casually draped her towel on a nearby chair. She picked up her bracelets and put them on. She then pulled the clasp out of her hair and let her glorious locks tumbled down her back. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and began to finger comb her hair, trying to undo any tangles. It had been two whole days since she had even combed her hair.

"Yes, I'm sure it's a lovely view. Shame we never had time to go exploring. I would have enjoyed that. The little we saw flying in was very impressive. Maybe we can come back one day and check it out but we'll not take Hal's advice on where to stay. What are you looking at?"

"The most beautiful thing in the universe."

"Really, what is…?"

Diana suddenly saw him standing behind her in the mirror and two strong arms came around to draw her naked body back to his chest. He bent to kiss her shoulders and nape. "Your Highness, you really ought to put some clothes on."

She giggled, a little ticklish, and then let out a sharp intake of breath as his lips left goose pimples in their wake. "I was going to do that, Superman. You're the one who is interrupting me. It's very ignoble of you."

"Two full days of making love to you and you'd think it would hold me for a while." He inhaled her scent and his hands began a slow, teasing exploration of her body. "You're going to make us late, you know."

"Oh, it's my fault now, is it?" she gasped as her head fell back on his shoulder and she watched his large hands cover and fondle her breasts in the mirror. "You're a terrible hero. You should be…helping me, not…mmmm….obstructing me." She moaned however in appreciation when his left palm navigated lower.

Clark kissed the side of her neck and pulled her even closer so she could feel his arousal in his tights. "This is what you get for preening naked in front of me."

Diana's right arm moved up to reach back and circle around his neck. She raised her lips to kissed him and ground her bottom wantonly into him. "What about keeping to schedule?"

"Super speed must account for something. If we run late, I'll blur us out of here."

Diana felt him spin her and lift her up in his arms. Clark carried her to the bed and eased her down across it. He was about to pull his uniform off when Diana shook her head and opened her arms to him.

"No. As you are."

His eyes glowed with desire and he settled between her thighs while her hands pushed his tights down. Diana moaned as he ground his hips into hers and teased her with his hardness. She clutched his firm buttocks and urged him on with a husky command, "Now, Kal."

Clark surged into her and she wrapped her legs around his waist. Her eyes were locked onto his as he began to move. She pulled his head down to eagerly crush her lips with his. He braced his arms on either side of her and plunged in and out of her, each movement measured and deep. Diana clutched at his cape and rose and fell with him, her back arching off the bed.

There was something urgent and greedy about this. Maybe it was because it would be a while before they got to do this when they went home…maybe it was because he just had to look at her and instantly feel himself wanting to possess her…maybe it was because after years of restraint he was just happy to grab his woman and be lusty and unapologetic…maybe it was because over the two days Diana had moved from being tense and unsure into a sensual and confident woman, proud of her beauty and her body and open about her need for him…maybe she was realizing that Superman wasn't such a saint after all.

Whatever it was Clark cherished the sight of her naked body under his. Diana savored the contrast of her bare skin against his blue and red uniform, and loved the feel of her breasts under his S-shield. He relished her bracelet clad arms moving back so her fingers could grasp the edge of the bed to center herself and take the full force of his passion. But it was her cries of pleasure that was his undoing and made their lovemaking move from eager to furious.

The bed began to groan beneath them and the room began to tremble. Diana heard the first structural crack.

She gasped, "The wall…!"

He glanced up and muttered uncaring, "We have credit."

No, he definitely was not a saint.

Gilora looked at them in disbelief as she tallied their bill. "You broke another bed and cracked the west wall, four window panes and broke a mirror?"

Clark tried not to beam from ear to ear and attempted to look a little regretful. He failed outright and had to cough to stop grinning. "Er, um, ahem, yeah. Sorry about that again."

Gilora could not help but wonder dryly, "What were you two doing up there?"

Diana cleared her throat and said archly, "Is it not the Coruna's policy not to ask questions and provide whatever their clientele desires? Well, that cheap little room provided just that. We are very pleased with the service and we are paying up our bill. Damages included. Just pay the lady, Kal."

She went to wait at the nearby fountain.

Gilora studied Diana's proud profile. She said ironically as she swiped the card Clark handed over to her and then gave him back. "I guess we know who'll wear the breeches in this relationship. Two days certainly made her smug and bossier."

Clark chuckled and took the card. "She keeps me in line. Thanks for everything." He added a polite lie, "Um, we'll recommend you to our friends."

Gilora gave him a false smile as she slapped his bill on the counter. "Yes, I'm sure you will."

Diana slid her arm into Clark's and they walked out the foyer together. Clark glanced at the bill and said, "I think Hal will be lucky to buy a cup of water after this."

They both giggled and exited the building.

Gilora pressed a button on her computerized panel. The robotic hologram appeared.

"Yes, mistress?"

"Ban Hal Jordan, Kal-El of Krypton and Diana of Themyscira from our guest list. This is the first and last time I will have anyone damaging property here. Two beds in two days? Preposterous."


Diana looked at Clark with nervous eyes. Clark smiled and took her hand and led her in through the front door of the house.

Inside the living room were Jonathan, Martha, Krypto and Billy. The elderly couple was in their usual places. Jonathan was listening to his radio, Martha was knitting in her rocking chair, and Billy was watching a TV show with the white dog at his feet.

Krypto knew at once. He lifted his head and bounded out the room and hurled himself at the pair as they were undoing their coats.

"Oh hey, Boy!" began Clark but Krypto ignored him and went straight for Diana. She laughed as he dropped himself at her feet, rolled onto his back and begged for a belly rub. She stooped and obliged, then he jumped on her and licked her hands and face with great enthusiasm.

Clark gave a little laugh. "Think we can work out who he is happy to see?"

"Wow, what a reception!" she laughed. "You are my hero, do you know that, Krypto? Thank you for saving me from Darkseid. I see you have healed up nicely. I'm so sorry I did not come sooner but I…"

Footsteps sounded, followed by a boyish voice. "Diana!"

