Amber – I'm a liar! Here is your double day chapter! Okay, so when I read this dare, all I heard was a buzz. Let's see if that's what they hear too. A question to Skipper, Marlene, and Private: A (messed up) friend of mine insists that Skipper and Marlene are Private's parents, because Skipper and Marlene are probably married (his words, not mine) and Private seems like a mix of both of them. (Again, his words, not mine) Say it ain't so! (Translation: Is it true?)

Private – Buzz.

Amber – I'm not psycho yet!...Wait, where's Skipper and Marlene?

Private – The closet.

Amber – Oh yeah. *opens closet* Hey guys… oh gawd.

(Skipper and Marlene are making out)

Kowalski – Well, it was their dare.

Amber - *shuts closet* Okay… More dares! I dare Julien: To jump off a cliff! Muahahaha! Also, Julien, I DUN LIEK U!(Sorry, needed to get that off my chest)

Julien – But Georgia doesn't have cliffs. Duh. Wait, I said Duh again. I think. Did I? Duh. Shut up, duh! Duh duh duh, always telling the duh to shut up. Duh duh! DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH! *facepalms*

Animals – O_o

Julien – Like I was saying, there are no cliffs in Georgia.

(Julien is taken to Providence Canyon State Park)

Julien – Oh. *jumps off, then lands in 3-inch-deep river-stream thingy*

Amber – Eh-heh… I dare Maurice to tie Julien up and throw him into Joey's pen! DOWN WITH JULIEN!

Maurice - *throws Julien into kangaroo pen*

Amber – Great aim.

Maurice – It's all in the wrist.

Amber – Okay, more buzzing from Mobygirl. Kowalski, if you met me, would you go out with me, 'cuz I have a teensy weensy crush on you. Amber, I have a request. Can Dr. Blowhole be in this story? If so, I have a question for him. The question is why are you evil? I hate evil! Sorry, I yell random comments, sometimes. I LIKE FRIED CHICKEN! See? Well, if Dr. Blowhole can't come, the other question is for you, Amber. Here it is: Do you have a crush on any of the people in the TV show, if so, who?

Kowalski – A girl… likes me? Ye-

Amber – NO! *tackles* Love me!

Kowalski – This is uncomfortable… LOOK BEHIND YOU!

Blowhole – Hello, flightless animals! I have come to seek revenge of the detonation of the Ring of Fire.

Amber – You realize it was never actually detonated, you could have just pressed the red button again.

Blowohle – Never mind that. Where's Skipper?

Private – Closet.

Blowhole - *opens closet* Oh gawd. *shuts closet* Anyway, I heard I had a question from one of my adoring fans. *reads question* Because I am.

Amber – I think the answer to my question is obvious.

Animals – *sarcasm* Nooo, really?

Amber – Shuddup. Dare from tailsred! 2nd [Marlene and Skipper] have to wrestle to see who is stronger. *opens closet* Come on out, guys.

(Skipper and Marlene, who were leaning against the door, fall out)

Amber – 3, 2, 1, wrestle!

Marlene - *pins Skipper to the floor in 4 seconds* BOOMSHAKANA!

Skipper – (whiny) But that's my word!

Amber - *dies laughing, then becomes reincarnated* Okay, next dare… I DARE Private to...make up a song about peanut butter winkies and sing it to people in a museum!

(They all go the World of Coca-Cola museum)

Skipper – Really?

Amber – I'm thirsty, okay?

Private –

Peanut butter winkies

Are not very pinky

They taste like heaven

You get them from the Seven-Eleven

Yellow wrapping conceals them

Blue from Blue's Clues is not a him.


Animals - *clap*

Amber – And now Annacrombie's dares.

i dare skipper to make me a spicy chilli sandywich with no butter and melted cheese on the chicken

i dare maurice to make me a mango smoothie

i dare julien to make me some popity corn

i dare all of you to kiss dolphin2121 (aka amber) including marlene! hahahaha me so weird

Dang it, now I'm hungry too. Mort! Make me a cheese and chicken quesadilla!

Mort – I like child labor!

(All three food items are handed to Anna through computer screen)

Amber - *reads final dare, then leaps for Kowalski*

Kowalski – You're crazy!

Amber - *regains whatever dignity I had left*Let's see… new last minute additions! From Music4eva! I dare Kowalski to...sing Lady Gaga.

Kowalski – Eh… I'm your biggest fan, I'll follow you until you love me?

Amber – Seriously?

Kowalski – No.

Amber – (rejected) Oh. *in announcer voice* I dare Rico to start waltzing with Julien.

Rico - *dons ballgown and high heels*

Julien - *gets tuxedo* Eh… This might be better the other way around.

Amber - Okay, so we've got one more dare from Mobygirl. I dare Skipper to propose to Marlene.

Skipper - *begins sweating* You mean, like, a business proposal?

Amber – You know what they meant.

Skipper - *halfheartedly* Marlene-will-you-marry-me.

Amber – One knee. With a red rose. And say it like you mean it.

Skipper – Mar-leneee, will you mar-ray meeee?

Amber – What was that?

Skipper – Singing. Like they do in lousy soap operas.

Marlene - *growls, grabs him by the flipper and drags him into another room*

(Squealing can be heard, followed by one very, very long kiss.)

Kowalski – So… anyone know what to call penguin/otter hybrids?

Private – Why choose this time to bring that topic up?

Animals - *laugh nervously*

Amber – So, it would appear this game of Truth or Dare is over…

Julien – Not yet. We've arranged a dare for you.

Private – Go on a romantic date with Kowalski!

(There's a short silence before two screams erupt – one of terror, one of ecstasy.)

Author's Note ~ Thank so much to everyone read and commented on this story! I couldn't have done it without any of you! *gives cupcake* Be sure to look out for the story I'm planning as we speak, Seeing You in a New Light, and until then, peace out!