Millions of years ago, a race of advanced and called Alterans at an unknown period of time split into two groups: the Ancients and the Ori. The Ancients seeded humans in the Pegasus galaxy after leaving the Milky Way, their believes was not to interfere with the the younger races affairs while the Ori's was that they should use humans to worship them to gain power and evolved into a fiery ascended species while the Ancients' evolved into pure energy. Despite what they have done the Ancients who ascended decided not to destroy them because they think that they would be no better than the Ori. However the two races were unaware a third branch, who later call themselves the Forerunners after cutting ties from both Ancients and the Ori. They could not allow this reign of force to continue and believe that the older races should teach and protect the young races, make them become mature enough to choose their own path and believes.

When no longer hiding the two species had intended to bring the Forerunners to either of their sides, despite the warnings the Ancients heeded they invaded the Ori galaxy to liberate the humans who worship their creators from slavery and to with many allies with some who were known as the First Ones. Some Lanteans who refused the ascend with the Ancients joined them in hopes to restart their civilizations, ignoring some of the Ancients' view of them being 'too young' and 'arrogant', but the Forerunners believe them to be too idle after the war with the Wraith in the Pegasus.


2012: 2012 in the eastern region of Africa, archaeologists had discovered what appeared to be the long lost Noah's Ark. But instead of a giant boat it was a machine built by an incredibly advance and powerful civilization known as the Forerunners, it was the discovery of Human History that they were genetically seeded by this ancient race to evolve into their appearance, countless known DNAs of species on Earth including the long extinct lifeforms that go far back. When scientists joined the expedition they inadvertently activated the Ark to activate the long dormant genes of their 'parent' race, spreading across the globe through the young generations from unborn infants to young teenagers. The Ancients gave them a name and that name was Tau'ri meaning 'The First', the first generations of Tau'ri were born.

2013: A month after the Ark was discovered areligious faction was known the High Foundation, a religious order that devoted to learning the origins of all religions on earth to the earliest times of human history. The High Foundation revealed themselves

2017: Five years after what became known as the "Ark Event" the UN governments and some of the non-allied nations slowly came together, slowly and steadily putting aside their differences slowly as religious followers were anxious to learn of the ancient species that took part in their creation. With some concerns on Earth such as the Climate Change and population growth, Space exploration and plans for colonisation throughout the solar system have been put in use upon learning from the Forerunners' technology with the assistance of the robotic A.I.s known as Sentinels who were in services to their creators More range of cleaner resources such as solar energy, wind and reversed engineering technologies had replaced the common use fossil fuels for further plans to eliminate the global warming crisis.

2018: Not only did they learn that Forerunners were not the only alien species to have visited Earth as the Ancients also came to as evidence of their technology and outposts, one of the most potential role for Humanity were stargates on the Earth; both found in Giza and Antarctica. all over the galaxy and possibly many more beyond the Milky Way.

2021: The first ships with artificial gravity travelled to Earth's moon and Mars, slowly building colonise on both targets before proceeding to terraform Mars decades later on.

2024: A historic event of learning two non-human species secretly living among humans on Earth; one race known as the Gargoyles, winged humanoids from myth and legends, with an incredible biological mechanism to turn to stone by day and living by night. The other are the Siluriens, once an advanced civilisation of reptilians who lived before the arrival of Forerunners or Ancients, survived a catastrophic event that almost wiped out all life and spend millions of years in suspended animation. The Most of the public were unsure how to respond after the discovery as the Gargoyles lived in secret after centuries of conflict between them and humans while the Silurians attempted to awake the rest of their race to retake the planet. The United Nations thought through this and spoke to the two representatives of their species and wanted to make a peaceful relations with each other and with humanity spreading throughout the system the planet would have more room for them to thrive. The Gargoyles and Silurians took an amount of time to think it over and accepted their offer in trade for technologies, resources and territories for their sovereign states for this new alliance.

2042: After the first colonies were constructed during the terraforming stage, the UN government had then undergo a reformation for a new nation that represents human, Gargoyle and Silurian as they begin to make their mark in the galaxy. Naming the new nation as the United Republic of Sol.

2046: colonies are established within the inner system, making more space on Earth and re-creating extinct species for the colonisation project. Some species that would not survive long on the planet were planet to be introduced to Mars' once terraforming is completed in the next several decades, the newly founded United Republic of Sol allowed scientists to use DNA from species on Humans for should they take the name given to them and study the new genes created by the Forerunners for them to survive on alien environments. Although many were reluctant to agree for believing to be against nature, but as the Forerunner Activation Gene or FAG for short were adapting at an incredible rate by each generation, both the human government and the public later accepted this for humane purposes including for medical science for stronger immune systems to combat diseases, expand the natural lifespans, strengthening the bone and muscles in the body. This was also included for non-humans by their choice and medical use.