Diana saw Billy dash into the hallway. She felt him hurl himself at her and hug her. He began to talk very fast and excitably.

"You're back! I missed you, Diana! What took you so long? Are you okay? I hope that Darkside did not hurt you! I have been waiting for ages for you to come!"

Clark folded his arms across his chest and remarked drolly, "And hello to you too, Billy."

Diana beamed at him. "I'm fine Billy. Sorry it took me so long to come see you but I had to go home and see my mother and sisters and pick back up my job."

"Oh, I see. Well, that's okay then. Your mom needs to see your first."

"What are you doing here? How's your mom?"

"My mom is okay. She's engaged, you know."

"Really? Wow. When did that happen?"

"Last week. I hope you and Uncle Clark can come to the wedding. Mom invited you. His name is Mr. Thompson and he seems a good guy, just like Uncle Clark said. Did you know Uncle Clark still has not taken me flying? He said he was waiting for you."

Before Diana could reply she looked up to see the Kents come out into the hallway. Diana got up. She was not sure what to say. But Martha saved her the trouble by exclaiming, "Welcome back, sweetie! It's been far too long. You look wonderful!"

"Good to have you back home, honey," said Jonathan. "I had to nag that son of mine every day to get you here."

Diana felt herself embraced affectionately by Martha. She was lost for words, especially when Jonathan referred to their home as hers.

She faltered, "You're not angry at me?"

Martha asked, "Angry? Why should we be angry?"

"You know, what I did…to Clark…I took him to…"

Jonathan cut her off as he hugged her to his side. "Last thing I remember was you jumping in front of Martha and Billy and saving their hides and taking on the monster so Clark can get us to safety. That's nothing to scoff at. So let's wipe that long expression off your pretty face. I always told my son ages ago, no guilt tripping in this house. What's done is done. You move on today when yesterday is done."

Diana leaned her head on his shoulder. "Thank you, Pa."

They began to ask her about Hippolyta and Donna and her starting back her job as they ushered her into the living room. Martha turned to look at Clark as if she had just noticed him.

"Clark, honey? Are you okay?"

Clark grinned, "Never mind me. I'm good. I'll go start dinner. You guys can sit down and catch up."

He stood by the doorway, leaning against the frame for a moment and watched as Martha, Jonathan and Billy sat Diana down on the couch and, with Krypto, they surrounded her like a princess being worshipped by her adoring subjects.

Diana's eyes met his over Billy's shoulder as she answered their questions.

She gave him a grateful smile.

He winked at her and left to go to the kitchen.

JLA Satellite

The conference room was slowly filling up for its monthly staff meeting. J'onn, as usual, was going to chair it and, for once, it was one of those rare times when many of the senior members were able to gather together.

He watched as Superman strolled in with Wonder Woman. Flash suddenly appeared and cut between the two and clicked his tongue at them. "Hey, no holding hands on duty, you two!"

He instantly grabbed the plate of donuts on the side board. Batman followed with Black Canary, Steel and Doctor Light.

Kimiyo sniffed at Flash as he sat down with the donuts in front of him. "Leaving anything for anyone?"

Wally had scoffed down nearly all fourteen by the time the sentence came out. He turned and offered her one that was three quarters eaten. "Oh sorry. Here Kimi."

She rolled her eyes. "You are such a pig, Flash, and stop calling me Kimi."

Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, followed in. He went to the sideboard where Dinah stood pouring herself a cup of coffee and whispered, "You don't need that caffeine, baby. I'll fuel you up." He leaned in to blow in her ear. "Wanna take an early bathroom break?"

Dinah elbowed him. "Not now and big talk after last night? You better have a few of these if you going to fulfill that promise." She handed him an energy drink with a smug smile.

"Har, har, funny."

As they sat down, Batman looked around. "Is this it?"

Hal put his hands behind his head and lolled back in his seat. "Naw, Stewart is supposed to be here too."

J'onn said, "Oh, I got a message from John. He's stuck out in the Aurelian Galaxy on some diplomatic mission. He cannot come back for a while. We will have to find someone to take his shifts. Any volunteers for the next couple of weekends?" He pulled up the schedule for them to see on the holographic screen.

Superman said wryly, "I would but Diana and I have a wedding to go to and then we have to go to Themyscira for the Harvest festival."

Flash piped in. "Donna and I are painting and out-fitting our new apartment and we got to go to that Harvest thingy too."

"Martha is teething and she's making Artemis miserable these days," said Batman coolly. "I need to be home."

Hal blinked. "Is this the Justice League? Or am I in the Twilight Zone?"

J'onn asked, "Can you help?"

"Um, no. I er…" He glanced at Dinah mischievously. "I have some refueling to do."

Steel offered, "I can do this weekend."

Kimiyo added, "I'll do next weekend."

"Good. We can get down to the order of business." J'onn paused and picked up a sheet of paper. "Oh, Hal, John sent this transcript to you from Oa. He says it is urgent you see it and contact Tomar-Re."

Hal took and it. "What is this?" He was in the process of taking a swig of his energy drink when his eyes widened and he sprayed the drink all over Flash.

"What the f**k!"

Flash jerked upright. "Hey! God Damn, Jordan! What's with the spit bath?"

Steel chided, "Hey, come on, man. No cursing. There are ladies present."

Hal slammed down his can and his eyes scanned the paper. "What? Who? How? Five hundred zuri for a bottle of wine! Who orders sylph fish? Four broken windows at one hundred a piece? Six thousand for two broken beds? When was this? The Coruna? Is Gil mad? When the hell did I…?" His eyes raised and he looked across at Superman and Wonder Woman. His lips pursed in annoyance as it dawned on him who had run the bill up.

Both had small smiles on their faces.

Clark asked innocently, "What's wrong, Hal?"

