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Chapter 8

Final Battle

Ursula and the mermaid princess were away from the ship. Ariel belongs to Ursula now because of the deal they made. "Poor little princess - it's not you I'm after. I've a much bigger fish to" Said Ursula in a stern tone. The sea witch was stopped by the sea king. "Ursula, stop!" Sebastian made it time to tell the sea king what had happen. "Why, King Triton! Ha ha ha - How ARE you?" She said as she was looking at his trident greedily. King Triton was not going to change the subject. "Let her go." Said the sea king in a strong voice as he pointed the trident in Ursula's face. "Not a chance, Triton! She's mine now. We made a deal." Said the sea witch in a sly voice as she showed the contract Ariel made Ursula. Ariel tried to swim to her father, but Flotsam and Jetsam grabbed the red head mermaid with their tails. "Daddy, I'm sorry! I - I - I didn't mean to. I didn't know" King Triton was furious, he then attacks the contract with a fierce blast from his trident, this send the sea witch backwards against the coral but to no avail the contract didn't break. "You see? The contract's legal, binding and completely unbreakable - even for YOU." Ursula had the sea king right where she wanted him. "Of course, I always was a girl with an eye for a bargain. The daughter of the great sea king is a very precious commodity. But – I might be willing to make an exchange for someone even better. . . ."

Jim was stuck on this ship. He was angry because there were no boats to that he could use to save Ariel. 'What am I gonna do?' he thought. He lay his head down in defeat. He thought that he would never save the girl he love. He then heard a familiar voice, "Aloha Jimmy!" Was that…B.E.N? He looked up to see his robot friend have control of the helm. 'They brought the RLS Legacy.' Thought Jim with a smile. B.E.N brought the ship to the side of the ship Jim was on. "Jimbo hop on!" Yelled Silver. Jim ran toward the ship and hopped on. "Lad, where's Ariel?" Asked the cyborg. Jim had to tell what happened. "Ariel was taken by some purple octopus woman." B.E.N was worried about the red head and said, "Jimmy she won't survive down there much longer." Jim had to explain what Ariel really was. "Don't worry she'll survive under the water." The robot and cyborg were confused as they looked at each other. "She's a mermaid." It hit the old scallywag 'a girl who rescued him from the sea' and Silver made a huge grin. "When I was a kid, I always wanted to find a mermaid. What I didn't know is that I would fall in love with one." Said Jim as he looked ahead at the sea. The cyborg put his hand on Jim's shoulder and said, "Well, let's find that love o' yours." Jim smiled at this knowing that he had help. Silver looked up at the robot and yelled, "B.E.N, yell if you see anything suspicious." The robot nodded and turned the helm at the right. 'I lost you once. I'm not going to lose you again.' Jim thought.

Ariel was starting to wither due to Ursula's magic and the sea witch was giving King Triton one last chance to save his daughter. "Now! Do we have a deal?" It seamed that the sea king had no choice. He pointed his trident at the contract and signed his name over Ariel's. "Ha! It's done then." Ariel was realsed from the magic and transferred to King Triton as he started to wither. Ursula laughed evilly as she watched the sea king fall. Ariel watched her father turned into one of Ursula's victims. "No . . . Oh, No!" Said the red head mermaid.

B.E.N saw something glow at the water's surface and yelled, "Does that count for strange?" Jim saw the glow as he grabbed a knife and jumped into the water. 'I'm coming Ariel. Hang on.' Thought the cabin boy. "Jimbo!" Yelled the cyborg. Morph appeared from under the scallywag's hat whimpered.

