Zandermon: Please read this, it is NOT a new story… well, it kinda is, nor is it reall an actual story challenge... although at the same time it is too. basicaly i have too many storys in my head for my story`s to work, so i start writing them but leave them due to my dedication to guardian, therefore, you can consider this a string of oneshots that you can continue for me. there is a list of things i would like to see at the bottom.


The Kyuubi Loved humans, and took a human form. He was trained in Jutsu by Jiraiya the Sannin. On the day His son was born, his brother Moro attacked, wanting to claim the title Kyuubi. After defeating his brother he returned to the Demon realm with his new family. 14 years later Naruto shows up at an exam with his teammates from "Harugakure"

Humans had always fascinated him, despite being the ruler of Demons and supposedly the more bloodthirsty of beings one thing that had remained the same since childhood had been his love of the creatures. they were capable of so much, they could be as loving and caring with their family as any Demon`s, but they were prejudiced, for example, a human thinks "A Demon cannot love, they are monsters" they are so wrong.

In fact that was the other side of humans, one who succumbed to his or her dark side could be worse then the most terrible of Demons, no Demon would rape or beat it`s child. Despite all their flaws they could always bounce back and advance with their genius, they were nowhere near as powerful as Demons, of angels for that matter, but they were fantastic.

Not every Demon shared this view, his younger brother despised humans, an eight tailed fox with black markings, Moro Namikaze was the kind of Demon that gave Demons a bad name… but at least he was not The Demon…

No, the Demon who had started their terrible reputation was actually their forefather. Millennia ago that Demon, a ten tailed beast of astounding power, had ruled the earth with an iron fist. Back then there were only a few minor Demon clans, even the powerful ones such as vampires, lycen, and Ghouls had been powerless against it and humans had been devoured like so many sticks of pockey.

Thankfully not just for the human race but for those of Demons, the legendary sage of six paths had seeled the Demon within himself, and upon his death split the creature into the nine great Bijuu, the first of the nine clans.

They had mated with other Demons and within a few generations the nine main Demon clans. Kitsune. Orochi. Gryphon. Ferret. Inu. Ookami. Turtle. Neko, and Tanuki had established themselves in the Demon realm.

The first born children of each of the Bijuu soon came level too an exceeded their parents power and eventually took their parents positions upon their death. Eventually the Bijuu were seen as not just the leaders of Demon clans but the high council of the Demon realm with each new Kyuubi reigning over them all as the ruler of hell.

He was twenty second Kyuubi in that line he had lived for only a century and had been the youngest Kyuubi to take the position in their entire history, and the first to take only one mate.

The kitsune being the prominent clan they were each heir to the position of Kyuubi was expected to take multiple mates to ensure that their clan was not just strong but numerous. However, Minato had grown up with his mate, Namikaze Uzumaki Kushina, he had known her since childhood and had spent most of his time with her, and he had not loved anyone else.

Nobody truly approved of her.

All would say they did, minato had done a good job as Kyuubi, he had been fair and was one of the more powerful ninetailes to have emerged from the line so none would dare insult his mate especially as the reason they hated her was his reason for loving her.

Kushina was half human.

A human male, Takuya Uzumaki, had loved Kushina`s mother dearly, but like most Demon – Human relationships, it ended badly. She had been immortal, and he of course, was not. But Kushina and her mother both found solace in the fact that he had lived to proudly walk his daughter down the isle to marry the Kyuubi.

But just like humans, Demons could be prejudiced to.

Moro had been sickened that his brother had married a being with even a quart of human blood in their veins; his prejudice had led to the mother of civil wars. Most Demons had sided with Moro, believing him to be right, thankfully for the future of mankind Minato had dominated the battle, the most powerful of the Demons, The Hachibi, Yonbi, Gobi, Sanbi, shichibi and Niibi, along with their most trusted warriors and two hundred kitsune from six to eight tails had sided with him and quality had overcome quantity.

At least at first.