He glared at Clark.

Dinah frowned. "Is the Coruna some sort of store? Where is that? And who is Gil?"

"Er…Um…" Normally Hal was a quick thinker on his feet and a master of lies and excuses. With Dinah's eyes on him, however, he found he was having difficulty trying to form that lie. He never lied to her before and he promised himself not to start. But he knew he was going to be in big trouble. Especially when she found out who Gil was and that Oa had restricted his credit to zero for a year and this was not the first time he had slacked off with funds from the work purse. In fact, he use to do it often before he hooked up with Dinah and it was only because he had made sure to humor and satisfy Gil in his own inimitable way that the bills never came back that high. Oa had never caught on.

For the first time Hal fumbled and began to sweat.

Clark intervened swiftly, "Gil is a big eye gouger. Owns the Coruna. It's kind of an off world shop for luxury goods. They give you anything you want. Oa were just looking to replace some items and I told Hal don't give the Coruna the tender but he never listens to me. I expect Oa is not pleased."

Dinah relaxed. "Oh. I see. Hal, next time listen to Clark."

He got up. "I will, babe. Excuse me. Got to call Oa."

The meeting went on ahead without incident and finished an hour later. When Clark and Diana walked out, Hal stepped in front of them in the main monitor room.

He jabbed a finger at them. "You two are mean. I was just trying to help."

Clark commented sarcastically, "By sending us to some sex den? You're so classy."

"Hey, you wanted to get it on! I sent you somewhere you could do that, you damn pussy!"

Clark retorted, "If Diana was another woman, she would have used her tiara to cut off my balls, you cad!"

Hal blinked. "Did you say balls? Wow. The Coruna did do you some good."

Diana stepped between them. "Stop it, you two! Look, Hal, the Embassy can cover some of the expenses, if that will help."

He rolled his eyes. "It's alright. This is just guy talk. So, I don't get to spend money for a year; big deal. Damn farm boy saved my neck. Thanks for covering for me with Dinah, Kansas."

Clark smiled. "Glad to see you could not lie to her. Shows you got some morals in that horny carcass of yours. Better not mess this up."

Hal sniffed. "I won't." He turned to leave but then said, "But damn it, two beds in two days? That's just plain showing off!"


The Harvest festival was one of the annual events whereby all the Amazons got together to celebrate the gathering of the crop. The early morning was spent with prayers in the temple; day time was spent out in the fields to bring in the baskets of food to be stored for the winter; and afternoon was for wine making.

It allowed the Amazons to spend time together, without ceremony and simply share an appreciation of food, family and home. Clark and Wally were two of several men that attended, and they helped with the fruit picking and storage and clearing the fields. The wine making was a more upbeat event where by the ladies pressed grapes the old fashioned way.

Wally and Clark simply sat back and watched while Diana and Donna, with their sisters, tunics pulled up to their upper thighs, stomped in large vats of grapes.

Wally sighed and tossed grapes into his mouth as he looked at the very pleasing picture. "Dude, are we lucky men or what?"

Clark's eyes travelled up Diana's toned legs; his eyes could see beyond the light cotton material and since the start of their deepening intimacy weeks ago, he had no qualms now looking at what he considered his. She shot him a couple of sultry looks as she worked. It was as if she knew he was using his super vision on her. It only served to heighten the electricity between them.

He smiled at the thought of those long, lithe legs wrapped around his waist later. "We are."

Meanwhile Hippolyta sat with Phillipus, Euboea and Penelope from a covered pavilion and looked upon her subjects and daughters.

"They look so happy," mused Penelope.

Euboea said amused, "Their men look happier just lounging and watching them. The burnished headed one eats a lot, does he not?"

"Indeed. I am glad he does not live here. He is worse than a swarm of locusts," observed Phillipus jokingly. "He would eat the grass if he could."

The group laughed.

Penelope titled her head as she watched Diana step out of the vat and walk towards Clark. Clark rose and returned with a towel and jug of water. He knelt before her and washed and dried her legs and feet. "Kal-El adores her as the other one worships Donna like a little puppy."

Hippolyta smiled benignly. "Kal-El can be a little indulgent with her but when you love someone you tend to do that. Diana, I think, benefits from such tenderness having experienced so much pain. But he is no pushover. Behind that easy going exterior is a very steady and purposeful man Diana respects and admires. Now Donna can be a little bit spoiled and gets her own way and does have Wally wrapped around her finger. They are young though. They will grow and learn and hopefully weather whatever storms come their way."

Penelope asked, "Have they spoken about bonding?"

"Men of the outside world can get a little nervous when the subject of marriage crops up a little too soon. In any case, they have both mated with these men already."

Euboea's brow rose. "How do you know? Did they say so?"

"Donna thinks I don't know. But Wally's nervousness and looking like a guilty boy with his hand caught in the honey pot when he is around me confirms it. He thinks I'll remove his manhood," she chuckled. "Where he got that idea, I do not know but I did not disabuse the notion. It is very funny seeing him stammer and stutter and look like he is about to faint when I draw my small sword. As for Diana, you just have to look at her and Kal-El. It is written all over them."

"We have had a good harvest this year," smiled Phillipus. "Very few tares."

Hippolyta nodded, the meaning of those simple words not lost upon her. She smiled. Her sisters were happy, her daughters were happy, and her island was at peace and sharing all they had with the world. The feelings of failure and anger at the Gods had long dissipated.

She was content. She smiled. "Indeed."


Clark Kent and Princess Diana stepped out of the limousine and waved at the gathered media as they went into the luxurious Wayne Tech Towers for a Christmas fundraiser thrown by the billionaire for several children's charities. There were yells for them to stop and pose and even kiss each other. They were a couple that interested the media simply because they were so different from the normal celebrity pairings. The Ambassador was a tall, exotic and beautiful Amazon and many were still a little baffled by her dating the very homey and shy journalist.

