Rating: T

Category: Gilmore Girls

Pairings: Rory/Logan , Emily/Richard, Francine/Straub, Lorelai/Luke, Past Rory/Dean, and sort of a father daughter kind of thing with Rory and Max.

Warnings: Attack (very small – nothing real violent), Major character injury, mentions of rape, and murder.

Summary: She was fragile. She was the Hayden and Gilmore heiress. She could break without her best friend. She was a fighter and a believer. She was Lorelai 'Rory' Leigh Gilmore-Hayden and she just wanted a fresh start from a devastating end. Warning: Main Character injury

Credits: I do not own Gilmore Girls. There is a scene in the 3rd chapter that belongs to the creator of Gilmore Girls that is in Season 1 Episode 6: Rory's Birthday Parties.

A Porcelain Doll

Chapter 9

More than One Ordinary Miracle

When you wake up everyday

Please don't throw your dreams away

Hold them close to your heart

'Cause we are all a part

It seems so exceptional

That things work out after all

It's just another

Ordinary miracle today

Song: Ordinary Miracle

Singer: Sarah McLachlan

Previously on 'A Porcelain Doll':

"I'm in love with you," Logan confirmed. Rory collapsed into her chair. The room was silent except for the whirring of the fan above them.

The room was quiet except the soft murmurs of the machine along with the occasional beep on the machine monitoring the heartbeat of one Lorelai Gilmore. At the moment a chair was pulled up next to the bed and a person was sleeping on it. A rustling of sheets indicated that the person in the bed was waking up. And at the very moment she was choking on the breathing tube in her mouth. Jostled by all of the noise surrounding her, the one lying in the chair, Rory Gilmore – daughter of Lorelai Gilmore, managed to untangle herself and push the nurse's button. A couple of nurses rushed in. One removed the breathing tube from Lorelai's mouth while the other checked her vitals and began to ask her questions. A doctor who had just arrived had Rory leave so that they could focus on Lorelai. Once in the hall Rory collapsed into a chair and pulled out her cell phone. On automatic she dialed number one on her speed dial.

"Hey, Ror, just a second," a voice rushed out real fast. Rory frowned but waited a moment. "Sorry I was teaching a class. What's going on?"

"Mom's awake, Norman," Rory finally managed to chock out. "The doctor and a couple of nurses are in with her now. She's awake."

"I'm going to leave right now," Max responded quickly. "I need to go let Headmaster Charleston know so that he can get a substitute but I'll head straight to the hospital once I do that."

"I'll see you soon," Rory told him. Max was about to nod in response, as he was still in shock, but then realized that Rory could not see him and instead responded with, "Okay, bye." Rory then spent the next 20 or so minutes calling both sets of grandparents, Lane, Logan, Luke, and Paris. By the time she had finished talking to Paris, Norman – also known as Max, had shown up. Rory launched herself into his arms. He tightened his grip around her as she babbled incoherently.

"Family of Lorelai Victoria Gilmore," a doctor called out. Rory turned around as she dried her tears of joy and terror of so many things – including her mother not knowing her.

"Right here," Rory answered. The doctor smiled at her and moved closer to them.

"She is lucid," the doctor informed them. "She has so far shown no evidence of any memory problems. She should be fine for release in a couple of days. If you want you could go in and talk to her right now." Thrilled Rory and Max rushed into the room. To see her mother awake and sitting up was a dream come true for Rory. She rushed to her mother and wrapped her arms carefully around her.

"Hey hun," Lorelai breathed into her daughter's hair. She then spotted her fiancé. She grabbed his hand and pulled him into a group hug.

"I'm so glad you're all right," Rory and Max said in unison. The pair looked at each other and then laughed. They could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

"TOWN MEETING, EMERGENCY TOWN MEETING," Kirk yelled as he ran through the town. "THERE'S AN EMERGANCY TOWN MEETING! EMERGENCY TOWN MEETING! EMERGENCY TOWN MEETING!" Luke who had noticed Kirk had come out of his diner and was heading to Kirk when he heard a cell phone go off – his own. He pulled it out of his pocket – it was Rory. He pushed talk.

"Rory, what's going on," Luke asked as soon he hit the button for talk.

"Mom's awake, did you not listen to your voicemail," Rory was excited and confused at the same time as she said this. Luke blushed as realized that he had not told Rory that he had yet to figure out his voicemail.

"I don't know how to work the voicemail so no," Luke answered embarrassed. He shuffled slightly. He could hear April coming up behind him.

"Mom woke up," Rory began to explain. "The doctors say her memory is intact. She'll stay here for a couple of days so that they can observe her but she will soon be released."

"That's amazing," Luke responded as best as he could. "I'll let everyone know. You want me to bring you guys some food?"

"Yes, that would be amazing," Rory said gratefully. "Mom is already bugging me for one of your hamburgers. It's just Max, Mom, and I so we won't need much. Logan might be coming a little later but he is stuck at the airport in California. Colin is trying to see if he can have one of his planes get over here but even that might take a couple of hours so it would be great if you could bring something for him too."

"All right," Luke said in response. "There's an emergency town meeting about to start. I'll get and bring you the food after that."

"Thanks Luke," Rory breathed a sigh of relief. "See you soon."

"WHAT WAS THAT FOR," Jess said as he jumped up from his now wet bed. A grinning Lane stood by with the water bucket. He scowled at her.

