Today had started out simple. Like any other anomaly chase. Connor's detector picked up the signal, the team grabbed their packs, and left the ARC. At least the anomaly was in a desolate field, the closest resident being three miles away. For some reason, Lester decided he wanted to tag along, so he was standing about thirty feet back from the anomaly, chatting with Jenny. Twenty or so feet back, Becker was standing by on guard, though enjoying a casual conversation with Danny and Sarah.

Leaving Connor and Abby, closely monitoring the new anomaly. This would be a good time for them to address the awkward status of their relationship, given they finally had a quiet moment where they weren't running for their lives, chasing dinosaurs or future predators back through anomalies, studying data they had gathered, or sleeping.

But, Connor stood idly in front of the anomaly, pondering what could be on the other side and if it would be best if they should go ahead and seal it-oh had Abby done something different with her hair?

Abby, sat on the ground by Connor's beeping radar. She was thinking of what time zone was on the other side. Was it dangerous? Couldn't she just jump in really quick and see what its like? What on earth was Connor thinking wearing those pants and that shirt? He could have at least matched his fedora to it.

Connor stole a long glance back at Abby, half pretending to be watching his machine. Abby stole a glance up at Connor, half pretending to be watching the anomaly. Being at the flat was the same way. Ever since Connor's break-up with Caroline, his accidental confession, and their kiss-things were kind of caught between more-than-friends and a relationship.

"You think anything has already come out of it?" Abby offered a conversation starter.

"Find out real soon, wont we?" He squinted into the bright sunshine then back to the anomaly.

"Hey, Connor," He focused on her immediately, "we need to talk. I can't take this-" Abby's conversation was put on hold when a young girl, who couldn't have been more than 6, came stumbling through the anomaly. "What on earth?"

Connor turned back to look at the little girl, she was looking right back up at him.

She was wearing pink shorts and a blue and pink T-shirt on her small body frame. Her jet black hair hung down straight to her shoulder blades. She had hiking boots on too. She looked as if she was ready for a hike.

"Hello?" Connor smiled at her.

The girl studied him for a moment more, by this time the whole team had come over to see who (or what) had come out of the anomaly.

The little girl examined the rest of the team, except Abby, who was half hidden behind Connor; then once her eyes landed back on Connor, she smiled, "Daddy!"

All eyes watched with amazement as the little girl wrapped her arms around Connor's legs, while she kept chanting "Daddy".

Connor's mind began to panic as he looked around at the group. All eyes were on him, including Abby's, who looked much more agape then the rest of the group.

"Well, I guess, congratulations are in order," Lester removed his eyes from the little girl and forced a smile at Connor. "Don't be expecting any time off. She's grown."

The rest of the team chimed in with some sort of congratulatory remark; then began to shuffle away, snickering laughter coming from some.

"What? Wait a minute-" Connor tried to take a step, but couldn't due to the girl still being attached to his legs.

"Girlie," Abby squatted down to the little girl's level, "Where is your mum?"

The girl kept her face buried in Connor's pant leg, facing towards the anomaly anytime she would come out for air.

"She's gone! She ran through one of those shiny things a year ago," She jabbed a finger towards the bright anomaly, "and it closed before she got out."

Connor gave up trying to get away from the girl and bent down to her level too, giving her an opportunity to wrap her small arms around his neck. "Daddy! I didn't mean to go through it! I was just looking for Mummy! Please don't be sad!"

"Your Mum disappeared with an anomaly?" Abby asked.

The little girl just nodded, "Daddy was sad, he cried a lot." She traced lines down Connor's cheeks, as if she were tracing the tears.

Connor's eyes darted over to where Abby was, she was studying the girl very intently. What if she was thinking about who the mother was? Was this what spelled out their ruined relationship? Did they even have one to ruin yet?

Abby on the other hand, was noticing all of Connor's features the girl had. She had his hair for sure, and his nose (well the tiny glimpse of it she had seen), and some of his fashion sense.

"What's your name, love?" Abby probed the girl for more information.

The girl slowly turned her head, finally looking at Abby.

The little girl's eyes went wide at first, then a smile broke across her face, "Mummy! Mummy, its me Melody!"

"Mummy?" Abby fell on her bottom at the little girl's (well Melody's) statement.

Melody broke free from Connor and tackled Abby.

"She is your- You said I'm your-" Connor swooned from the sudden intake of information.

He fell backwards and laid on the ground.

