Truly sorry for no updates on my fics, university has been extremely busy and with my novel under-construction a little, gave me some thought on the Children of the Ancients. Not going to abandon it, but thought maybe I should do a fresh one, it did feel a little fast for the characters to adjust and history. Most of the chapters will remain the same but add a little more detail into the story. My first suggestion maybe focus on some characters and the history be a little different like how Kira will adapt being raised beyond earth. Truly sorry but once I get some clear thought and will let you know when the new version is uploaded.

the roles remain the same so, but thought perhaps change the time period so that it be set in a few centuries, explore more of the universe and will catch up to the part during the Invasion of Halo Sol and don't want to hear anymore anti-wesley crusher comments. no idea why he has to do with anything in it and don't hate him, he's a character like anyone else in the Star Trek series. I apologies for not including any more information on the oc organisations like the High Foundation and the High Elites, which will be renamed as the Vangaurds and mostly the fanfic's version to the Jedi order. You can find out more on the wiki and ask questions.

sorry for not uploading for awhile but you understand how college/university is like. The title will be Children of the Ancients: The Awakening

Extra: Also opening up an for ideas if you wish to make a chronicle series that takes place in the story like characters, events how the races interact. TO help out just to build anything for things like in the Unification Wars (also known as the Goa'uld War), the early days of the Repunlic of Sol or the federation. ideas are welcome if you wish me to include.

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