In his madness and rage Moro lied to a human, Madara Uchiha, convincing him that he would become an all powerful Demon if he lent his strength, and made him hypnotise and control the best of Minato`s allies, forcing them to attack human villages, hoping to force minato into surrender. He had not counted on humans rediscovering the method to seal Demons into human shells.

All of the Bijuu who had allied with minato fell to this fate, except sanbi, who had already sealed himself in a pocket dimension below a lake, grieving for his now extinct clan. Minato had still won the war, if only to avenge his friends, and Moro had been forced into hiding, trying to make himself believe that it was not his fault…

Not his fault that only a small hand full of the once great kitsune race remained.

Madara had also disappeared, though it was known he envied the powers of Demons especially the Bijuu, and rumours of a group named "Akatsuki" had begun to fly about the human world.

Minato knew that humans were strong for a reason, they loved, and they stuck together, he wanted desperately to show his people that; prove that they could live together. That was what brought him to this place, and made him what he was now.

Minato Namikaze, the Yondaime Hokage of the village hidden in the leaves, most powerful of the hidden villages for one reason.

It was a family oriented village.

Minato had taken his human form and regressed himself to his child form, taking the Konoha academy with his "Girlfriend" Kushina; He had trained in the humans ninja arts under Jiraiya of the Sannin learning many things and developing his own jutsu became a hobby.

But the most important things he had learned from Jiraiya weren't Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, or Genjutsu. Nor was it Fuinjutsu [though that was invaluable] but it was the ways of making friends, the way to care for your people, in short, how to be human.

He had eventually trusted the Perverted Sage and grandfather figure [the Sandaime Hokage" with his true nature and form, after the initial shock they had taken it very well, and nothing changed.

Well, maybe they had a bit more respect from him now that he was Demon royalty, but he was still their friend, son, grandchild, and student, despite being hundreds of years older than them.

A year after that he had become Hokage, he had gained their trust, he was loved, he was their foundation stone, and he had tried to subtly change their views of Demons, he had planed to wait only a year more and allow them to know the truth of Demons and create the first official human/Demon alliance in the history of time… and again his accursed brother had spoiled it.

The maddened Demon had gained the ninth tail and came to wrest his power and title from him, attacking Minato`s beloved human village whose ninja futilely tried to protect their village and Kage.

In the battle Minato had rode atop his friend and ally Gamabunta, the chief of the toad clan of monsters Half-breeds of Demons and mortal animals who signed contracts with the humans. During the battle, minato was forced to kill his brother.

His plans ruined, minato spoke with the Sandaime and Jiraiya who helped him to fake the death of his human alter ego. Uzumaki Kushina the human died in the birth of their child and Namikaze Uzumaki Kushina, the Half-Demon, returned to the Demon realm with her powerful mate, both smiling at their blond Demon child…

Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto

Zandermon: Ok here`s the challenge:

A Demon-Naruto/Harem story [I like long chapters… /Hint Hint\\ …]

The Ichibi [shukaku] and Rokubi allied with Moro

Naruto Harem: Hinata Sakura Kin Tayuya Moka and Anko, maybe others [You can have as many other members to his harem as you like within reason EG: NO Tsunade, all members must be eighteen or younger: EG: Anko is eighteen: A loophole here is to change the timeline to make a character younger so all you NarutoXkurenai and NarutoXanko fans are in luck there, But absolutely NO Naruto/Tsunade OR FemSasuke!]