One of the male commentators for GTV covering the event mused, "I tell you, folks, Mr. Kent is one lucky man. To this day I wonder what she sees in him."

His female counterpart rejoined, "Well, let me come to Mr. Kent's defense. I would say he's the thinking woman's kind of man. You let his work do the talking. There is a hell of a lot of passion in his articles and the Ambassador is hardly your typical western woman. I think Mr. Kent certainly knows how to impress her. They were close friends before the stories broke about her heritage."

The man shrugged. "I always thought she would be better with Superman or even that Aquaman. Royalty and all that."

The woman teased, "Just say you're jealous. I'm for team Kent. He's the poster boy for all you guys who think you can't get a smart and beautiful woman. Well, guys, here is proof, the geek can get his princess."

The man grinned. "Yeah, maybe I am. Hey, here comes…Brangelina! As we all know this real power couple are spokespeople for children's rights and they have quite a brood themselves…Hey Brad! Angie! Over here!"

Clark and Diana walked into the large ballroom. It was dressed up for Christmas and there were representatives from charitable organizations filling the room. There were also a lot of children running around the very tall Christmas tree, and jumping on and off the stage and mobbing Santa Claus who was sitting in his grotto. The adults milled around or sat at their tables, networking or dancing to the party music being played by the band on stage.

Clark looked around. "This is a definite shift from the playboy parties of old." He and Diana had to move aside for a couple of boys shouting "gang-way" as they ran around and under tables.

Several people hailed them and stopped to chat to Diana. This was the norm for them. Diana was famous and in any charity event she was bound to meet people she knew, admiring fans and people who wanted to work with her. Clark gave her a little smile and nod and moved away. He let her work the room. The quiet, supportive and smart man behind his woman. It was the best cover. Not many people could really grudge him this.

He never lacked in contacts or friends of his own and he spied Bruce and Artemis with their daughter sitting up front at the main table. On his way there he stopped at the bar to get himself a drink.

As he waited, he heard a familiar voice, "Well, well, Smallville. You did not mention you were coming to this at work."

He turned to see Lois. She was with Richard White.

He pushed his glasses up his nose and peered at them. "Oh hi, guys. Er, yeah. It kinda slipped me. Didn't expect to see you two here."

Richard smiled. "My aunt is one of the Executive Directors for A.C.T. I always support them."

Lois scanned the crowd. "You alone or is your girlfriend here?"

"Diana's here. Networking, I expect."

Lois smiled thinly. "Yeah, she's like a honeypot with lots of bees buzzing around here. And you the poor little wallflower."

"Oh, you get used to it. It's for a good cause."

"Must get annoying though."

Clark shrugged. "Not really. Not when I get to go home with her."

Lois' eyes gleamed like a hunter sensing prey. "Oh, so you two are officially shacked up? Getting hitched anytime soon?"

Richard put his arm around her. "Lois, stop trying to dig. Clark, excuse her. She is like a blood hound always on the scent for a new story."

Clark got his martini and said, "I know. You might be better off chasing after Brangelina than us for anything juicy, Lois. Diana and I are not jet setting and quite the boring couple when we together and I'm not likely to be coming anyone's consort soon. Now excuse me. I see Mr. Wayne. I'm going to say hello."

Lois snorted as he walked away. The idea of Clark saying he and Diana were boring was a mockery seeing that he was Superman. "Humph, yeah right. I bet they already did it and just pretending. He's so smug."

Richard gave her a reproving look. "Honey, he's not smug and so what if they did? It's tough keeping a high profile relationship going. I don't blame them for keeping things quiet if they want to. And you should be happy for Clark. He's smart and hard-working. He deserves good stuff happening to him. Has he ever grudged you anything? Sometimes I wonder at the woman who is so full of life and zest that holds me captive can be so cynical and suspicious and frankly a little insensitive."

Lois protested, "I wasn't trying to be mean…"

"Well, you were. Come on, Lois." He titled her chin. "Sometimes I feel you are very angry with Clark for no reason at all."

She said defensively, "Why would I be angry with him? He's so annoying and slow and dull…"

Richard replied bluntly, "And you're spoiled and pushy and a little brat and many of our fellow reporters would say so. You're no picnic but you're brave and smart and sexy and feisty. I would not change you for the world. Similarly the princess must love Clark for her own reasons. Be happy for him."

Lois' face turned a dull red. She had the grace to blush. Richard was the only one brave enough to call out her behavior and it was why she liked him. She grumbled. "Damn you, Richard. I guess I was a bit mean. I'll ease up on him, alright?"

He kissed her. "That's a start. Sometimes, Lois, you need to just let go and just enjoy the moment. Forget work. Forget Kent. Tonight we're here to enjoy ourselves. How about a drink?"

Clark reached the head table where Bruce and Artemis were sitting with their daughter and several friends. Clark said hello to Lucius Fox, Barbara Gordon, Dick Grayson, the mayor, his wife and several others.

Bruce said, "Clark, good to see you. Where's Diana?"

"Hi, everyone. She's out there. Talking shop and giving autographs. You know how it is?"

He shook hands and kissed the ladies on their cheeks and little Martha Wayne on the brow.

He took a seat next to Bruce and Artemis. Bruce was holding his daughter up so she was leaning over the table while she played with his dessert. "Every time I see Martha she's gotten bigger. She's going to be a regular Amazon, aren't you, baby?"

Martha gurgled and clapped her hands and mashed more cake from her father's plate.

Artemis said proudly. "Yes, she is. She is going to be a year soon and she's already trying to walk. Bruce, she's going to shampoo her hair with cake."

She picked out a wet wipe, pushed the plate aside and began to wipe the child's hands and face.

"She is so cute, "sighed Barbara. "Why do you have to be so cute, Martha?"

"Well, red heads are, no offence, Clark, the best," smiled Dick. "Right, Bruce?" This earned him an appreciative look from Barbara.

