Halo galaxy, Vorlon Homeworld, proximately 100,000 B.C.

The galaxy was restored to order with the threat of the Ori over, brining the end of the War in Heaven. The Vorlon Empire triumphed along with its allies but at a great cost to defeat them. They had seen so many worlds and races beyond their comprehension, encouraging the Vorlons to expand their minds to become a greater civilzation and even the greatest evolutionary step to fully ascend to a higher plane of existence. But now they could only use the Jump Gates to travel in their part of the galaxy for the time being and watch over the younger races now that were only a few that remain while others had left or fully ascend. Even one of the races they admired and saw as their greatest allies to have shown them new means to teach others. The Forerunners. They had maintained natural order in their empire over the younger races in the Milky way and created new ways to create new technologies and creating peaceful relations with the other advanced civilisations, even to ignore the Ancients' term of non-interference to help other races in danger by the Ori.

They were selfless and proud race to be admired.

But after the war, using the terrifying weapons they regret of using as others who took part to wipe out the Ori, they left but not before restoring the damage from and reviving dead species that were wiped out throughout the war.

The Protheans who were once a technologically advance species to established a great empire in their part of the Halo galaxy were now reduce to a primitive state due to their genetic code was difficult to save from the Ori plague. It would takae them thousands of years to rebuilt what they had lost. The Hand, who took part of the war were no were to be found and hopefully extinct by the Halo array activated. Nothing could be said for the Eldar, possibly forced to flee the galaxy in their behemoth ships called Craftworlds to an unknown place, hoping to rebuild what's left of their race.

Within the home star system of the Vorlon homeworld was the Forerunner Halo, an artificial ring world with the inner structure showing a landscape of oceans, land, grasslands and mountains, even an atmosphere that would make it habitable. The squid-like Vorlon ships flow graciously towards the Halo, knowing it's design was one of the most powerful races the Vorlons had ever encountered aside the First Ones before them and the Shadows, they mysteriously vanished after the Ori were wiped out. Perhaps are survivors in the halo array to have moved the ring world to their system.

A dozen bio-ships land on the docking area of the large building. Immediately knowing the designs were clearly Forerunners, amazed of how such of their species could create and destroy after witnessing the power of the seven Halos they created out of desperation to end the great war.

The Vorlons in their encounter suits disembark the living ships and explore the abandoned city, astonished of the structures they had constructed but not as much with an entire Halo. One of the Vorlons was the youngest of them was Kosh; he scanned the area as others in search for any who might have remained so there might be understanding of their whereabouts. A presence was faint until spotted a dozen Sentinel drones hovering towards the group. The Sentinels kept themselves in a short distance to the Vorlons and spoke out.

"Greetings to the Vorlons: Known to others as the Lords of Order as well by our creators." One Sentinel spoke out, the Vorlons' iris expand in which may be a small surprise, they were in awe of being given a title by such powerful beings. Kosh approached them cautiously. "What became of your makers?" He asked in less cryptic for the A.I. to understand.

"We are programmed to guard the remnants of the Forerunners. Our final orders from them were to guide you to the location of their logs."

"Show us." Another spoke. The Sentinels proceeded to lead the Vorlons into the relic, amazed of such designs and beauty made by the reflections by beams of light. The halls lid up as they floated to their destination without touching the floor, their technology was highly far more advanced than the Vorlons or even the Shadows of Chaos as they were called by the Forerunners of what they learned. Since first contact with the Forerunners many of the Vorlons studied the writing and symbols of Forerunner and ancient, a species related to them and the Ori.

A holographic projection came to life before them, the figure was life-size clearly humanoid and female by the form, wore a white skin suit that hugs her body and clad with a gown around her slender curves. Her face was shown with beauty to those of her race with dirty blonde hair that reached to her chin and her skin was.

