(A/N: Everything is the same up until Season 1, Episode 20. The Hayden dinner is about a month before this chapter.)

Rating: T

Category: Gilmore Girls

Pairings: Rory/?, Emily/Richard, Francine/Straub, Lorelai/Luke , Past Rory/Dean, and sort of a father daughter kind of thing with Rory and Max.

Warnings: Attack (very small – nothing real violent), Major character injury, mentions of rape, and murder.

Summary: She was fragile. She was the Hayden and Gilmore heiress. She could break without her best friend. She was a fighter and a believer. She was Lorelai 'Rory' Leigh Gilmore-Hayden and she just wanted a fresh start from a devastating end. Warning: Main Character injury

Credits: I do not own Gilmore Girls. There is a scene in this chapter that belongs to the creator of Gilmore Girls that is in Season 1 Episode 6: Rory's Birthday Parties.

A Porcelain Doll

Chapter 3

The Child She Used to Be

When you feel all alone
And a loyal friend is hard to find
You're caught in a one way street
With the monsters in your head
When hopes and dreams are far away and
You feel like you can't face the day

Singer: Savage Garden

Song: Crash and Burn

Funny Quote from the Show, Gilmore Girls: This town is like one big outpatient mental institution. -Christopher Hayden

Previously On 'A Porcelain Doll':

"She was in a car accident. She is in Hartford Memorial Hospital."

"I call this meeting to order," Taylor said as he banged the gavel to gather the town's attention. Not half hour earlier had Lane Kim received the phone call that Lorelai Gilmore was in the hospital and that Rory was with her. As she had been in the grocery store when Rory had called the whole town knew within minutes. They knew of the horrid accident. Two minutes after Taylor Doose had heard the news he was calling an emergency meeting which was where they were now. "I have news that Lorelai Gilmore was in an accident half an hour ago. Her daughter was not in the car with her at the time so she is injury free.

However, Lorelai is in the hospital and Rory along with her grandparents are at the hospital waiting for any news on Lorelai's current condition. At the moment all that is known is that Lorelai is in surgery after being in a car accident with a drunk driver."

"That poor girl," Miss. Patty said as she dried her tears with a cloth tissue. "We should do something for Rory."

"That sounds like a great idea, Patty," Taylor agreed. "All in favor of do something for Rory to help her through this time raise your right hand." Instantly everyone in the meeting rose their right hand including Dean's family. "Doing something for Rory during this horrible time is passed." Taylor banged the gavel to make it official. "Any ideas on what to do to help her."

"Make sure she is well fed," Luke suggested. He was siting in the front row of the meeting for the first time in his life. Once he heard about the meeting from Kirk, who had been running around town telling everyone, he had closed his diner to go to the meeting.

"Have someone check on her at the hospital and when she is at home," Babette yelled out. She had heard the news about Rory and Lorelai when she was visiting with Patty in the diner and had come right away.

"Give her reading material at the hospital," Lane suggested. She had been the first to find out the news. Rory had her mother's cell phone number just in case she needed to reach Lane in a emergency. They had been in the store about ready to check out when the phone rang and her mother handed her the phone saying it was Rory. Lane had never seen her mother so pale before.

"Have a movie made of their time here," Gypsy suggested with a thoughtful shrug. She had been getting ready to close down her shop for the day when Kirk ran in to tell her the news. She had been speechless and Kirk hadn't been lucky when she dropped the wrench she had been holding onto his foot in shock.

"Talk to her," Kirk called out. He had been called by Taylor who told him all he knew. It was then his job to tell everyone the news of the emergency town meeting. He had been at his mothers when he had received the call.

"We could bring her movies and one of those portable DVD players," Patty suggested. She had been in Luke's diner talking with Babette about the latest gossip – Dean Forester's arrest – when Kirk came in to inform them about the emergency town meeting and the reason why.

"Help with the upkeep of their house," called out Andrew. He had been stacking the books that Rory was going to buy eventually. He made sure to keep them in the back for Rory. He had bumped his head and dropped the books on Kirk's foot when he had heard the news about the emergency meeting and why it was happening.

"We could even bring her groceries," Taylor realized. He had been there when Lane received the phone call that held the terrible news of the accident. He was the cashier when Lane had taken the phone from her mother. "All of these ideas are amazing so why don't we do them all. Those in agreement say 'I'." They all called out 'I'. "Those who made the suggestions will be in charge of making sure their idea follows through.

Luke will bring the food to the hospital for Rory and her grandparents while they are at the hospital. Talk to Sookie – Rory will probably tell her what they want for dinner. When they are at home I will bring them groceries and Luke will make sure that Rory eats. Babette can make shifts of people who would visit Rory at the hospital and those who would visit her here.

Lane will go to her house and bring her reading material when she goes to visit Rory to check on her. Gypsy call around town and get any pictures of the two you can get. Make sure to call Mia as she will have plenty. Once that is done you and I will work together on that movie. Kirk you can gather any letters or messages that anybody wants to get to them.

Andrew organize a team of people willing to help with the upkeep of the Gilmore house – things such as cleaning the house, moving the lawn – that sort of thing. We will have a meeting in three days to see where everyone is at in there duties and to give any news that we get.

