"Good morning, Mr. Temple." Abby nestled herself closer to Connor.

"Hmm," Connor pulled her closer to him with the arm she'd been using as a pillow. "Morning, Mrs. Temple."

Even though really only names had changed, things felt completely different. The sun felt a bit brighter and warmer as it beamed in from the windows. The air smelled a little sweeter.

"This is nice." Connor breathed.

It'd been just over four months that they'd been married. Yet every morning felt like the first day of their honeymoon. Most mornings they would cuddle close together and discuss anything that came to mind. Then Connor would head downstairs to start on some kind of fruit pancake for their breakfast, the leftovers doubling as breakfast for all their pets.

A sudden burping noise came from Connor's mobile that was on the bed side table.

The tone told him it was Lester phoning, which just made him want to ignore the call.

"Might as well answer." Abby gave him a peck on his jawline and started to remove herself from the bed.

Connor reluctantly answered the mobile, "Yes, Lester."

Abby found clothes for the day, since she was sure this phone call would end with Connor informing her of an anomaly.

Looks like they would be skipping banana pancakes this morning.

"Rex! If you want breakfast I suggest you come on!" Abby called as she padded her way down the staircase.

A chirping noise let her know the small lizard wasn't far behind her. Shortly followed by scratching scurrying noise from the ground floor. Sid and Nancy were awake too now.

"Good morning you two." Abby bent down to give them a quick pat on the head before they all made their way into the kitchen unit.

"What shall we be having today, hm?" Abby inquired, almost tripping over Sid and Nancy who were under her feet whenever she opened the fridge.

By the time she had fed everyone their appropriate breakfast Connor had managed to get dressed and join them downstairs.

"Right, then, where is this one at?"

"Sorry?" Connor stole an apple from the bowl on the counter.


"Oh, no. No anomaly. Actually we're being called in for a meeting."


"Mhm. Says it's important."

"Right, seeing as we are all here now-" Lester stated pointedly as Connor and Abby took their seats at the table everyone was gathered around. Except Sarah.

"But we're not all here." Danny reported, "Missing Sarah."

"Right well, if you would let me finish my statement you might know what I was saying." The elder man quipped. "Captain Becker, perhaps you should take it from here."

"Yes Sir." Becker stood from his chair to address the group, "Sarah won't be able to help us as much for the next bit. She can still do research but there will be no more field jobs for her."

Connor felt a nervous sweat start to break out over his body.

In his mind he began counting things out. Reflecting on the conversation he'd had with his future self. If he and Abby had been married four months and Melody came along before their first wedding anniversary, then this should be Becker telling them that Sarah was pregnant with Nick.
Nick wasn't supposed to be much older than Melody.

Meaning if Sarah was far enough along to know she was pregnant...

"Becker please don't tell me you need her at home cooking instead of here doing her job. Surely you're not that-" Abby started on Becker.

"No no. I assure you this was something we agreed on together. As it would be best for all three of us."

The table was quiet for a moment, the first one to break was Danny. "Three? Who all are you count-Ohhh!"

"Oh my goodness! Congratulations!" Abby had jumped up and thrown her arms around Becker.

Connor stood with everyone else, watching them congratulate Becker. Shaking his hand, slapping him on the back, and hugging him. Abby was asking why Sarah didn't come to the meeting and tell them as well, to which Becker stated that her morning sickness was something terrible so she had opted to spare everyone.

While Connor was happy for his friend, he couldn't help but feel a sense of dread. If he was correct, Abby was already pregnant then. Maybe even early enough that she didn't know. He'd been so caught up in the all the glory of being married to Abby that he'd forgotten about everything else.

"Connor you look like you're the one who just found out he is going to be a dad." Becker laughed, a rare show of emotion from the usually stoic soldier.

He did just figure out he was going to be a dad.

"Oh, I'm sorry mate," Connor pushed the thoughts to the back of his mind, "Just kind of, like, wow news. Left me speechless for a second. Congrats."