"To the allies who fought alongside us in the war against the Ori, we are grateful of your aid to prevent their crusade through the cosmos. We have reseeded those worlds with life again and scattered the Halos to those who would guard them well so that the younger races would not tamper with them. But do not fear for we have officially reprogrammed them from their original programming before we left into bringing beings closer, no longer of destroying intelligent life but to store our knowledge, history, culture and technology to those who would take our place." The female Forerunner said. "We learned that one day that our species would not last on forever unless we change ourselves and our ways as other civilizations would, those who would be our descendants and our successors the Reclaimers who will carry our legacy as they will do the same for the Ancients. Perhaps one day we will return and for the final time when all of the oldest of races will join us and others to the Great Journey as will our successors one day."

The hologram dissolved leaving the astonished and awed Vorlons who have witnessed this moment that they were left to guard such advance and terrifying knowledge by the Forerunners until their successors, the Reclaimers would take their place.

Knowing this, the Vorlons would learn that they were not the only ones in the galaxy where as the Shadows and the Protheans who chose to stay behind in the Halo galaxy in order to watch other the younger races.

In its neighboring galaxy, Andromeda where the Remaining Eldar that once spread their empire throughout the Milky Way was crushed, believing that the Ori were responsible for killing billions of lives, now had taken refuge from the their home galaxy than to face extinction. While in it's contour part the Milky Way the Galvans along with the remaining native First Ones who remained behind such as the Q continuum and the Preservers would watch over the races seeded by the Forerunners and the Ancients, especially the remnant of the Protoculture that left to join the other First Ones to travel beyond their home galaxies.

All several races were chosen to protect their legacy until the Reclaimers will come in the distant future and protect the Halos from the wrong hands.

Milky Way galaxy, Cimmeria, March 6, 2048 A.D.

It has been five years since the war with the Goa'uld Empire begun, ever since their first encounter on a desert world of Abydos and the death of the Supreme System Lord Ra: the Goa'uld that discovered the humans on Earth as others took them as slaves and followers long before the discovery of the Stargate network the Tau'ri began of use for exploration of the galaxy. The United Republic of Sol sought to free their young sibling races from slavery of the Goa'uld and bring down the empire that would threaten their people also.

Throughout the war they gained new allies who were also enemies of the system Lords; Tollan, Nox, Unas, former enslaved humans that developed advanced society and even the Jaffa who seek freedom for their people.

The URS military had grown as their technology evolves by their developing and imaginative minds. Exchanged resources and knowledge by their new allies to defeat the System Lords, they encountered another rebel forces known as the Tok'ra who are humans and Goa'uld that coexist together. The Tok'ra had carefully observed the Tau'ri over time and decided to make contact with them in hopes of forming strong relations with them and other races.

The final battle against the last, most ruthless and powerful Goa'uld system lord of all was Anubis. What made him more feared out of the rest was that he half ascended with the aid of an Ancient which surprised many that would tamper with the lower plane of existence, making him very powerful and dangerous. Anubis had begun his invasion to Earth once two years ago with an army of Kull warriors ever since the Jaffa Rebellion.

On the surface of Cimmeria where the battle between an army of Kull warriors and the Republic of Sol forces in the large Cimmerian forest, alongside with their allies. The cybernetic armour the Earth Force soldiers were clad in had dark blue and white torso crest with luminance light streams to power the armor. The weapons loaded with specialized bullets as most of the newly developed ones were loaded with plasma and energy-based ammunition. Some of the armor suits were equipped with personnel shield technology that can recharge but only if taken hits from enemy shots.

The Kull warriors fight their way through to force out any enemies of Anubis and kill on sight but the Earth forces stood where they stand, even when evacuating the Cimmerians to safety after the system lord violated the treaty with another powerful alien race called the Asgard the United Earth government took action to protect it's sibling races from threats that Anubis would bring.

The Humans continued firing to hold off the Kull army at a distance for enough time for the reinforcements to arrive. A soldier runs for his daily life, dodging between streams of bullets and plasma from either side. Leaped over the rocky wall to find a large group of Earth force soldiers discussing strategy

"Sir, Deathgliders coming straight at our position at top speed!" A soldier reported to the General through his heavy breathing, his helmet automatically folded backwards to reveal a dark-skinned male in his 40s and bushy mustache.