Bruce looked at Artemis. "I'm a little partial to them, yes. But I wouldn't call all of them cute." Artemis made a face at him. He then put Martha on his lap and gave her a stuff toy that was poking out a baby bag slung behind his chair. It was a bat.

Clark laughed and inquired softly, "A bat? Not a teddy or cute dog?"

"They bore her to death. And this is cute. Looks like a mouse with wings."

Artemis murmured dryly, "He's conditioning her already."

"I'll have you know she likes bats. And we know it's only a matter of time you stick a sword in her hand."

Artemis retorted, unabashed, "I have a plastic one just waiting for her."

Clark shook his head and smiled. "Are you two going to let her go into the, er, family business then?"

Bruce looked at her as she flung the bat and it hit down the snowman center piece. "See, she has a good arm. She seems to be a natural. I guess if she wanted to I wouldn't say no. It would be hypocritical of me after I let those two tag along me for years." He nodded at Dick and Barbara who was busy trying to straightened the snowman with apologies at the other guests. "Artemis wants her to know her Bana roots too. So we'll have a sound foundation for her. And you're her Godfather, so I expect some help from you too."

"And if she wants to say, just be a doctor or lawyer or teach?"

He looked at Martha grabbing his bow tie and chewing it. "She'll do it in style. She is a Wayne after all. Look, here comes Aunt Diana."

They turned to see Diana come up. Diana apologized for her delay and after greeting everyone warmly, took her place near Clark. The group sat chatting and enjoying the atmosphere when Bruce glanced at his watch. "It's almost time for me and Artemis to go up on stage and say our thanks and give out some gifts to the people who made this possible. Here, can you hold Martha?"

He passed her over to Diana and he and Artemis left for the stage. Martha's eyes shone as she saw the lights reflected in Diana's tiara and she tried to grab it. Diana shifted her to her lap and said, "Ah, you like it but can't let you touch it, little one. It will be too sharp for the likes of you." Martha's eyes fell on her bracelets and she stared at it fascinated. "Yes, you can grab that if you want."

Ten minutes later Lois Lane passed by on her way to speak to an acquaintance at a table behind them. She stopped and stared for a moment. Diana had Martha on her lap facing Clark. Clark was playing peek-a-boo with the child and she was gurgling happily and loudly.

Lois cleared her throat and they looked up to see her with her head titled and arms folded.

Clark asked slowly, "Yes, Lois?"

She said, "It's a good look."

"What?" He did not understand her comment.

She gesticulated with her hand at them and the child. "You two and the kid. It's a good look for both of you."

Clark and Diana looked a little surprised. Clark said sincerely, "That's kind of you to say Lois."

She shrugged. "Don't mention it." Her eyes met Diana's. "I don't know you that well but Clark will make a good father. He's one of the good guys." Her eyes fell on Martha who was chewing on Clark's tie. "She's a cutie for sure."

Diana flashed Lois a friendly smile. She knew it must cost her a lot to come up to them. She asked gently, "Would you like to hold her?"

Lois put her hand out. " Er, no. I'm not good with kids. They always puke or cry or wet themselves when I pick them up. I'm going to check out some friends over there. Well, see you."

Clark mused, "Wonder what brought that on?"

"I think that was her way of extending the olive branch."

Clark glanced at her as she greeted her friends. "Seems like it, doesn't it?"

Diana looked at Martha and bent her cheek to her hair and inhaled her baby soft sweetness. She then straightened and smiled wistfully.

Clark leaned in and stroked her arm. He asked curiously, "Do you want one of these?"

She uttered, "What? No. Just because…I don't…Kal, you know…"

"I know. But I had the best upbringing and I was adopted. I am sure on your travels you came across many orphans."

She sighed. "There are so many of them, Kal."

He said softly, "Well, how about one for starters? You're always talking about those baby girls who they tried to drown or starve to death …and I'm sure with some help we can get on to a good adoption agency and start making enquiries on how to go about doing it legally."

Diana's eyes widened. "You are serious?"


"But…Kal…we're still living apart and …"

"We get married and find a place together. Simple."

"Married?" Diana gasped. "Isn't it a bit soon for us to do that?"

He chuckled. "Diana, adoption takes a while. Even if we make our minds up which orphan we will take, satisfy authorities and we get Bruce's help to cut back on the red tape, it will take at least two years. Gives us enough time to find a place and get married. I'm more than willing to move to Washington. I can find a job with another newspaper."

"No…no. I don't want you leaving your job. You love it there. I could move to Metropolis. I don't have any need to hide my identity and Wonder Woman flying to work will take no time at all."

"We could find a nice house in the suburbs. Somewhere where there is a good school. I can drive to work. I might even cut back on my hours and start working on some ideas I had for a novel."

Diana whispered somewhat awed, "Gods, are we really going to do this?"

Clark said earnestly, "If you want to: yes. So what do you think?"

She looked at him with shining eyes. "I guess we are engaged then?"

Clark leaned in and kissed her lips. "So it would seem."

Athena looked pointedly at Aphrodite. "Well?"

The Goddess arched her brow as if ignorant. "What?"

"You could intercede. Give them a little hand. They were always meant to be, we know that."

"I could but she needs to ask. You know that. Just like her mother prayed to Zeus and Hera for her wish," Aphrodite replied. "Until then, my hands are tied."

Five Years Later.

A seven year old girl with brown skin, large brown eyes and springy curls plopped herself down on the couch next to Diana. She let out a tiny puff of air and stared at Diana's flat stomach.

Diana looked up from the book she was reading and smiled at her adopted daughter. "Is something wrong, Allie?"

Alliyah Kent frowned. She was not sure. One of the children in class had announced she was going to have a baby brother a week ago and today the mother had come to the school. Now Alliyah knew babies could be adopted like she had been because her own parents had died; or born in a chamber like her daddy; or as in her mommy's case, granted by magic. She knew all families looked different too. Being the child of Superman and Wonder Woman made the incredible credible and gave her a unique perspective. But today was the first time she had really looked at a pregnant woman and wondered about it.

