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The Legend of the Mermaid

Chapter 1

Heading out to sea

12 years later…

Jim Hawkins was on top of the of BenBow Inn roof. He was throwing pebbles out of boredom. Yes riding his solar windsurfer was exciting and thrilling but felt like something was missing. 'Man… I have nothing to do except help Silver in the kitchen, clean up the Inn with B.E.N, and make sure Morph doesn't cause trouble.' The little energetic pink blob surprise Jim with its excited chirp. "Whoa!" exclaim Jim as he almost lost his balance.

Morph changed into Captain Amelia. Now Jim was surprised at this. It was usually either his mother or Doctor Delbert Doppler his family friend. He slid off the roof and went inside to see what the Captain wanted.

"Ah Mr. Hawkins I see you're still on your cabin boy duties." Said the auburn feline. Jim groaned at this. The Captain knew that he was missing the thrill of adventures like when they went in search of Treasure Planet. "All right then I guess I won't tell you." Smirked the Captain. This caught Jim's interest. "Tell me what?" he asked. " Well Jim my boy, we are heading out to sea and it seems we are in need of a cabin boy." Said Delbert with a wink. Jim had wanted to get out of the Inn and maybe a change of scenery would help. "Will Silver be going?" asked Jim. The Captain did not trust the cyborg but she trusts Hawkins. And as long as Jim trust Silver then it was fine with her. "Very well, we needed a cook anyways." The scallywag cyborg heard all of this from the kitchen. "Well now we might even see a mermaid eh Jimbo?" asked the cook. The Captain interrupt and said, "Now Silver if you ever pull that stunt where tried a mutiny. You have a one way ticket to Trog."

Silver laughed lightly at this and frowned. Jim knew that in his heart he wish to see a mermaid. He knew they were out there but as years went by he then thought it was just some legend. " Well Mr. Hawkins what do you say?" asked the Captain. Jim thought 'well at least I get to be out the home' "All right I'm." answered Jim.

At Montressor Spaceport

Jim was happy that he got to work on the RLS Legacy, he made a few adjustments to the space sailing ship. "Well done Hawkins, I see your mechanic skills are as excellent as ever." Said the red headed feline. Jim went below deck to see his father figure. Silver was making his famous Bonzobeast stew. Jim knew Morph couldn't resist that stew. Silver then heard the footsteps of the cabin boy. "Well, finished already? I thought it took you hours on this tub." Said the cyborg cook as he chopped the vegetables.

"No it was easy, the Captain wanted to make it water adapted. By the way why did you mention the mermaid?" asked Jim. Silver knowing Jim he was one to pay attention to what the old scallywag said. "Well Lad I thought maybe it would cheer ya up. Knowing you been losing the thrill. I think that maybe ya need it." Replied the cyborg. Jim grabbed a purp out of the barrel and took a bite out of it. "But you know they don't exist right?" said Jim. "Ahh but what about Treasure Planet? They said that what was a legend as well." Said Silver with a comeback. Before Jim could make a comeback of his own Captain Amelia yelled, "We are about to cast off!" Silver had an idea that they were going to leave and said, "Off with ya, Lad, and watch the launch. There be plenty o' time for work for ya afterward."

As soon as Jim went up deck Silver had a private talk with Morph. "I'm worried about the poor lad. It's like he's missing something. Well, when he gets windsurfing on the sea then maybe he'll change that tune. Eh Morphy?" said Silver. Morph chirped happily and cuddled up to the old scallywag's face. He knew that Jim wouldn't pass up an opportunity like that.

Jim was up on deck watching the launch. The solar sails were glowing in there own design. The ship's engine roared when the crew was ready. To make sure that it was good to go. The ship's engine was full of solar energy and was time to take off. As soon it took off, Delbert went flying backwards against the ship. He still wasn't used to the launches. Jim loved to hear the engines roar as the wind blew his chocolate hair, it reminded him the last time he was on the RLS Legacy.

BenBow Inn

" I hope he's having a good time. Just looking at him when he's not smiling. It makes so sad." Sighed Sarah Hawkins. B.E.N stayed with Jim's mom to look after her. Even though he made a few mistakes he promised Jim to make sure his mom is safe. B.E.N then put his robot hand on Sarah's shoulder. "Don't worry, Jimmy will be back to his old self again. You have my word as a navigator." Said B.E.N. Sarah smiled at the robot and B.E.N went back to help the costumers. Sarah looked at the window and thought, 'Please be safe.'

RLS Legacy

Delbert went to go see his wife in her private quarters. "Amelia I'm worried about Jim. He kept moping around at his home. I just wish I knew what that boy is thinking these days." Said the worried doctor. Amelia smiled at this. Her husband always worried about Jim when he was not happy. "That's why I decided to go out to sea. Let the cabin boy have a little fun." Said Amelia with a smile. Delbert was shocked when Amelia said the word fun. Fun was one of the words she would lest use. The old dog perked his when he heard this. "I would never think you would use the word fun." Said Delbert with a smile. The feline then give the doctor a peck on the cheek and said, "That's why I married an Astronomer." She left her quarters and went on deck. She saw the vast blue ocean and hit the red button.

The ship's engine changed into a sub-engine. It was almost as the solar engine. Problem was when the feline captain hit the button they begin to drop towards the sea. This made everyone on the ship scared for his or her lives. They soon tied the lifelines secured and tight around their waist. When the ship hit the ocean, it cause a massive splash. The entire crew was soaked but no one was thrown overboard. Jim thought, 'Now I know why cats hate water.'

Silver came on deck and spotted Jim. He walked over to him with his solar windsurfer under his cyborg arm and said, "Hey Jimbo how's about takin' one last ride on this windsurfer o' yours eh?" said Silver with his famous smile. Jim, with a smile, hoped on his solar windsurfer, started the engine with his right foot, and skyrocket to the sky. He was going eighteen…no twenty feet into the air. 'Time to show off' he thought. He stepped back to let his solar sail to drop. He closed his eyes, crossed his arms to himself and begins to his original moves with flips and turns. Before he hit the sea, he opened his solar sail and made waves as sailed back towards ship and yelled, "Yea! Whoooo!" Later that night little did he know that a certain red head mermaid would be watching him.

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