"Any word on the navy fleet, son?"

"The fleets on its way as possible as they can, General Malcolm. Word is the Asgard are on their way to insure that Cimmeria remains in their protected planets treaty." The Tau'ri officer stated. John Malcolm nodded. Turning his head over to the battlefield, thinking that at this current state they may not last long enough for the reinforcements to arrive. Hearing his helmet beeped with his visual sensors transmitting an incoming message. Immediately accepted it and a small holographic screen blinked out in front of him, revealing to him an Asgard appeared on screen, as first thought of them as the Greys back from the 20th and early 21st century after their first encounter with them.

"Greetings, I am Supreme Commander Thor of the Asgard fleet. You are known as General John Malcolm that I am speaking with?" Thor spoke out. John gave the Asgard a single nod. "That's correct. I'm assumed HQ has briefed you in on our situation."

"They have indeed. We are sending three of our strongest Asgard vessels that are available for assistance. The fleet will exit hyperspace less than 3 minutes. Can your forces hold on at such length of time?" An explosion was heard very close to their area. "Honestly Supreme commander, I hope we can. Send us a signal of your's and the Earth fleet's arrival. But if we don't recieve it at that time send them down from orbit tak take out these bastards." He quickly responded to Thor who nodded before the holoscreen vanished.

Cimmeria Orbit

In high orbit of Cimmeria the fleet of Goa'uld ships ships unleashing a shower of energy lasers at the Earth ships to begin their invasion and remove the enemy fleet. Standing tall and observing the view over the Battle of Cimmeria was the Lord Anubis, clad in only a black cloak showing only the shadowy figure beneath the robes. Since the death of Ra, Anubis took control and expanded his empire, made his reputation by sending his armies into the Dominion territories and taking most of their worlds as outposts and technology to create new ships and weapons. Even made the Ferengi Alliance underestimate them when they first encountered and disrespected the Female System lords such as Osiris and Hathor, fortunately they were given a 'fair' warning to keep their distance.

Then came the Tau'ri he had grown to hate, when learning their home world was Earth that Ra discovered thousands of years ago he had learned they were descendants of a sub-race of ancients, the Forerunners, he wanted to wipe the humans off the planet and find away to use the technology they enhanced to expand his empire more than ever. Once he has wiped out the Earth fleet Anubis would then choose his targets carefully before his army would enhance for there are other empires and nations that would be as equal to the Goa'uld.

The Dominion had lost most of their best ships and soldiers to his army of Kull and Jaffa warriors from their previous encounter. The Ferengi Alliance would think twice to deal with the Goa'uld, especially the System Lords. Other species that pose such a threat like the Cardassian Union, Klingon Empire, the Romulan Star Empire and the Covenant who are already expanding their territories. Then sooner or later they would fight for competition over domination of the Milky Way galaxy. Once Anubis' goal is achieved he will be sure that all who stands in his way will be nothing but a fragment of his history to conquer other galaxies when ready to expand the newly reborn Goa'uld Empire.

His First Prime came to the throne room and bowed his head before speaking. "My lord, the Tau'ri forces on Cimmeria remain holding their grounds since the invasion. However with the strength from the Kull warriors we would be able to turn the tides to ours."

Anubis nodded without turning to the Jaffa. "Very good, I want our ships into position while we have enemy defense forces where we want them. Order the troops to be ready to return to their ships when I give the order of bombing the base. We will need to be ready when the Tau'ri reinforcements jump from hyperspace." Given his commends his Jaffa loyalists immediately did so without questioning.

The thirty four Al'kesh and fifteen Ha'tak took their position in orbit before disembarking their Deathglider to make sure the Tau'ri do not try to spread themselves on the planet. The fleet prepared for planetary bombardment once all they are in position.