"Mommy…Beth's mom came to school today…She's having a baby…Her tummy is this big !" she frowned.

Uh-oh, thought Diana. The "where do babies come from" question had cropped up last year and she thought the explanation given then would have satisfied her daughter. Diana put the book down, reached over and pulled her into her side.

"I thought we talked about that, honey. Why is it bothering you today? Making babies are a normal thing for men and women and you know babies grow in the bellies of some mommies, while others can grow in a matrix and some can be molded from clay."

Alliyah gave her a funny look. "I know that, Mommy. I remember. "

"Then what's wrong?"

She touched Diana's stomach. "Beth is very excited to have a baby brother. She talks about it every day…I… You and daddy don't want to have one?"

Oh, that was it. Diana put her arm around her. "Well, we have you so we really haven't thought about another so soon. Do you want a little brother or sister?"

"It might be nice. Sometimes it gets lonely. You had Auntie Donna when you were little like me, right?"

"That's true. Well, sweetie, maybe I can talk to Daddy and we can go visit the adoption agency and see…"

Alliyah shook her head vigorously. "No… I mean, can't you and Daddy make one like Beth's mommy and daddy?"

Diana's brow arched. "Oh. Well, does it matter if we make one or get someone who needs a home?"

She asked curiously, "Well, if you and Daddy made one then wouldn't it have powers like you?"

"I don't know. It could, I guess."

"You never thought about it?"

"I…" Diana hesitated then she admitted truthfully, "Yes. But it's not so simple for us."

Alliyah remarked, "It would be fun to have a sister who would fly and talk to animals like you. We could have so much fun."

Diana smiled sadly. "I know it sounds fun but we can't."

"Why not? It just takes a mommy and daddy to grow a baby in here," she replied pointing to her stomach practically. "I will help you feed her and bath her when she comes."

"Allie,I can't have babies. Neither can Daddy. We are different on the inside to people."

"You look the same."

"We're not. That's why we can't grow a baby like Beth's parents and we need to find babies that need parents. Like you and how Grandma and Grandpa Kent raised Daddy. No matter how babies come into the world, they are loved."

Alliyah crinkled her nose and leaned her head on her arm pensively. "I wished we could have one that way though. It seems a lot of fun. Don't you wish it, Mommy?"

Diana did not know why but she felt a little lump in her throat at the innocent words of her daughter. She always told herself it never really mattered. She never tried to dwell too much on the idea of a child gotten from her and Clark's love. It had always been wishful thinking and Diana considered herself too practical to worry over what she could not change. But now her hand drifted over her stomach and she whispered fervently, "I wish it could be so…"

She did not get a chance to dwell on the thought as the sound of a car pulling up into the driveway made the seven year old straighten up and shout, "Daddy's home!"

Alliyah jumped off the couch and rushed to the front door. It took Clark a minute to open the door and feel his little girl fling herself at his legs. "Daddeee!"

Clark dropped his keys in a bowl, put down his briefcase and grabbed her up in a powerful arm. "Whoa, hey you! How's my little girl?"

Diana stood up and watched them come into the sitting area with an indulgent smile. Alliyah adored her father. She already had him wrapped around her little finger and there was nothing he would not do for her. When they had first come across her she had been a half starved, timid, two year old who had lost her parents in a bloody civil war. She had been spent her first six months with them uneasy and jumpy at everything that was new to her. But with time and love and patience shown to her by her new parents, and their whole circle of family and friends, Alliyah had evolved into a bright, effusive and hopeful creature.

Clark approached his wife and kissed her cheek. "How was your day, Mrs Kent?"

"Fine, Mr Kent. Yours?"

"Better now I'm home."

Alliyah asked excitedly, "Daddy, can we go flying later and go see Grandma, Grandpa and Krypto? I miss Krypto and Grandma said she was baking this weekend and Grandpa said the cat had kittens and he would take me fishing."

"That's a tall order, pumpkin. I promised Mommy I would do dinner tonight. How about I take you flying but tomorrow we go to Smallville? Then we won't have to rush back so quickly." He placed her down on a chair. "After you have a bath and dinner, I'll take you for a spin at the Fortress."

Diana interrupted, "Home-work first though. Get your book bag."

Alliyah nodded and rushed to drag her book bag from the corner to the table.

Clark smiled at his wife as he undid his tie and jacket. "What do you feel like eating, ma'am?"

"Make anything Allie likes," she replied and took the tie and jacket from him.

He took off his glasses and rested it on the center table. "I got some good news today. Gushen-Charles Publications said yes to my manuscript."

"That's wonderful, Kal!" She hugged him. "I told you it was a great story!"

He tightened his hold on her. "Thanks, honey. Mmm, are you using a new perfume? You smell luscious." He sniffed her hair and let his hands linger down her spine and over her bottom.

She drew back to give him an amused look. "Down, boy. Our daughter is behind us. No, I'm not using any new perfume. Why?"

"Oh, it's just I thought I could smell…Never mind. You do look particularly delectable in that tunic though." Clark's eyes glittered at her. "I'm giving you fair warning now. I'm going to take Allie flying and wear her out so we can put her to bed soon."

Diana laughed. "Promises,promises."

For the next hour, Diana supervised her daughter's homework, and then they took a bath while her husband cooked dinner. It was like any typical evening, the house full of laughter and chatter. But Diana could not help but notice her husband seemed a little more than preoccupied with flirting with her and giving her hot glances across the room.

Since having Alliyah they were not as spontaneous as they could be but they still had a very passionate, physical relationship. They kept the groping and making out before their child to a minimum. That was kept for the bedroom or just when they were alone.

Diana had left Alliyah in the living room for a minute to come into the kitchen to get something to drink. Clark was doing Alliyah's favorite spaghetti and meatballs.

