Zandermon: okay, here`s another one, I am beginning to hate my overactive imagination. I saw a fic with Naruto X Hanabi the other day, I just wondered how hinata would react…


"Hanabi had everything, fathers love, mothers attention, the skills… Hanabi took everything from me, my room, my position, my home, and most importantly… Naruto… I swear to you; I will kill them both…" Naruto and Hanabi. Hinata and?

"My sister Hanabi… she had everything… our fathers love…"

Hiashi Hyuuga proudly by his daughter of five, the small black haired girl smiled back at him as he ruffled her hair. He surveyed the painting on the board, true it was not a masterpiece, but it was beautiful, for a child her age to have painted such a thing was remarkable.

On the canvas was an almost perfect representation of the family garden, Hanabi had painted herself and her sister tending the flowers together; remarkable.

Hiashi bent down and hugged his daughter tightly "I an very proud of you, Hanabi-chan…" Hanabi hugged her father back happily until something caught her eye. She grinned "Hinata-Nee-san!" the little girl waved over her fathers shoulders.

Hinata ran, tears beginning to well `He never even looked at my pictures…`

Hiashi turned around, an hand still on Hanabi`s shoulder, the doorway was empty "Who were you talking to Hanabi-chan?" the girl had a confused frown on her face "Nee-san… she ran off…"

"… The skills…"

The three branch Hyuuga members hit the ground hard. Hanabi stood over them wide eyed, realising what she had done "I beat them… I did it!" she smiled happily and turned to her father, the man was practically swelling "Well done Hanabi, you`ve done well… now take a look around…"

Hanabi blinked in confusion but did as he asked. "No Hanabi, without turning your head…" Hanabi gaped at him and was about to protest when she realised with a start that she could see what was behind her! "I-i…"

Hiashi smiled again "Hai… you've activated your Byakugan, and a year younger than I was when I activated mine, well done" Hanabi just stared at him for a moment, before becoming ecstatic, she kept it down of course, a Hyuuga couldn't be seen to jump up and down like a child.

She bowed to her father "Thank you father, May I go show nee-san!" she asked close to shaking with excitement. The seven year old left as soon as he nodded to find her sister, moving as fast as she could without moving, giddy with excitement as she called her sisters name.

But Hinata never came, she was ten years old, and yet to activate her own bloodline, another year and she would be placed into the branch family… it wasn't fair.

"… even mother payed her more attention… the day she died she spoke with father first, then Hanabi, she talked with her much longer than she did father… then she died before I could see her, and father wouldn't let anyone in… I didn't see her at all that day…

Then she started taking things away from me… or rather, they were taken by the clan and given too her. When I was ten my room; at eleven she took my place as the Hyuuga heir. And then when I failed the Chunin exams father expelled me from the clan, gave me the caged bird seal, and told me to find an apartment.

She made a small gesture at least, she moved in with me, too keep me company.

A few weeks later Naruto left, on a three year trip with Jiraiya-sama, I missed him so much, and looked forward to him coming back… but when he did my sister did the most horrible thing she had ever done… and the worst part was that she didn't even know she had done it…

… She took Naruto"

Naruto smiled happily at the small girl… the one he had literally run over on his first day home, running excitedly through the village. Konohamaru had introduced them the next day as his teammate, they had both been surprised to see each other, and Konohamaru even more shocked that they knew each other.

He had invited their team for ramen, amazingly his treat, and Hanabi had discovered a liking for ramen rivalling Naruto`s. Konohamaru and udon had left after a while, leaving the two to eat ungodly quantity`s of noodles, albeit Hanabi ate them at a much more dignified pace so as not to embarrass her clan [though that restraint had soon begun to slip when she tried chicken flavour]

And with that common interest the two had gotten to know each other, and had met up for ramen almost every day. Now, a week after the boys' mission to rescue the Kazekage had been mostly successful, Naruto and Hanabi had for the first time called it a date.

Naruto wrapped the smaller girl in his arms; she stood just tall enough to press her face against his chest. Naruto grinned when he heard her sight in content "Goodnight Hana-chan" he whispered, tilting her chin to look at him, and slowly pressed his lips against hers.

She responded likewise sucking lightly on his lower lip as he gently pushed his tongue into her mouth, placing his hand on the small of her back. The two lasted several minuets, deepening the kiss before breaking apart for breath.