If anyone finds out anything come inform me or Miss. Patty so that we can tell the town. Patty why don't you get with Kirk so that we can spread around what has happened. We want to get the messages to them as soon as possible." Those appointed with certain things nodded in agreement. "The next order of business is the arrest of Dean Forester. I believe his family has something to say on the subject."

"We know that Dean is guilty of the crimes he has been accused of but do not let this reflect on our family as we have done nothing to deserve any cruelty," the mother said. "We do not know when his trial will be but we do know that it will be held in Chicago. We are aware that many of you will be called to be witnesses against Dean and we do not want the fact that we live in this town affect anything you have seen and have to say. That is all." She then sat down. Taylor gave her a nod.

"That is all of the business we had for today's meeting so this meeting is adjourned," Taylor announced as he banged the gavel to make it official.

Rory knew that Straub and Francine was watching her while she waited impatiently for Emily to pick up the phone – or whichever maid it was this week. Rory was relieved when someone finally picked up.

"Gilmore residence."

"Hi, I need to speak with either Emily or Richard Gilmore."

"May I ask who is speaking?"

"Their granddaughter, Rory."

"Just a moment, ma'am." Everything went quiet as she waited for Emily or Richard to pick up.

"Hello, Rory. We're both here. How did your lunch with the Hayden's go?"

"That doesn't matter right now."

"Of course it matters, Rory."

"Grandma, Grandpa – mom is in the hospital. She was in an accident on the way back from the lunch with you two. She is at the Hartford Memorial Hospital."

"Oh my. We will head over there right now. Have you found out anything on her condition?"

"We haven't arrived yet. I will let you know when I find out anything. Goodbye Grandma, Grandpa."

"Goodbye Rory." Rory then hung up. Next she dialed the number of her father's cell phone. She got his voice mail. No surprise there.

"Hey dad, it's Rory. Mom got into a car accident. A drunk driver hit her. Her parents are on the way there. I am with your parents on the way there. She is at the Hartford Memorial Hospital. Call back when you get this message." Rory hung up once more. Taking a deep breath she called her mother's work.

"Independence Inn. This is Michel speaking."

"Hi Michel. It's Rory. Could you get Sookie? Both of you need to hear this. It's about my mom."

"I will be right back." There was a moment of silence and then she heard herself go on speaker.

"Rory what's happened? Is your mother all right? Are you all right?"

"I am fine. Mom isn't. She got hit by a drunk driver on her way home from her parents. She is in Hartford Memorial Hospital right now and she is in surgery. We have just arrived there so we don't know any details. I will keep you guys updated. The whole town should know by now. I called Lane when she was in Doose's."

"Do you need anything, sweetie?"

"Not now. I will let you know if I do. If Luke comes in tell him two salads for the grandmothers and burgers and fries for the grandfathers. I will have a burger, fries, and a piece of Oreo pie. Bring it around 7 as we will be here awhile."

"Okay, I got. I will tell him. Bye, Rory."

"Goodbye, Rory."

"Goodbye, Sookie, Michel. Don't kill each other." Rory sighed as she ended the call and hit speed dial number 2. Max Medina would definitely need to know about this.

"In other news the trial of Dean Forester has been set for January 14th," the newscaster announced. "He was arrested earlier today in a small town called Stars Hollow in Connecticut. Many of the resident will be called as witness for the trial. The main witness has yet to be revealed. Forester is charged with the rape and murder of Elizabeth Stanton." Rory watched as the channel was then changed for a younger kid. Shaking her head of the memory of the attack Rory picked up one of the books that Lane had brought by. She had just found her spot in the book when her cell phone rang.

"Rory Gilmore speaking."

"This is Alan Winters, the lawyer on the side against Dean Forester."

"Okay, what do you need?"

"I want you to be the main witness in my case. You are an ex-girlfriend after the murder and we need to prove that he hasn't changed since then. I heard from a Taylor Doose that the two of you had a nasty fight yesterday because of the break up. He also told me that Dean attacked you and that you fought back."

"That is all true. I am willing to be a witness. However, I am currently in the hospital waiting on news about my mother who was just in a car accident so talking about this right now is not a good time."

"Of course. I will call you back at the same time next week to talk about the trial and when we need to meet to prepare you for the trial."

"That sounds good. I will wait for your call. Goodbye Mr. Winters."

"Goodbye, Miss. Gilmore."

Lorelai:And it's so hard to believe that at exactly this time many moons ago, I was lying in exactly the same position -

Rory: Oh, boy. Here we go.

Lorelai: Only I had a huge, fat stomach and big fat ankles and I was swearing like a sailor-

Rory: On leave.

Lorelai: On leave - right! And there I was -

Rory: In labor.

Lorelai: And while some have called it the most meaningful experience of your life, to me it was something more akin to doing the splits on a crate of dynamite.

Rory: I wonder if the Waltons ever did this.

Lorelai: And I was screaming and swearing and being surrounded as I was by a hundred prominent doctors, I just assumed there was an actual use for the cup of ice chips they gave me.