"It smells delicious in here. Can I help you with anything, Kal?"

He was taking out the pasta bowls and cutlery. He shook his head. "No, I got it. Dinner will be served in about ten minutes. Hope you two are hungry. I did a nice salad, garlic toast and strawberry sorbet."

She smiled and opened the fridge with the intention to pour two glasses of apple juice. The juice bottle has been put on the second shelf towards the back. Diana bent to retrieve it. She felt a large, warm hand grab her bottom and give it a squeeze.

She jumped up and exclaimed, "Kal! Merciful Minerva, what's gotten into you?'

She turned around to see him right behind her. His eyes were gleaming down at her and he leaned in to nuzzle her neck. "I have no idea but if you must come and bend over before me beware the consequences."

She rolled her eyes, laughing, and gently pushed the door shut and turned. "Our daughter…"

"She can't see or hear us. One kiss."

She frowned at him but pecked him on the cheek. "There. Now let me go pour this juice."

"That's not a kiss." He put his hands on either side of her, barring her from moving. "It's got to hold me for…umm, at least two hours before our little girl goes to bed. Come on, pay the piper or I'll take it from you."

Diana giggled. "Are you on heat today?"

He leaned into her neck and inhaled her smell. "Sure feels like it. I just want to tear your clothes off and…"His voice dropped and he whispered into her ears. A red flush went up Diana's neck and face as she gave a little gasp. His words seemed to make her pulse flutter and the place between her thighs throb. Her lips met his and she gave him a passionate kiss that left them both more than a little breathless and aroused. It was clear it was not going to hold him. The juice bottle crashed to the floor.

The sound of glass breaking brought them both to their senses and Alliyah was calling in a sing song tone, "Someone broke something!"

Diana pulled away flushing. "Gods…Kal! Look at the mess!"

"I'll clean it up. Here." In seconds he had two glasses with some soda and gave it to her.

She took it and stumbled out of the kitchen. She took in some deep breaths. What in Hera's name? The last time they felt this hungry for each other was when they had gotten married and spent their week long honeymoon on a deserted island in the Pacific. And they had only made love the night before. It's was not as if they were hard up for any.

Clark went and took a quick shower before dinner in the hope he would cool down.

It did not help much.

Diana was aware of Clark watching her during the meal; she felt his fingers graze the back of hers often, and his feet brush hers under the table even while they both tried to act normal and converse with their daughter.

"Daddy, what's happening to your eyes?" asked Alliyah innocently. "It's all red."

Diana nearly choked on her food.

Clark coughed and drained his glass of water. "Er, nothing, sweetheart. I'm just a little hot. It's very warm in here tonight. Um, Allie, how would you like to stay over at Grandma and Grandpa tonight?"

Alliyah's eyes widened and she dropped her spoon with delight. "Really? Oh…but I did not finish all my homework. Mommy says I must always try to finish my homework before anything else." Her eyes turned to her mother at once and seemed to decide for herself. "I can't go."

Diana wiped her lips and intervened quickly, trying to look casual, "Honey, you can go if you want. We'll make it an exception today. Daddy and I will come for you tomorrow afternoon."

Alliyah jumped in her seat. "Really? Yay! I need to go pack!"

As Alliyah ran out the room, Diana gave Clark a rueful look. "I'm feeling a little guilty now."

He nodded wryly. "Me too. But did you see her face? She can't wait to go. I'll clear up. You go help her pack."

Diana left him and fifteen minutes later she had her daughter packed for her overnight stay in Smallville. They gathered at the back door. It was dark and the neighborhood was quiet.

"Be good and don't get into any mischief," Diana warned as she hugged her tightly.

"I won't. You try not to get into any mischief too, Mommy. Come on, Daddy, let's go."

Clark picked her up, slung her little knapsack over his arm and they took off.

Diana did not know how long it would take Clark to get back home. He normally would spend some time with his parents when he saw them and she expected he would at least sit for fifteen minutes. She went up to their room and she felt like a giddy girl with excitement and anticipation of their night together. It had been a while since they could really let go. They normally couldn't with Alliyah down the hallway, and tonight she expected they would be a little noisy.

She undressed and began to dig in the chest of drawers to see if she could something more comfortable but sexy. One thing she had learned about Clark was that he was like many men. He appreciated lingerie on his wife.

She was trying to decide between a lacy black teddy and red, silk camisole and French styled, matching boy shorts when she heard the sound of something hitting the windows and blowing up the curtains. It had begun to rain. Diana closed the window and drew the curtains.

She had just pulled up the red silk boy shorts in place, when she heard the door click.

Her heart thudded in her rib cage at the sight of him. He was soaked to the skin. He looked incredibly sexy. It took all her will not to jump him; the maternal part of her won out and she asked, "Did Allie settle in okay?"

Clark's eyes smoldered at the sight of her in the red silk underwear alone. "Yes, she did."

"How are your pare…?"

He was before her and crushing her to his chest before the words was out.

"Fine." He dipped his head for her lips like a starving man needing sustenance. .

Diana raked her fingers through his hair and gasped when his mouth rained kisses down her neck and breasts. She helped him out of his soaking t-shirt and the feeling of his cool flesh against her warm one sent tingles down her spine.

Diana sighed as he lifted her clear off her feet and she expected he would lay her down on their bed. But she was a little surprised when he headed out the bedroom instead.

"Kal, where are you going?" she asked breathlessly as he kissed her again.

"Basement…" he said huskily.

"The…sparring room?" She broke off the kiss to look at him a little taken aback.

His eyes glowed and he confirmed, "The sparring room."

The sparring room was a place they often used to work out. Its floor and walls were reinforced and could take enormous stress. It was where they could play a little rough. It would be the first time they would use it without Alliyah in the house.