Anubis sat on his throne, waiting to see the coming victory of liberating the planet into his domain. However the ship's sensors detected incoming vessels about to exit hyperspace. "What?" Looked at the screen in shock that the combined fleets of Asgard, Free Jaffa Nation and Tau'ri

Back on Cimmeria, John kept firing on the Kull warriors that kept coming towards him and his soldiers. He heard that Anubis' fleet had came into orbit but wondered what they were waiting for when they're right above them? Maybe preparing to bombard from orbit to where they stand or send down a much larger invasion force. It was becoming bad for not knowing what that ghostly demon had in store for them.

Until a miracle of hope could arrive.

Looking up at the sky were the Asgard and Tau'ri ships, surprised to see Jaffa forces joining the fight . He could hear his soldiers cheer as the cavalry came. Grinning to himself, this is when the war will come to an end and a new era will rise in this galaxy.

Epsilon Indi system, October 24, 2220

Flashes of light blinked for a mere second then replaced by two ships streaming out of warp were a Tau explorer ship and alongside it was a Andorian Freighter. Approaching a Federation expedition vessel in orbit of the colony planet.

A Tau walked to a group surrounding a holotank displaying the map of the star system several light-years from the Epsilon Indi System. The Vespid commander along with the female Tau'ri scientist were beamed to the Tau vessel, she had long dark hair and her clothing were nearly all white with grey trims. Held a PADD in her arms, which contained data on the relics from the expedition.

"Shas'O Aun'Kyr, this is Dr. Elena Shawns, a member of the Harvest expedition who believes to have discovered the relics of the Forerunners on an M-class colony, Harvest." The Vespid said in introductions. The Tau bowed his head to Elena who returned the gesture in respect. "If this is indeed true, Dr. Elena Shawns, then starfleet will be pleased to hear about it. But I, as well as the Andorians are concerned for any defense systems on the planet that may still be active." Aun'kyr said, turning to the hologram, zooming in on the earth-like planet.

"It was fortunate for any who are members of the Tau'ri race were able to bypass the security systems before the sentinels would see us as targets." She spoke with a hint of humor. "But it wasn't just Forerunner artifacts we discovered, there were details of the locations about where their cousin species, the Ancients may have been or how they developed the Stargate network. It could also tell us where these Halo devices are located either both in this galaxy and beyond that. We have found some ancient roots leading to other galaxies we haven't explored yet, mainly where the Alterans origin is located."

The Fire Warrior's eyes blinked, keeping a calm expression when absorbing the knowledge. Another Tau spoke out. "Is that possible? I have heard tales from our ancestors that these Halos were the symbols of Death, sometimes known as the end of life and the beginning of a new. I have only hoped they were but legends."

Elena sighed. "I, along with many have hoped that they were. But Fear not for it was told in the Noah's Ark that my people's ancestors have discovered on our homeworld they reprogrammed the Halos from ever being used to wipe out large areas with sentient life." Explaining to the officers who showed expressions of relief.

"None of us had never expected how powerful their civilization was in ancient times-" She was cut off when an AI projection of one of the famous Tau individuals.

"I apologies for the rude intrusion but I'm picking up a number slipspace signatures within 10,000 kilometers, they are unknown to my database."

A hologram projecting an image Andorian. "We detected multiple alien vessels entering Harvest's planetary orbit. Weapons are active but not locking on to our ships." The Andorian stated when suddenly the screen switched to what looked like alien birds, huge gorillas with weapons, another with mandibles in golden armour.

"This is the Undying Fate of the Covenant; by the orders of the Prophets we claim this planet in the name of the Gods and death to all heretics that defy our goal to the Great Journey." The mandible jawed alien spoke out with pride in his ruffed voice. "It is our quest to purify this galaxy from the filth of Humanity and those who dare stand in our crusade!"

The screen went off before any of the officers would get a chance to reason with them. The Tau captain turned to the crew.

"Can we hail them before such violence occurs?"

"I am afraid we cannot, shas'O!"

The Doctor quickly approached to the Tau captain with an expression of fear and worry on her face. "Sir, my people are on the planet we need to get them far from the battle if it takes place!"

