Peter -16







Emma's p.o.v

Chapter 1 goodbyes and hellos

Justin Emma and Bella never felt so alone on that day in the train stration. All the children were order to go to the country side .they were going to stay with some professor and four other kids .i wasn't to happy about all this I needed to stay and help my mom but orders were orders .Justin my big brother ,by two and a half minutes , was being strong for his sisters. Bella ,the baby of the family ,was crying her mother went over too her and said "I love you sweetie ,be a good girl now ok"and then hadded her lion to her then she turned to Emma .

"Emma I love you remember your staying with The Pevensie children Lucy, Edmund, Susan and Peter" then she turned to Justin "look after your sisters ok I love you" she handed them their tickets "off you go you don't want to miss your train " "I love y'all goodbye" "bii" said emma "ill miss you" Bella "I love you" Justin . when they got on the train they found a both with no one in it yet and put there stuff in the compartments .the train was about to move when 4 kids walked in. the youngest girl had short redish/brown hair , freckles ,and brown eyes. The older girl was pretty she had brown hair and brown hair .the younger boy had dark brown hair and dark eyes .the older boy was cute he had blonde hair and crystal blue eyes .the older boy walked over to Emma he said "hello im peter pevencie this is Lucy ,Susan and Edmund you?"peter said as he sat down next to mouth just dropped open ,peter looked confused ,"im justin , that's emma ,and shes isabella but we call her bella"justin said .peter did the same thig as me when he caught on . "are you going to professer kirkes house too?" She asked cheerfully"yep "said bella . they were best friends already .i fell asleep after 15 or 20 minutes.

Peter p.o.v

A few minutes after emma used my shoulder as a pillow .i didn't mind though then I fell asleep too.

Its short I know but its 230 am and I have a dentist appointment tomorrow at 8oo soo bii