"Yes, well, with good news I'm afraid I have some bad news then." Lester added, "Since Sarah will be unable to join us, that means you all will be pulling extra work. And I don't want to hear a single whine about pay raise because you won't get one."

"Not very fair is it?" Danny started bantering with Lester over workloads and payment.

"Abby," Connor had pulled her aside, "Love."


"Are you feeling alright? Not feeling ill to your stomach or overly sensitive?"

"Connor! Just because one woman gets pregnant doesn't mean we all will at the same time." Abby scolded.

"No, I know, it's just that-" He still had never told her that he went back and learned their future. So he couldn't tell her now that she indeed was pregnant.

Abby saw the worry that was building in Connor's eyes. Maybe he was thinking about Melody. Maybe hearing about Sarah's pregnancy had scared him into thinking about their future once again.

She lead him out of the meeting hall and into the quiet hall, "Hey,"

"Hey." He tried to hide whatever emotion he was feeling.

"Listen, it's okay. We're gonna be okay. Stop worrying. This is an exciting time for Sarah and Becker!"

"I know. It's just that-" He didn't have the words for what 'it' was.

He felt terrible for being afraid his wife was pregnant. It's not that he didn't want their child, but it was life's events after their child was born. He kept having flashes of his future self, dark sullen eyes, unkept, and miserable looking. The words he said about losing Abby and finding her body playing over and over again in his mind.

"Connor, I love you." She held his face and gave him a small peck on the lips. "Whatever it is, we have to focus on now. And right now, I love you and our friends are going to have a baby!"

"Right, a baby, that's exciting isn't it?"


***** 1 Month Later *****

"This place isn't nerve racking at all, is it?" Connor had one hand latched onto Abby's from where he was sitting in the bed side chair.

Abby was sitting on the exam table, feeling more nervous than she let on. Connor had been wringing his hands for the last week, since her monthly was late. So she made this appointment to put both their minds at ease.

Connor was looking around the room at all the vivid anatomy posters around the room. His stomach twisting a little tighter at some of the pictures.

"Oh look at that one-" Connor pointed with his free hand then looked away as fast as he could, "It's saying something about tearing! Oh I can't."

Connor made a gagging noise.

"Oh hush, honestly, not like you'd be the one tearing." Abby laughed at him.

"Don't talk about it. We don't have posters like this when blokes go to the doctor."

"Yeah, because you all don't have to see special doctors for your knicker parts do you?"

Their conversation was interrupted by a knock on the door, shortly followed by a petite ginger haired woman coming in.

"Hello! I'm Dr. Fig," She offered her hand to both members of the couple. "How are we feeling today?"

"I'm perfectly fine, can't say the same for him though." Abby answered.

"Is that a real thing? The tearing?" Connor asked.

Dr. Fig looked back over her shoulder towards the poster Connor was referencing, "Oh yes. But we're a long way away from worrying about that sort of thing.

"So first things first, congratulations on being pregnant!"

Connor quickly turned back around to fully face the doctor, at the same moment Abby's hand gripped his tighter.

"We're pregnant?" Abby's free hand came to her forehead.


"As in we have a baby in there?" Connor's eyes were wide with bewilderment.

"Yes?" Dr. Fig nodded.

"Oh my God, Abby! We're having a baby!" Connor suddenly engulfed Abby in a hug.

"I know, I heard!"

"So it's still fairly early, a lot of couples usually wait until they are out of the first trimester before sharing the news. I'd estimate you're about 5 weeks, if your cycle reports are correct. We'll hold off on an ultrasound for the time being, but at your next visit we should be able to get some measurements. Do you have any questions for me?"

Abby and Connor were both quiet for a second, exchanging excited glances.

"I don't, Con?"


"Wonderful, well you know where to reach me should you think of any." Dr. Fig congraulated them once more then exited the room.

"Wow," Abby breathed. "A baby."

"Yeah, wow." Connor echoed, "Can you believe it?"