"I understand your concern for their safety Dr. Shawns. The Andorians and hopefully your people on Harvest will most likely have received the message at the same time as we have, so they would more likely begin the evacuation." He said, looked at the screen lid up for him to observe the Covenant ships.

"Enemy fighters detected, they are coming directly into our path."

The screen switched to show them a group of small fighters streaming pass the planet, ignoring it as if wasn't important for the moment. many officers ran in different direction, scrambling in action. The Tau and the Andorian ships started their thrusters. Unleashed streams of energy at the enemy ships as did the Covenant using plasma weapons. Exchanging hits and damages from both sides while the two Covenant cruiser turned their weapons on Reach, pillars of plasma stuck the surface of the planet where one of the expedition teams were.

The Andorian cruiser took heavy hits but the Tau cruiser took more damage to save it's allied ship with a tractor beam and the federation ship joined them, switching their drives to slipspace for enough distance to lose the pursuing ships.

They informed the council of the Covenant their technology and the capabilities of their ships and weapons, what caused horrors to many was they intended to wipe out all human civilizations, possibly included some humanoid races who share similar biology and appearances would feel endangered. Few days later the United Federation sent some of their valuable ships to return for the Battle of Reach, sparked the Federation-Covenant War which was one of the first experiences many races have realized what the universe really is.

Edge of the Halo galaxy

USS Leviathan

Captain's log: June 2nd, 2432. Almost two months of the amazing discovery of another galaxy now identified as the Halo that had been right next to our own for who knows how many millennia. After unlocking the secrets from the Lantean city ships long abandoned in the Pegasus Dwarf Irregular since the war with the Wraith forced them to return to Earth when our ancestors were in their social tribes. After the conflict with the Wraith we were able to find other outposts of where the Forerunners or the Ancients may have visited. Starfleet began sending colony ships such as the Macross fleet not only in Andromeda but to the Halo galaxy and in hopes of encountering alien civilizations that we could build strong relations with.

A web made up of energy burst out into space, came out of hyperspace window the USS Leviathan with the combination of a sword and arrow that streams gracefully through space like a fish in the ocean. The Leviathan and it's kind's appearances may be astonishing and great craftmanship but when in battle they act as predators that hunt their prey.

Within the ship was run of various of officers walking to every direction. The uniforms were mainly based on the old Tau'ri military uniforms in the mid 23nd century, they wore were similarly based on the Forerunners but with some light armour strapped around the torso, legs, arms and the shoulders, a gem located on the left shoulder pads each are their own personal shields. The solders wearing their avian-based helmets were possibly an inspiration from the Jaffa were given since their relations with Earth grew stronger after the war with the Goa'uld.

Captain Byron Alexander exited the turbo lift, passing by each crewmember that greeted him and returned the favor. Reached his quarters to find clothes scattered all over the bed and hearing the sound of water coming from the bathroom. Raised one eyebrow in curiosity. "Lyta? Are you in the shower?"

"Didn't know you were in. I'm just about done." Hearing his wife's voice when the shower stopped, stepping out of the bathroom was Lyta Alexander holding a tower wrapped up to her cleavage and the other to dry her red hair.

Smiling and blushing she lowered the towel from her hair. "Sorry if I surprised you, I was in training with commander Thon Sasheemi, for a Sangheili who would fight for honor he really knows how to fight. I wanted to be more experienced in combat I had started to need a bath."

Returning to the smile and a chuckle escaped his mouth. "I have been wondering why he was so busy. Hopefully you didn't go too far, using your gifts to cheat which to a Klingon and a Sangheili that would be dishonorable." Beginning to laugh when seeing the shock expression of his beloved wife's face.

"I have not used any of my gifts in combat. Well fine, there was that time with that Ferengi trader the other time but he had it coming. Making him think he was nude in public and to show how the females of his race felt."

Suppressing the laughter as he could, remembered how hot tempered she could get most of the time. Many male officers would think twice to have asked her on a second date, but that's what he loved about her that has many surprises. "Well we should be on our course the Halo Sol system very soon and I am free for the whole night. It is our destination to observe what technological advancement the humans may be. The other starships go to other locations that are where other civilizations may thrive."

