So this is my first fan-fiction on this site, and I have big plans for future stories. HOWEVER, I want to start small – see if you like my writing style and characterization. If so, I'll work more and present my stories to you.

There are dozens of Truth or Dare stories out there, so you know the drill. Comment and post any Truth/Dare you want. Here are the characters you can refer to-









When you comment, you can post up to two dares and two questions at a time. For any of you who are even slightly confused, a dare example – "Go underwater and hold your breath for 30 seconds." A truth example – "What was your most embarrassing dream?"

And please, let me repeat, PLEASE keep these so that a 10-year-old who happens to wander around this site like a lost soul won't be scared for life. Thank you, and I hope that you'll enjoy this story!