2059: Over time small numbers of people across the world were born with kinetic abilities: telekinetic abilities, pyrokinesis that able a create fire and lightning, and other types of kinetic abilities. The URS became aware of the situation as well as the High Foundation and took action by creating institutes for the people with these abilities to better control their powers so they would not come to harm anyone around them, including themselves. A project for the co-species military faction, the URS decided to introduce them to this project for any that wish to enrol, unaware of what they may encounter beyond their solar system and believing this to be the perfect choice to make a valuable solution.

2073:Through years of understanding the stargate network, the URS came in contact with an imperialistic race of parasites called the Goa'uld, through many hostile encounters with this species they discovered that the Goa'uld Empire came to Earth and subjugated and enslaved many humans, scattering them across the galaxy. The URS council saw this as slavery over of humanity despite the fact that it was not in their jurisdiction the Republic and its people d=believe they should help their human siblings as they are the successors of the Forerunners and duty to protect their people. The event became known as the Unification War when the Goa'uld invaded one of their outer colonies and struck back with their new fleet.

2075: Throughout the war they gained several new allies, the Asgards, Tok'ra, Unas, Jaffa Rebels and few pockets of advanced human societies, the war with the system lords swindled to their side as many slave races realised the Goa'uld were not gods. Many more Jaffa and humans began their rebellion against the Goa'uld Empire and fought against them to free their worlds.

2078: After the long five year war, the Unification War came to an end after the defeat and death of the Supreme System Lord Anubis at the Battle of Cimmeria. It was a day of celebration to the URS, and to many human and alien civilisation who lived under the fear and tyranny under the Goa'uld for untold millennia a historic event which would spread across many systems of the collapse of the Goa'uld Empire

2077: A year after the Unification War, Humanity of the URS had gone into many changes after their first war with an alien species; they officially took on the name Tau'ri as a they would be on the verge of becoming a new species of human, also expanding their nation and military to the liberated worlds under their protection and joined the URS. The Tau'ri spread across their native system using the a new FTL-technologies, using both the upgraded Slip-Space technology to travel to nearby systems and the Hyperdrive for long range travels. New cultures and societies evolved after decades of living beyond Earth - or now renamed by its given name by the Forerunners, Erde-Tyrene, but through the wisdom and influence of the High Foundation, most religions merged together in a stronger path of worshipping gods and most of all their creators. Seeing themselves as light of hope for others to spread their knowledge in the galaxy.

2080: Mars slowly becaming more of like its neighbouring planet and the second homeworld but scientists theorised that if the Martian gravity is not done, the atmosphere would weaken to its original state. The URS government started the operation of building artificial gravity generators near the core for the planet to strengthen its hold on the new atmosphere and further protection of its inhabitants, the task would take several years before they fully become develop until they can increase the mass. They learned to use the stargate to travel to worlds, to find their lost siblings and slowly bringing them into a whole, exchanging technologies, histories and ideas to form peaceful relations.

2083: The URS started to constructions on more ships to explore, expand and invite sentient races to freely join the united worlds to seek Peace and Unity. The Federation was founded and spread across many star systems, the Stargates were now used for explorations and finding ancient artefacts of their predecessors and the ancient races to improve themselves.

2087: On Earth's orbital satellite Luna picked up an unknown vessel approaching the Sol system. A first contact with a new alien race who calls themselves 'Vulcans' came to made First Contact with the Tau'ri upon learning of a species that use non-warp technology which is mostly common for neighbouring races in the large region of the Milky Way, and also descendant from an ancient and highly advanced race long thought to be a myth. Both civilizations got on well and exchanged information; some Vulcans thought it was impossible for more than one native species to develop sentience and live with one another, further believing they needed proper guidance to control their emotions and also violating the laws of non-interference with non-interstellar societies. After reading their historic events with other species and their encounter with the High Foundation The Vulcan High Command ultimately came to realise that it was not their way to change them as they have been travelling among the stars for almost a century by now.

2096: Receiving First Contact from their explorations through the use of stargates with an empire made up of several species only about 51000 lightyears away from their current borders whose name was similar to theirs called the Tau Empire, a republic nation who seeks to spread and invites alien races for the Greater Good. The Tau were intrigued by a race who share similar goals for peace and bring other races close together, so the empire became one of the Federation's strong allies shortly afterwards as the Tau were interested in the varied FTL-drive technologies while others wish to know their cultures and their accelerated evolution for a young race. Relations went very well between sides and most of all with the High Foundation in their interest of their ideals of the Greater Good.

2098: With the enhancement of their technology, the Tau'ri began to build varies models of mechs. This fragment of technology was from an alien race that are old as the Forerunners themselves, possibly older known as the Protoculture that were much like them in some ways, seeding humanoid life in their home galaxy.