When both were again breathing as they should be, Hanabi stood on the tips of her toes to plant a last kiss on his cheek before saying goodnight and running into the house.

"She came through the door with such a happy smile on her face that I completely forgot at the pain she caused me and welcomed my sister home…"

"Hanabi" I smiled at her "How are you, you look really happy…" she smiled at me too, completely unaware of how much she was going to hurt me… or was she…? Hanabi giggled "I'm fine Nee-san, and I am happy, I-I was kissed by the guy I like…!" at first I was happy for her, I smiled, congratulated her, and forced down my jealousy… then I asked her who he was…

"I think you might know him nee-san, he used to be in your class at the academy? His name`s Naruto… Naruto Uzu..maki…"she began to trail off as she looked at her sister.

Of course I was sad at first, no, I was distraught… but all of a sudden it just turned to anger; I clenched my fist so hard that my palm started bleeding… "Nee-san…?" she asked confused, then saw the blood dripping from her sisters knuckles "Nee-San!"

She fell down when I slapped her, leaving a bloody handprint of my damaged palm… and I ran… I came back later but she was gone so I packed my things, I was filled with hate for her, and Naruto too I realised, why hadn't he noticed me, why hadn't he loved me? Why her..?

They met me at the gates, Naruto, Hanabi, my team, even Neji and kurenai-sensei… they tried to stop me, and I was so angry that somehow I had them all on the ground except for Naruto and Hanabi… I kind of regret that, I'm sure kurenai was pregnant.

They chased me when I left, I managed to stay ahead of them until I reached the border, Naruto had dropped behind, I guess Hanabi wanted to talk to me alone… I remember the last thing I said to her…

"Hanabi… I hate you… and I hate him…! I swear Hanabi… I'll kill you! And one day I'll kill him too… for never noticing me!" I guess I overreacted a little, but I don't care, that's how I feel, how I found you isn't important, but I want to join you…

Pein watched her intently until he was sure she was finished before glancing to the side of the room where the ruder members of the group [namely Hidan and Kisame] had fallen asleep; he nodded to their partners and the two were smacked awake.

The boy wearing the orange mask was snivelling and obviously crying; he ran towards me and gave me a tight hug "That story was so saaaaad!" he sniffed "Tobi will look after you! Tobi is a good boy!" I sweat dropped, but it did make me feel better that at least one had accepted me.

Pein watched the performance with interest, and almost as if Tobi`s reaction was the final decision, he handed me my hat and cloak before waving to the blonde one, Deidara, who gave me the ring I assumed once belonged to Sasori of the red sand.

"Welcome to Akatsuki, Hinata Hyuuga"

Zandermon: Ok then, the rules [to be honest there aren't many]:

Naruto X Hanabi – Hinata X Deidara, Tobi/Madara OR Itachi [i would personally prefer Tobi or Dei]

Hinata must be teamed up with Deidara to capture Jinchuuriki but she can go with any of the three above.

Hinata must be personally trained by all members of Akatsuki in all areas EXEPT their bloodlines [which means EG: any weirdo who wants Hinata to worship jashin and get a freaky ass weapon be my guest]

Hinata will try to kill both Naruto and her family [including her sister father, and all branch members]

The Akatsuki help her to break the caged bird seal by using the technology and scrolls left behind by Orochimaru to mutate her bloodline [you have complete leeway]

Konan becomes a sort of sister figure

I would like Hinata to have a summon, maybe Itachi`s ravens

LEMONS are acceptable,

And lastly try to use rarely seen or never seen couples [though I think the later would be hard]

Yuri is fine… yaoi is not! [Goes green]

And if you like crossover I would prefer no more than…

The use of characters/powers/weapons from other movies, amine's or books [though all must have new backgrounds, EG: Lightsabres, a legendary chakra weapon: Moka Haruno [Akashiya/ Rosario vampire] human, Sakura`s cousin: or perhaps a bloodline that temporarily steals another's bloodline [Rouge – X-MEN]

And that's about it, again If you decide to write the story Pm me to let me know, Please put the prologue that I wrote as the first chapter and continue from there. As many people as want to can try writing it, it would be interesting to see different versions and please give me a credit [puppy dog eyes]