Both Fred&George and James&Sirus wrote a list of who appeared from their time period.

This was James and Sirus' list:

Severus Snape: Kid who loves Lily Evans. Greasy and poor. Hangs out with future death-eaters. Good at potions. Half-Blood. Sworn Enemy. Just not a nice guy.

Bertha Jorkins: Gossiper. Not smart. She can't keep her mouth shut. Can't wait to tell news. She has no common sense. Easy to prank. But make sure she doesn't know it is you.

Horace Slughorn: Loves to keep tings for himself. Loves teacher's pets. Picks successful students. Annoying. Old. Has something he doesn't want to reveal. Has a hidden stock of Felix Felicous and a wine rack.

Lucius Malfoy: Pureblood. Rich. Snotty. Prefect. Teachers pet. Terrible Keeper. Goody two shoes. Tattle tail. Doesn't know shield charm.

Minerva McGonagall: Old. Strict but nice. Animagus. Awesome at transfiguration. Has a crush on Dumbledore. Doesn't pick favorites. Loves Quiddich. Competive with Slughorn for Gryffindor verse Slitherin.

Frank Longbottom: Smart and nice. Fat. Heavy. Good at DADA. Wants to work for ministry of magic. Awesome at herbology. Loves cupcakes. Likes Alice Little*. Patient. Don't want him mad at you.

*Alice Little is really Alice Longbottom.

Fred and George read it over.

"Hey, we know Snape. He teaches potions. And he is a Ruddy Moron." George said

"Really," Sirus said

"Out of curiosity, is he married?" James asked

"Nope," Fred said "Single."

James did a little dance and high-fived Sirus.

Then Fred and George started their list.