"Connor!" Abby shook her head and tried to regain her composure while kicking Connor awake, "Connor wake-up! You cant pass-out right now!"

"Daddy!" Melody's voice was sing-songy.

Connor's hand went up to his face and his wiped his hand over his face in disbelief.

"Connor!" Abby kicked him again.

"I'm up!" Connor groaned sitting up. "Had the funniest dream, I did."

He looked at the two girls next to him, "Never mind, I'm still in it."

"No Connor, this isn't a dream. Melody, don't you think you need to be going home?" Abby offered, trying to get adjusted to the girl's arms around her neck.

"No!" Melody suddenly wrapped her arms around Abby's neck tighter, "I finally found Mummy! I'm staying!"

"What about your Dad?" Abby suggested, gasping for air.

"Daddy," She shoved a finger towards Connor.

"No, your real dad." Abby tried to persuade the girl, but she wasn't having it.

"Daddy, will be so happy I found you Mummy! You'll come home with me wont you?" Melody jumped up and down on Abby's lap.

Abby looked over to Connor for help, who only looked like he was going to faint again.

"Connor!" Abby used her free hand to smack his arm.

"Oh, um," Connor's mind came back from the fantasy he'd been building, "right then. Melody we need to get you home, don't we?"


Okay, that didn't work. Lets try plan B.

"We'll go with you to make sure you get home safely." Connor tried again.

"Mummy? You'll come too?" Melody turned her attention back over to Abby.

Abby opened her mouth to protest, she didn't really believe she was the girl's mother, but when she saw Melody's face glowing, she caved, "Course we will."

"I'll go with you." Becker was suddenly standing behind them again, the rest of the team scattered about.

"No, its okay, mate. We'll get her home and come back." Connor stood up once more. "There doesn't seem anything that can do us harm. I mean, she just wondered through."

Becker didn't seemed convinced at first, but when he looked down at the little girl who was staring him down evilly, he agreed.

"We'll be right here on the other side." Becker then laughed as if he had told a joke, then returned back to the rest of the group.

"Right, then," Abby forced Melody to stand up, then stood from the ground herself. "Lets get you home."

"Yay! Mummy is coming home!" Melody jumped up and down, clapping nonstop.

With that, Abby was dragged by Melody towards the anomaly, her free hand grabbing Connor's as she went by so that he wouldn't get left behind. Only he tripped, just before reaching the anomaly.

"Connor!" Abby yelled as the bright light engulfed her, leaving Connor stumbling to his feet once more.

On the other side, it didn't look much different. The air seemed a little harder to breathe and it was dark in the area, the only light was emitting from the anomaly behind her.

"Melody?" Her hand lost it's hold on Melody's as they came through.

She put her hands out in front of her, to avoid bumping into anything. "Melody?" She called out again, but wasn't answered.

She turned quickly on the heels of her sneakers and had all intentions of going back through the anomaly when she ran into a table of some sort and toppled over, all the contents of the table falling on her.

"Melody?" A familiar voice rang out in the darkness.

"Connor!" Abby yelled back when a sudden flash of light, from the opening of a door, invaded the room. "Connor, how'd you get over there?"

The man froze, as if he was seeing a ghost, "Abby?"

"Who else would I be? Help me up, I lost Melody." Abby groaned and began to lift the tools that fallen from the table off of her.

"Its you." The man was suddenly crouching next to her, taking her hand in his, "Oh my- Abby its you!"

It took being that close to him to see that it wasn't Connor, well it was Connor, just not her Connor-well maybe in the distant future but not now! His hair was still cut the same, with a little shag to it, his facial features hadn't changed much except the dark circles under his eyes, he even still dressed the same!

It was some comfort to her to know that in the future some things wouldn't change.

Before she could pull back, the future Connor engulfed her in his arms, "Oh Abby you're back!"

"Oi!" There was the same voice, only it came from behind them. "What do you think you're doing, Mate?"

That's when all the lights in the room came on, Abby was sitting in the middle of a lab, future Connor hugging her on the floor about ten steps from the anomaly, where present Connor was standing with some sort of gun, and Melody was standing in the doorway that future Connor had entered in.

I just need some sort of feedback on this. Like it, hate it, think I need to work on it LOTS more, or whatever! I had this idea hit me-in church-so yeah. I've wrote and tried to perfect it, I have no idea where its going, but I'm having so much fun writing it!

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