Bleeding Crescent Moon

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Chapter 1: Attack from Another Servant

Sesshomaru flinched when his keen nose picked up a strange scent. It wasn't the scent that made him wary. It was the aura, the power emitting from the source.

"Rin," he said without emotion. "Stay here with Jaken and Ah-Un.

"But my lord," Jaken started protest. He was cut off my Sesshomaru's glare.

After Sesshomaru had left his companions in a clearing in the forest, he set off at full speed to encounter the power he felt. The trees were a blur as he used his lightning speed so jump from branch to branch.

Then he sensed a very annoying and unfortunately familiar scent. It was Inuyasha and his gang...and the smell of blood...Inuyasha's blood. He looked just in time to see a half-demon, a monk, a demon slayer, and priestess, a kitsune, and a demon cat dash past a bush. Inuyasha was all scratched up, and blood dripped from his arm.

"There's a really powerful demon!" Kagome gasped. "We only fought it for a few minutes and all of us nearly got killed!

"Get away while you can, bastard!" Inuyasha snarled at Sesshomaru, and he and his group were gone, disappearing into the trees.

"Hn..." Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes. There was nothing that could beat him. He wasn't the same as his half-brother Inuyasha.

Sesshomaru took off in the direction Inuyasha's group came from. As he neared his destination, he looked at his surroundings. All the trees were crushed or were basically blown to pieces. Debris was scattered everywhere and giant marks adorned the ground.

"Oh?" A cocky voice made Sesshomaru slowly turn around. A man wearing a solid-black cloak walked out of the trees. "Are you going to let me have some fun, too?" the man smirked. "You sort of smell like that half-breed I just beat. He ran away before I had time to REALLY have fun..."

Sesshomaru started to get impatient. But that wasn't all that caught his attention.

"You reek of that bastard Naraku," Sesshomaru said quietly but dangerously.

"Oh, him," the man in the black cloak scoffed. "Yes, he brought me back to life and gave me power. He sent me to kill was his name...Inuyasha, I believe..." the man then smirked. "And his half-brother, Sesshomaru. Do you have any idea where I can find him?"

Sesshomaru was ready for that. "You're looking at him," he replied calmly. "So you're actually going to try to kill me?"

"Yes," the man in the cloak, yawned, acting bored. "The half-breed ran away before I could kill him, but I'll get him later. Anyway, my name is Natsumi. Prepare to die...Sesshomaru..."

Natsumi pulled out a jagged pitch black sword with a red handle and pointed it at Sesshomaru.

"I don't really have anything against you, but since Naraku brought me back to life, I'm his servant," Natsumi said carefree.

Sesshomaru answered by pulling out Bakusaiga.

Natsumi shot a black blur at Sesshomaru, who gracefully avoided it. Sesshomaru sent a blast from Bakusaiga, and just as it was about to hit Natsumi, he disappeared.

This almost came to slightly surprising Sesshomaru for a moment.

"Too slow!" A voice called out from behind him. Now this time Sesshomaru couldn't stop his eyes from widening. He hadn't even felt Natsumi's presence! Sesshomaru snapped out of his daze when Natsumi struck him in the back with the sword, shattering his armor and cutting through his skin. Sesshomaru leaped out of the way and landed twenty feet from Natsumi.

Sesshomaru hissed inside his head. There was something mysterious about Natsumi. The fact that he can travel at high speeds and not have his presence detected was a pretty good advantage.

He winced as hot blood oozed down his back, staining his hair and kimono.

Sesshomaru shot another beam from Bakusaiga towards Natsumi. Then he noticed Natsumi's sword was glowing an eerie red. Bakusaiga's beam slammed against the black sword, and Natsumi held it strong.

Then...the beam disappeared...totally absorbed by the sword.

Sesshomaru tried not the let the shock show on his face, and his stoic expression turned angry. He swung Bakusaiga again...and nothing happened.

Natsumi's laughter rang through the air. "Now you don't have a weapon to use! My sword here absorbed your sword's power! Now you can only fight me with your native abilities!"

Sesshomaru glared at Natsumi. Being the proud demon lord that he is, Sesshomaru took this challenge graciously. If Natsumi wanted him to fight with just is natural abilities, then he was going to fight with just his natural abilities.

He zipped towards Natsumi, claws bared in front, poison illuminating them with a soft green glow. The claws swiped down on Natsumi...and landed on nothing but air. Natsumi was gone again.

The next thing Sesshomaru knew, a black blur had slammed against his side, knocking him at least a good ten feet away from where he was before. His side burned like crazy.

"My poison is much stronger than yours," Natsumi said smoothly.

Sesshomaru glanced at the open skin on his side and saw that it was all purple and red. He glared at Natsumi, his pride being smashed. Natsumi was beating him. Without a decent weapon like Bakusaiga, it was hard to fight.

Sesshomaru barely saw another black blur headed towards him. He ducked and it managed to singe his back, making it burn like his side.

He slowly bent up from his kneeling position, his wounds aching and burning.

Natsumi smirked and whispered a spell onto his black sword. When he swung it, a dozen black blurs swirled and surrounded Sesshomaru, coming at him from all sides.

Sesshomaru saw this coming and tried to jump for escape, but a blur was coming at him from above too!

The black blurs slammed onto the demon lord all at once. Sesshomaru let out a slight anguished cry as his body was battered by the spell, and the poison burned his skin.

When the spell disappeared, Sesshomaru staggered on this feet and sank to his knees. His gasped for breath and fumed. His pride was totally crushed now, seeing as he was brought to his knees.

Natsumi shot ANOTHER bunch of black blurs as Sesshomaru, and Sesshomaru just kneeled there and braced himself. As the blurs slammed against his already-battered body, Sesshomaru spat out blood.

He shakily put a hand up to wipe off the dark red liquid dripping out of his mouth.

"I wonder which one of these hit will do you in," Natsumi cackled. He raised his sword in the air, and a black wispy like thing started to swirl around it.

A dark black blur, darker than any of the others, shot toward Sesshomaru at near light speed.

His eyes widened as the blur slammed into his stomach...and went right through it. The blast shot right through the body of the demon lord, creating a hole in his stomach that gushed blood profusely.

This time Sesshomaru couldn't stop from falling on the ground. Natsumi chuckled as he watched the dog demon try to prop himself up with his elbows and cough up blood.

"Well this is very entertaining," Natsumi laughed, looking down on Sesshomaru.

Sesshomaru opened his mouth to say something, but all that came out was blood. This only made Natsumi grin more.

Sesshomaru groaned and collapsed further on the ground.


Inuyasha, freshly wrapped in bandages, sniffed the air, his eyes narrowing in worry.

"What is it, Inuyasha?" Kagome asked. After they had run away from Natsumi, they had made shelter in a clearing.

"Blood...lots of blood...Sesshomaru's blood..." Inuyasha paused as Kagome and the others gasped.

"That IDIOT went ahead and fought that Natsumi guy, even when we warned him not to!" Inuyasha bellowed.

"We have to go help him," Miroku insisted. Sango nodded in agreement. Kagome went to fetch her bow and arrow.

"No, you guys aren't coming," Inuyasha said gruffly. "It's too dangerous. I'll go alone."

"But Inuyasha...!" Kagome began. Inuyasha cut her off.

"You'd just get in my way," he snapped. Then he was disappeared, following the scent of blood that would lead him to his injured brother.

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