"Lorelai just woke up and there's an emergency town meeting about helping out the family and what not," Lane quickly filled him in. Jess groaned and was about to crash back on to his wet bed when Lane continued to speak. "Paris is going to be at the town meeting to cover the story for Chilton news as well as New York Times." At that Jess shot up out of bed and into the bathroom to change his clothes. Lane left the room laughing.

"This is Emergency Town Meeting #2 for the accident of Lorelai Victoria Gilmore," Taylor intoned as he slammed the gavel onto the wood in front of him. "Lorelai Victoria Gilmore woke up about an hour ago. She is currently in the company of her fiancé and daughter. It appears that Lorelai will have to stay a few days for observation but once that it up she will be released. Rory confirmed that they will be bringing back Lorelai to the house. They are hoping that should be to her full capabilities in a couple of months. Rory's husband, Logan will be in to help out but he hasn't arrived as of yet. Any volunteers to help prepare the Gilmore home for their return?"

"Rory, honey, what is that on your finger of your left hand," Lorelai asked. Rory glanced down and gave an unconscious grin.

"Logan and I got married this past Christmas," Rory informed her mother pleased. "Don't worry Logan planned for a second wedding for when you woke up. In fact, once you are at your fullest capabilities we'll set the date for it to occur. We also recorded the wedding at Christmas. We weren't entirely sure when you would wake up."

"Well, I'm awake now," Lorelai pointed out.

Dear Diary,

Dean finally got the needle. It happened last month. Rory, her husband –Logan, and I went to the viewing of him getting the needle. About a week after he got the needle I got a letter from him. In his letter he apologized for all that he done to me, dad, mom, and the women he raped then murdered. He explained that he was on steroids and had been since he had turned 14. The years of abuse caused him to have what I called even back then a Black Rage. Rory told me that she got a letter as well. I know that Lane did too but she was kind of tight lipped on its contents. Rory also called to tell me that her mom has woken up. I am heading back to Stars Hallow for the week. I've already informed my professors and they agreed to have my assignments and everything else I will need sent to my email. I would then just send my answer to the assignments back.

Clara Foster

"State your full name."

"Lorelai Leigh Gilmore-Hayden-Huntzberger."

"Something recently happened that is real exciting, what was it?"

"My mother woke up from a 9 year coma."

"Who is your mother?"

"Lorelai Victoria Gilmore, daughter of Richard and Emily Gilmore. She is engaged to Max Medina."

"When did the engagement happen?"

"Not too long before the accident."

"Will the wedding still happen?"

"Yes, it will. Once my mother is at full capability, mother and Max will plan the wedding and decide the date."

"You are the heir to the Gilmore fortune and the head of the Hayden family as well as the co-head of the Huntzberger family. How is your mother handling these changes in your life?"

"She is slowly adjusting to the changes –especially the major changes – while she recovers at home."

"How is the town of Stars Hallow handling the return of your mother?"

"Quiet well actually. She's been able to move around a lot – the doctor says it will help her get back to the normal grind of everyday life so she'll wonder around town with Max and if he's not available there is always a town member nearby willing to wonder with her."

"Several years ago you bought an inn as you know your mother wanted to own an inn. What happens now with the inn?"

"Well, I'll transfer over ownership to her after making sure she is capable and ready to run the Lorelai's Dragonfly Inn."

"When the accident happened, your town pulled together to help you out through the hard time - what is being done now?

"Well, as I said whenever Max, my husband, or I are not around the town is – whether it is to just wonder around town with her or go through a Gilmore Girl movie marathon. The town is amazing."

Woman Recovers from 9 Year Coma

By: Paris Gellar

At 8:31 am the sound of someone gagging on an oxygen tube – Lorelai Victoria Gilmore was waking up. In a seat near her mother's bed Rory Gilmore-Hayden-Huntzberger managed to untangle herself from the blankets on her and push the nurse button. Just a few months before her mother woke up Rory married her husband Logan Huntzberger.

"We married in December," Rory recalled. "I wanted a winter wedding because it reminded of all the times my mom would wake me up for the first snow of the year. No matter what time it was or where I was she made sure I was awake with her."

After being checked over by nurses and a doctor Lorelai was allowed visitors – her fiancé, Max and her daughter Rory.

"The first thing I saw when I the doctor and nurse left was my daughter – her face was wet and she looked overjoyed – with my fiancé –he looked like he had just won the lottery," Lorelai recalled as she plays with the hospital pudding. "Rory hugged me, real careful, and I told her hello. I then grabbed Max and we just stayed in a group hug for time. Then at the same time they said that I was glad I was alright."

While waiting for news on her mother out in the hall, Rory called all of those who would be thrilled to know that Lorelai was awake.

"When I got that call that Lorelai was awake I did this little jig," Lane, best friend of daughter, Rory. "I'm in a band and I just had to sit down and write a song when I found out. When Lorelai is ready for it we were going to have this big celebration in the town square and I'm going to play this song."

Hep Alien, who has four band members, gained its fame around the time that Lane was 24. Lane recalls her start, her huge start in Lorelai Gilmore's garage.

"She cleaned out her garage for us and that says something," Lane said laughing. "She hated to clean anything. She, however, told me that when I became famous I couldn't do anything that would have my mother a bright red in any magazine. I've kept to my promise."

Lorelai returned home last week and has recuperated faster than the doctor's had predicted. Hopefully in a month or two Lorelai will be planning her wedding to Max Medina. Good luck Lorelai Victoria Gilmore.