There they were repeating the now familiar scene. The two groups would stand in front of Dumbledore and wait for the verdict. Neither group was overly confident now since both had now realized what worthy opponents the other team was.

Dumbledore stood impassive loving the moments of suspense before the verdict was given. Though he hated the moment when the losing team had looks of disappointment on their faces before they hid it.

"And the winner of round three is James and Sirius" said Dumbledore shouting the names. James and Sirius high-fived.

"The Marauders win again baby!" shouted Sirius while James just laughed out loud in relief.

George and Fred had a quick silent exchange. They both knew they were going to up their game if they wanted to beat the Marauders.

"The Score is two, one Marauders," said Dumbledore. "Wait just a moment boys," he said addressing Fred and George "Look boys, I know you must feel discouraged but you still have a great chance. We haven't even started round four yet. So please don't give up"

Fred and George only looked more upset at this and Dumbledore immediately regretted trying to give them a pep talk. From being a teacher so long he should have know that people always think the opposite of what you tell them in a pep talk.

So Fred and George ran back to rejoin the war.

Fred and George weren't going down that easily. So there they were calmly waiting for their next victim.

There he was. An unsuspecting Frank Longbottom was walking down the corridor.

And suddenly there was a flash of light and Frank hit the ground after being knocked unconscious by Fred's Stunning Spell. And then with another flash of light a permanent sticking charm was placed on poor old Frank.

James and Sirus were back to their old Swagger now that they were winning even if it was only by one. And their next prank was gold. And boy were they happy that they weren't in the real world.

Minerva McGonagall was sitting in her office when she heard a knock on her door. The twins walked in with very innocent expressions on their faces.

And soon Sirus was confusing her with rapid transfiguration questions. And James was slipping the love potion in her drink. Then they both walked calmly out of her office.

A little while later McGonagall went right up to Dumbledore. And she planted a very passionate kiss on his lips. And Dumbledore pulled away choking. "Minerva?"