King Triton was now one of Ursula's victims. Sebastian was sad to see the sea king in this weak state. "Oh, your majesty . . ." Ariel was sad that her father paid the price instead of her. "Daddy? . . ." The sea witch had the power of the sea king. "At last, it's mine." Ursula said as she picked up the crown. She laughed evilly as she picked up the trident. Ariel's anger was boiling because of the sea witch did to her father. "You - You monster!" The mermaid said as she tried to choke Ursula. The sea witch grabbed Ariel and threw against a rock pillar. "Don't fool with me you little brat!" Said the sea witch as she pointed the trident at the red head mermaid. "Contract or no- AAAAHH!" The sea witch was cut by a knife and looked up to see who threw it. She saw the cabin boy with a worried look knowing that he missed. His face turned into a scowl when he saw what the sea witch did to Ariel. "Why you little troll!" Ariel tried to swim towards Jim but Ursula's tentacles pinned her down. "Jim! Jim look out!" warned Ariel. The sea witch had to get rid of the human. "After him!" Said Ursula to her pets. Jim was running out of air and had to get to the surface. So he swam up to get some air but he had two eels chasing after him. When Jim reached the surface he tried to grab Silver's hand, but then he was pulled in back into the water and was wrapped by Flotsam and Jetsam. Sebastian and Flounder had to help the cabin boy. "Come on!" Said the red crab as he and Flounder swam towards Jim. Sebastian pinched Flotsam's tail. This made eel cried in pain and let go of Jim. Flounder use his tail to hit Jetsam repeatedly and made the eel dizzy. The eel let Jim go as well. When Jim was free, he swam towards the surface. The sea witch had to do this herself. "Say goodbye to your sweetheart." Said Ursula as she pointed the trident at Jim. Ariel manages to be free of Ursula's tentacles and yanked her white hair. This made her to be in pain and miss the cabin boy. Instead of blasting Jim, she blasted her pets. "Babies! My poor, little poopsies!" Ursula was full of rage and used the trident to make herself a giant.

Jim and Ariel both reached the surface Jim wanted to make sure nothing bad would happen to Ariel. But tried to warn Jim. "Jim, you've got to get away from here." Jim was going to stay with his love no matter what. "No, I won't leave you." Bubbles started to form around them and a golden mountain split them. The mountain became more like a crown. They found themselves on top of Ursula's head and looked like ants to her.

B.E.N had to change the course and yelled to Silver, "I think Jimmy will need windsurfer thingy." Jim's solar windsurfer was not on the ship and then it hit the scallywag. He would have to make one. "Ok it's time to get to work." Morph was willing to help the cyborg.

Jim and Ariel jumped off the sea witch's head and into the sea. They went back to the surface and held close. Ursula was laughing evilly at the couple. "You pitiful, insignificant, fool!" One of her large tentacles tried to hit the couple. "Look out!" Yelled the cabin boy. They both dive into the waters and avoid her tentacle. Ursula was now all-powerful. "Now I am the ruler of all the ocean!" Said the sea witch as she used the trident to create a storm. "The waves obey my every whim!" The waves spilt the couple. Jim hit the side of the RLS Legacy and was pulled up by Silver. "Listen Lad, I made this solar windsurfer with my own hands. Now use it wisely because you only have six chargers in there to help you go. Now go save that girl o' yours." Jim hopped on the windsurfer and blasted his way towards the sea witch. "The sea and all its spoils bow to my power!" As she created a whirlpool with the trident. Ariel manages to grab on to one of the rock pillars. She saw Jim on a solar windsurfer and tried to ram into the sea witch. However Ursula saw and said, "Sorry cabin boy, not today." She pointed the trident at the solar windsurfer's engine and blasted at it. Jim looked at the engine and tried to start it again. He kept stepping on the pedal but to no avail. "No…No…NO!" Said Jim as he was falling down towards the ocean. He kept trying to start the engine but it wouldn't start. Silver, B.E.N, and Morph saw Jim falling and yelled for him. "Come on, Lad." Yelled the cyborg. "JIMMY!" Yelled his robot friend. Morph whimpered, closed his eyes, and looked away. Ariel saw what was happening to him and yelled for him. "JIM!" The sea witch then focus on the mermaid. She used the trident to blast the rock pillar Ariel was on. The red head mermaid fell into a whirlpool and was helpless. She looked up and the sea witch tried to blast Ariel but to no avail. Ursula laughed wickedly as she pointed the trident and yelled, "So much for true love!" Ariel thought this was going to be the end.

Jim saw a near by rock pillar and he turned his solar windsurfer to the pillar, where his grind his engine against it. Then a burst of fire came out of his engine and Jim went upward. He then did a flip and went straight towards the sea witch. Ursula turned around and saw Jim coming, but he was too fast for her. Jim then sends his solar windsurfer straight towards the sea witch's chest. Ursula felt the blow and was impaled by the solar windsurfer. She was in terrible pain and fell to a most horrible death. Jim jumped off his solar windsurfer and into the ocean. Jim managed to find shore and collapsed. 'At least Ariel is safe.' Jim thought as he closed his eyes. After the sea witch was defeated, everyone who made a deal with her went back to his or her original forms. The trident fell in front of the sea king and was in his mighty form again.

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