Lyta approached Byron with a seductive look, undoing his uniform. "When hearing the news on the network I found it hard to believe myself. Aside from another human race living on another galaxy which is very common. But when seeing the work from the Preservers who seeded our people across a few planets from the Goa'uld and ourselves, maybe it was from our predecessors or the Ancients." Explaining her theory to Byron who half clothed. brought her face to his to kiss.

"I find the same idea." Both continued their passionate moment, she wrapped her arms around his neck, letting the towel that she wrapped herself on fell to the floor.

On the bridge the Sangheili Commander Shansheem sat on the chair. Nearing their destination to the Halo Sol System, attempt to observe and avoid making contact without Starlet's authorization and any hostilities. Awaiting for returning signals from their scout probes they launched earlier he turned to the science officers. "Anything from our scout probes yet?"

"They just entered the star system and we received a few images that are astonishing, commander. Martin could you give the details while I try to analyse the rest?" A Voth said with his eyes fixed to the screen when an AI hologram of Martin Luther King appeared before him. "As you can see, Commander, our probes show that this star system shows the exact similarities of our Solar system in the Milky Way, although before the Humans evolved into the Tau'ri many of these planets appear barren or lifeless. Except for the third planet which is the Halo Earth."

The Voth who spoke out earlier took turn. "From what we gathered the natives of this system are certainly human but what we found most intriguing." Touched the screen with his clawed finger to show the commander images of what appear to be orbital stations and colonies that like hour glasses. Thon watch as he seen some that interests him.

"So these humans are able to travel in space but have not left for the other planets?" asking his science officer who nodded in response. "Indeed, I believe they have just about entering a Tier-3 development. Although their technology is fairly primitive but impressive designs by their creative minds. With the captain's permission we could send a small away team to collect data on these Humans up close but only those who are more highly trained for this mission, perhaps beginning with one of the colonies."

His mandibles chatter when stroking them. "Very well, but we will need emergency equipment and remain contact when we beam them aboard the colonies. I strongly believe the Tau'ri and any that share physical biology. They would easily blend in with the natives to collect research." Ordering his Science Officer to begin his research, watching him leave the bridge.

Turned his head to Martin who awaited further instructions. "Martin Luther King, be on alert for any ships nearby. Helmsmen take us into cloak and be ready for anything." They went to their stations as he returned to his chair and looking at the screen that showed the planet, deep down in his mind the Sangheili had a bad feeling something will happen.

"Commander, should I inform the captain that we will be preparing an away team?" The AI asked him. Thon nodded and waved his hand aside. "Unfortunate for Alexander, I hate to disturb his pleasurable time with his mate, but I believe he would want to take part on this, including Lyta Alexander." Noticed the holograms smug on his face in agreement.

The sound of a communicator beeping made the forms under the sheets move and sounds of grunting and moaning. Byron's head came out of the cover, moving his hair to either side. "What does that overgrown lizard want at a time like this?" Lyta complained under the sheets.

"We must be at our destination point sooner than expected." He muttered, kissed her naked back before reaching for the beeping communicator.

"One day if I ever meet a Forerunner or Ancient who left a map to this galaxy I am gonna kill 'em. Don't care what the Council, anyone or especially the High Priests say about it." Ignoring his wife's murderous plot he slightly felt the same feeling. Tapped on his communicator. "Captain Alexander, apologies for the rude awakening but we have approached the planet and are sending an away mission. Commander Shansheem believes you will be joining the mission?" Martin's voice was heard on the communicator.

"Yes I will be, I will also need to chose who are capable after debriefing."

"Of course." Tapped it once more, stretching his arms. Lyta sat up not bothered to pull the cover up. "Well vacations over and everybody's going to work."

His eyebrows arched, looking down at the red head. "When did we have a vacation, Lyta? If you are going on this missino you will need to keep your mind on high alert. Come on we need to be ready and find out what the probes have found." Once dressed the two walk out of the quarters to the briefing room, both believeing things won't be easy as always.