Rory: There wasn't.

Lorelai: But pelting the nurses sure was fun.

Rory sighed as she remembered when the tradition started. She had been only 4 years old when the tradition started. Despite the fact that Lorelai would have to work later that day she had woken Rory up and since then Lorelai woke her up every birthday. As she remembered this tradition fondly she knew that she would do this tradition with her children as well. The very same day Lorelai gave her a doll – a porcelain doll. The doll was beautiful – is still beautiful actually. She had kept it in the glass case since she had gotten it.

"Mom, when do I get my present?" Rory tapped her foot impatiently as she watched her mother get ready for work.

"Tonight, when I get off work," Lorelai informed her. "Remember, we're going to Sookie's?" Rory nodded disappointed that she wasn't getting her present yet.

Lorelai hadn't told her about the fact that they would be having a birthday party that night. She had been so thrilled. They hadn't been able to have one her last birthday as her mom had to work that day.

"Mommy, what is all of this," Rory asked as she walked into see all of the decorations and all of the presents siting haphazardly on a fold-able table.

"It's your birthday party, kiddo," Lorelai told her grinning. "Do you like it?" Rory made a face as she looked around the room.

"I'll let you know when it's over," Rory informed her promptly. Lorelai nodded in agreement.

"Good deal," Lorelai agreed.

It didn't take long for present time to come about. Practically the whole town had come in at one point or another to leave Rory a present at Sookie's. Everyone loved the little girl. When she wasn't with Mia, Lorelai or Sookie she was at Miss. Patty's trying to dance like the other girls. She was pretty bad at it. Despite all of the presents – the one she wanted to see the most was the one her mother had gotten her.

Rory tore apart the wrapping – just like her mother had shown her to do. In a plastic box was a porcelain doll.

"It's tradition in the Gilmore family to give a doll for their fourth birthday," Lorelai told Rory as she placed the doll in the glass case she had brought for the doll. "Mine is still in it's case after all of these years. I would have given you mine so that we could pass the doll down through the years but I didn't get the time to get it from the Gilmore House." Rory nodded as she examined the doll. Lorelai then handed her the next present.

She still had that doll in her room displayed in it's original case. She would never forget the story behind the Lorelai Doll.

"I'm looking for a Lorelai Gilmore," Luke said as he went to the nurse's station in the waiting room of the hospital. Lane had come with him to help bring in all of the food he had made for Rory and both sets of grandparents.

"Are you family," the nurse asked. Luke opened his mouth to answer but was interrupted by a loud, "Luke!" Rory's eyes widened at the amount of bags he had. Lane placed her burden on the nurse's station and hugged her friend. She picked up her burden again when she noticed the nurse glaring at her.

"Where should bring this," Lane asked Rory. Rory gave her friend a tired smile.

"Follow me," Rory told them. Making sure that his burden was carefully secured he followed the two girls. Within seconds the familiar view of the Gilmore's – Emily and Richard – welcome Luke. However, another unfamiliar view of the Hayden's – Straub and Francine – unsettled his nerves.

The two placed the food onto the table and began to divide it up to the group. Emily and Francine took the salads. Richard and Straub grabbed two burgers each with fries. Rory grabbed a burgers, fries, and a slice of the Oreo pie that Luke had brought.

"Thanks Luke," Rory said as she pulled him into a hug. Francine looked up from her Caesar salad.

"Is this the Luke you were talking about earlier," Francine asked. Rory nodded.

"He keeps us fed," Rory informed Francine. "He also gives a show every time Taylor is in the vicinity." Luke rolled his eyes at Rory's announcement.

"Isn't Taylor the town selectman and the man who owns that market," Francine asked as she added more dressing to her salad.

"Yeah he is," Rory agreed. Luke looked up as he recalled something.

"That reminds me," Luke began. "There was an emergency town meeting. Babette, Lane, Gypsy, Kirk, Patty, Andrew, Taylor, and I have been each assigned something to help you out." Rory raised her eyebrow.

"What are you supposed to do," Rory asked Luke.

"Keep you well-fed," Lane answered. "I am supposed to get you your reading material which I have already done."

"What are the rest supposed to do," Rory asked.

"You'll just have to wait and see," Luke informed her. Rory groaned.

"You know I hate surprises," Rory complained.

"Don't worry you'll like what they are doing," Lane assured her. At that moment Max walked in and Rory ran over to him.

"Have you received any news," Max asked as they went back into the waiting area. Rory sighed.

"She is out of surgery," Rory informed Max. "They are observing her right now." Max nodded and went into his coat pocket. He pulled out two Ring Pops - strawberry and blueberry and handed them to Lane and Rory. The two traded quickly causing the others in the group to laugh.

"The family of Lorelai Gilmore," a doctor called out. Rory stood up.

"Right here," Rory said as Lane and Luke woke both sets of her grandparents up. "Is she all right?"

"She is out of surgery as you already know," the doctor began. "After observing her it has been determined that she is in coma."

"Is she going to wake up," Rory asked fearfully.

"She may never wake up," the doctor informed her. "But at this point anything can happen."