Diana felt her whole body tingle at the erotic thoughts and images swirling in her brain. She put her lips to his ears. "If we are sparring then I need my lasso to even the odds with you, Kryptonian."

Clark groaned and, like the good sport he was, turned around to allow her to grab up the glowing coils from the bedside table.

Many hours later, they lay together on the mats. They were curled up in each other's arms, naked, happy and exhausted.

"Kal?" she mumbled.


"I can't move."

"Me neither."

"What was this about?"

"I have no idea. But it was damn good."

"For a moment, I wondered if you were on red kryptonite."

"For a moment I wondered if I was too. I felt a little drugged but on you. Not a bad thing by any means."

" Flattery will get you anything, Kal. Well, I think there is nothing left to do now but sleep."

"That would be great."

"Wake me up this time, okay?"

"Okay. Love you."

"Mmm, love you too."

Aphrodite looked at Athena with a smug smile. "Well, if that did not do the trick I do not know what will."

Four weeks later, Diana began to feel tired and a loss of appetite. She put it down to her rigorous schedule and dismissed the feeling as she was never one to dwell on her self. It was when she began to feel queasy early one morning that she realized something was wrong.


He turned in the bed and looked at her as she climbed back in, looking pale and tired. "What is it?"

"I don't know. I feel…strange." She lay on the pillow and put her arm across her brow and closed her eyes. "I've felt a little bit down for weeks now. I thought it would go away."

Clark moved her arm and rested his hand on her brow. "You're cold and clammy. Your pulse is rapid and heart rate is up. You look pale. "

"I feel like retching."

He looked worried. Diana, like him, never got ill. His first thought was exposure to some chemical or biohazard during a mission. He got up, his ears tuning into Diana's vitals. "I'll get you a bowl. Maybe I should call J'onn and we can get you up to the Watchtower…I really don't think we should wait for…" Suddenly his head moved. He could hear something new in the mix. It was a rapid sound. Like two extra heart beats. More rapid than Diana's. But it was coming from her! From her…uterus?

Clark turned to stare at his wife in awe. His eyes widened and his jaw dropped. "Rao."

She opened her eyes to see him standing in his pajama bottoms staring at her as if mesmerized.

She moved up on her elbows. "Kal, what is it?"


The scream was shouted out by Donna in the Kent living room.

Hippolyta nearly dropped her cup and saucer. "Hera, what did you say?"

Martha nearly spat her tea. "What?"

Jonathan clapped his thigh. "Well, I'll be! That's my boy!"

Alliyah, who was sitting on Clark's lap, confided proudly to her stupefied grandparents and aunt in the room, "Mommy is having two babies now."

Donna screamed again. "Twins?? That is awesome!"

Hippolyta winched. "For Gods sakes, Donna, stop shouting in my ear."

Donna hugged her sister excitedly but pulled away to exclaim, "But…how?" She blinked at Clark. "Have you got super sperm too?"

Clark and Diana could only laugh. Diana said earnestly, looking at her family, "We don't know how it happened. I just woke up yesterday feeling really ill and Clark checked and it seems I'm four weeks pregnant."

Alliyah tugged Diana's arm. "I prayed for you, Mommy. Just like my two grandmas told me to pray if I want anything."

Diana's eyes softened and she stroked her cheek. "Did you, darling? Well, maybe that helped. Who knows? But it certainly is a miracle. Thank you."

Hippolyta put her cup and saucer down. "Well, this indeed calls for celebration. Pregnant? And two as well? The Gods have smiled on you." She rose to embrace her daughter. "We must tell your sisters. They will be overjoyed."

Martha and Jonathan also stood up and hugged Diana. Martha dabbed her eyes. "This is wonderful. Congratulations."

Donna asked, "Do we know the sex of the babies?" She looked at Clark. "Can you see that, man with super everything?"

Clark chuckled, "It's too early. And even if I know, unless Diana wants to know, no one else is going to know."

"Aww, spoil sports but I guess that makes sense. Well, what about names? If it's a girl, Donna is good."

Diana replied, "I thought if one is a girl…we could call her Lara in honor of Kal's deceased mother." Everyone nodded in approval at that. She added, "And if one is a boy, he will be called after one of the finest men I know." Her eyes fell on Jonathan.

Jonathan beamed. "Me? Well, you sure know how to make a man blush. I'm honored."

"Does the League know?" asked Hippolyta.

"Only J'onn. We have to tell them but we also have to announce it to the press," said Clark. "I'm thinking of giving the Planet a little scoop."

"Are you going to stay here?" asked Martha

Clark shook his head. "Probably not. We'll find somewhere bigger and more secure. My book is scheduled for release soon. If it's successful, then I'll leave altogether and concentrate on writing and free-lance work."

"And you, Diana, you will have to give up your post as Ambassador and Wonder Woman for a while," said the Queen.

She nodded. "Yes." Her eyes fell on Donna. "I'm wondering it you might consider it?"

"Me in the League?" Donna clapped her hands. "Yes! I always wanted to be in the League and I will get to work with Wally!"

"And the Ambassador position?" queried her mother. "It goes hand in hand."

Donna grimaced. "Well, I suppose."

"You cannot suppose. You take it, yes or no?"

"Alright. Yes! I'll do anything for Diana."

Diana looked at the faces surrounding her and she could feel the love and empathy and devotion to her. Part of her could not believe how blessed her life was turning out to be. She had reunited with her family, and her people, found her soul mate and a child to nurture. Now she was being given even more. She was going to bear life. For a moment she wondered what she would do if anything happened to them. How she would cope if she lost…?

She pulled herself short.

No! Nothing is going to stop me from feeling this joy. I want it. It's mine.

There was that feeling of her hair being ruffled and her eyes caught something shimmering outside in the window.

Diana nodded knowingly.

Alliyah asked, "Who are you smiling at, Mommy?"

She shook her head. "No one, honey."

Hermes bowed and vanished. His work here was done.