Sweet Sixteen


We had just beaten box ghost again. Grr, when was that ghost ever gonna learn?

Now Danny and I were in my room chilling. We just finished cleaning up after my most awesome birthday part ever! I was offically sixteen.

Valirey had given me a huge box and told me to try it on in private. I am still shocked she hadn't killed Danny when he revealed that he was Danny Phantom two years back.

Danny and I were still head over heals in love. Tucker and Val had hooked up also.

The box that was in the conner had now began whispering "open me open me". Curiosity was burning in my skin.

"I'll be right back, I'm gonna try on Val's gift."

Danny looked up "Why don't you model it?Just in case you don't like it." I agreed with his logic, if he thought it looked good I would keep it despite my origanal dislike.

I took the box into my bathroom. I looked inside and gasped. WHAT THE HECK WAS SHE THINKING! I could not wear this in front of Danny! I picked up the strange goth frilly thing.

AN( Link to outfit is on profile, just imagine the wite part purple.)

"Hey Sam you ok?"

Oh sh**! I was supposed to model this for Danny, can anybody say deep in trouble?

I took a deep breath and put the thing on. I slowly opend the door. Danny looked up and his eyes nearly came out of his skull. He took a sharp breath.

Danny POV

Oh my god. No words can describe this god like creature in front of me. The black cloth made her skin look like ivory silk.

Her hair was down, making her eyes look like lavender. The cloth was clinging on her skin, making my pants very tight.

"Well what do you think?"

She bit her lip, looking up at me from her lashes. My pants got so tight it was painfull.

I attacked her mouth, kissing her with everything in me.I wanted her in every bulge in my pants throbed painfully.

"I love it," I whispered in her ear." But it needs to come off now!"


He kissed me with so much love and passion I thought my body was on fire. "I love it," He whisperd in my ear making me shiver in pleasure." But it needs to come off!" He growled making me need friction in between my legs.

He moved us on to the bed.

(Unfortunaletly I can't go anyfurther in case of younger readers.I hope it wasnt too graphic.)

Afterward, sleep starting to take over my sore but content body; Danny kissed me and spoke against my lips.

"I love you Sammantha, Happy birthday."

I smiled. "Thank you for the best birthday ever.I love you too Danny."

He spooned up against me, and I thanked God for giving me this life and I would trade it for anything in the world