2147: The Founding of the United Federation of Planets was born by the founding members, stretching across nearly a quadrant of the galaxy, they encountered many neighbouring races throughout their continues exploration; the Klingon Empire from the edge of the Beta Quadrant, the Cardassian Union, Tholian Assembly, Tollans, Nox, Furlings, etc. The Klingons thought the humans were symbol species who don't know the meaning of war and combat but after their first encountering the Tau'ri and Jaffa they had shown high respect to the two races, even enjoyed reading the historic episodes of the Unification War which to them must be a glorious era to have faced such an enemy like the Goa'uld they deeply despised, some thought had they met them earlier it would've been one of the Empire's createst times in their history.

2155: With the total population of 17 billion of varied species within the Sol system, new state governments were founded out of the remnants of former Earth governments while further colonise and terraform many worlds and moons.

2220: An Andorian and Tau exploration vessel approached a star system with Forerunner artefacts only to learn they were not alone when a fleet of a religious government made up of many races known as the Covenant attacked, the Covenant believe in the great journey that would take them to God-hood, these races were manipulated by the founding species called San 'Shyuum or Prophets. They believe that humans are heretics and must be wiped from the galaxy, but as most near-human species look alike to the Tau'ri they all were endanger of being exterminated. However as the war goes, the Sangheili had shown some respect to the races with warrior-ship and strong spirit. soon after several years many began to fully realise that the Tau'ri were in fact the descendants of the great ones, even most prophets believe so.

2228: After discovering the Tau'ri of their heritage, the Covenant went in a civil war and later replaced with many council members that represent those member species, the Prophets that replaced with more open minded members surrendered and pledged to serve the federation and accepted them, given each race a membership to represent their worlds.

2292: The Romulan Empire intended to invade Federation space after seeing the growing power and potential threat they pose to their plans for the galaxy, learning of many technological advanced species and resources to exploit for themselves. underestimated them after having to face many races and ships travelling through slip-space, the Romulans intended to negotiate a peace treaty with the Federation and its allies.

2314: Operation: Genesis was created by the allied nations to make up a fleets of ark ships made up of varied species of flora and fauna, including sentient beings to be launched to Andromeda which according to scientists from studying the galaxy had few remnants of regions that support life in the neighbouring galaxy. To ensure the future of their civilizations are safe, they send a quarter, which would be about 4 million of each of their race in which believe would continue to prosper elsewhere in the local group. Most of them had done so by those with the largest numbers and those to continue the survival of their species. Some would be in stasis during the trip while others would go about their daily lives until they reach the next galaxy and not be heard form the next century or so.

2339: For future purposes of travelling to other galaxies, the allied governments combined a portion of their technology to create new stargates for intergalactic travel. Unlike the designs from the Ancients, capable of sending ships further out to the other side of the galaxy and into another through the void between galaxies in less than mere minutes.

2361: within the Gamma Quadrant the Dominion founded by shapeshifting species that referred to themselves superior to 'solids'. They sort to invade the Alpha Quadrant take control and annihilate the powerful governments that control it, thus began the Dominion War. The Federation, the New Covenant, Klingon Empire and later the Romulan Star Empire were reluctant to form an alliance due to their xenophobic society as the Cardassian Union and the Breen Confederacy joined the Dominion for greater power. The Dominion had took advantage of them in the early events of the war but with later assistance with the Asgard with a species known as the Galvans and their alliance fought alongside them.

2363: After over two years the Dominion was weakened from outside and within their control as some changelings who were scattered across the galaxy rebelled and seek to rebuild their society into more like the United Federation. After the war the alliance grew stronger as others join the United Federation, including Cardassia. When returning to the edge of the Gamma Quadrant they discovered a fearful device from ancient times, the Halo but was very fortunate that it could only be activated by the Tau'ri and no longer programmed to wipe out Sentient Life but to store DNA and knowledge left by the Forerunners, it was given to the Galvans as they were one of the wisest races and to the Asgard which they kept secret from the Tau'ri on their earlier relations.

2397: Within the last years of the 24th century, firs contact between the Milky Way and Andromeda was established by the descendants of the first generations of pioneers who travelled through Dark Space over a century and a half. They created a large nation in the galaxy called the Republic of Andromeda. The majority of this population, interbred between humanoids, human and human sub-races through the same way as the Tau'ri had after leaving their homeworld.

2432: The UFOP sent a expedition team to the Delta quadrant and discovered a planet with Forerunner artefacts that show them something that would shock the history of Humanity for many centuries, another galaxy closely resembles theirs which orbits around the Milky way that they never expected to see where they once came to over a million years ago with a star system that show similarities to what the Sol system once looked like before it's planets resembles theirs which orbits around the Milky way that they never expected to see where they once came to over a million years ago with a star system that show similarities to what the Sol system once looked like before it's planets were terraformed and also still referred by its other name, Earth by the native humans, or the Halo Earth. Another human civilization found within the unexplored Ionian nebula which inhabit many worlds in the quadruple star system near the boarders of the Beta Quadrant. The Federation council decided to send ships to the twin galaxy they named Halo to explore and built ark ships for future colonizations. Build new relations for their greater goal for peace and for the Great Journey where as they would sent probes to the system identified as the Cyrannus system before establishing exploration for future First Contact.