[There is a jutsu which uses the blood of a demon imbued with yokai that can turn a human into a demon, it is a secret jutsu used only by the Vampire clan and their branch clan, the Ghouls [who were like vampires but more animalistic] even to them is a forbidden jutsu, it led to the creation of Ghoul/Vampire/Human Hybrids called Yoma [Claymore] who ate human organs. The point of saying this is that any human character mated by Naruto would die before him so if he learned this jutsu from Moka and perfected it he could us it to turn them into half-Kitsune-Demons]

Harugakure no Sato - the village hidden in hell: A ninja village set up in the demon realm, most of it`s occupants are half-human, the rest are either the more human like demons such as vampires, Lycen, and the occasional ghoul, or random demons who don't have a problems with humans or half humans. Minato/The Kyuubi Is it`s Onikage [Demon shadow]

Naruto`s team:

Naruto: NOT AN IDIOT, SMART, TACTICAL, CUNNING! He is still a prankster due to his kitsune nature but has a darker sense of humour, he`s kinda like Christopher Eccleston `s portrayal of the 9th Doctor [But practically Evil when pissed off/angry] Dressed in a black and red colour scheme, I'll give you leeway on this but he MUST have a black trench coat and a claymore. His goal is to see humans and demons united as one race and to destroy evil in all its forms, human or demon.

Moka: Red eyes, waist length silver hair, beautiful: personality is the same as inner Moka from Rosario vampire, except a little more… Hinata/Outer Moka-ish when around Naruto: Wears a black body suit with a high neck and gloves, black boots [sleek, good looking, but ninja friendly] and a large cloak that covers her body and a hood to cover her face that she wears at all times, it is to protect her from sunlight which while it doesn't hurt her will drain two thirds of her strength:

Gin: Looks and acts the same as gin from Rosario Vampire: dressed in black pants and ninja sandals, a pair of black elbow length gloves, Muscle shirt and tribal wolf skin cloak [sorta like Sabertooth-X-men but grey/black] markings on cheeks same as Inuzuka but black and he has the same powers/abilities/weaknesses as the werewolves/Lycen in underworld. [He also has a surgically implanted chakra weapon… steal coated bones and chakra blades that come from his hands – Basically wolverine stuff]

[Naruto Has Reached Four Tails at the Chunin exams]

Story must include ALL these Jinchuuriki:

Gaara, Yugito, Fuu, [please do not kill them: Fuu is the Dark skinned green haired girl on the picture of the Jinchuuriki that is pretty easy to find, just use Google images]

The Bijuu are: 1: Tanuki: 2: Cat: 3: Turtle: 4: Wolf: 5: Dog: 6: Ferret: 7: Gryphon: 8: Snake: 9: Fox

The ten tailed beast was a black mountain lion/ chimera with one snake tail, one fox, one turtle ECT and the tenth being scorpions tail. Juubi also had two bat like wings and blood red battle armour. His human form was like Anubis from Stargate SG1.

All other Jinchuuriki not listed you can either use from cannon, create Oc`s for them, or just say that they are all dead. If you kill off an unlisted Jinchuuriki and their Bijuu are taken by Akatsuki you can either.

1 Have Naruto or other character steal a Bijuu by use of a scroll sealing jutsu and use one of these characters for new Jinchuuriki

Zabuza, Anko, Tsume Inuzuka, Jiraiya

2 Have Naruto or other character steal a Bijuu by use of a scroll sealing jutsu and send them back to demon realm and their families [not to mention jobs as Bijuu]

3 have the Bijuu die or used by Akatsuki

Akatsuki: They require a one tailed Tanuki, A two tailed Cat, a three tailed Turtle… [ECT] to reform the Juubi, It is not necessary for them to have the Title of Bijuu, But they must be descended from the original Bijuu AND have the correct amount of tails.

They need one of each of the nine main clans or the Juubi will be incomplete.

Theoretically Naruto Could be used as the necessary Nine tailed fox [if he reached the correct number of tails]

Finally: Naruto Is the First Demon since the original Nine Bijuu to have the potential to reach ten tails, you can have as many Arks in the story and as many villains as you want be it Akatsuki [Which you need to have] Orochimaru, Kabuto, Other demons that were on Moro`s side.

If you decide to write the story Pm me to let me know, Please put the prologue that I wrote as the first chapter and continue from there [and don't forget to put a little note up that says it was my idea] as many people as want to can try writing it, it would be interesting to see different versions