A/N: I really don't know what happened. I kinda just started writing in a vague direction of a sequel, and suddenly, I've got over 15,000 words of porn and a freakin' plot. Porn WITH plot! :O Anyway, this fic has a loooot of kinks and types of sex and whatnot, so I divided up the kinks into Major and Minor ones based on their prevalence in the fic - the Major ones show up a lot or are predominant themes in the fic, and will be hard to miss, while the minor ones only show up either in passing or in singular scenes, and as such can be easily skipped.

Major: spanking, collars, leashes/chains, D/s relationship, orgasm denial, bondage, blow-jobs, facials, exhibtionism (the sex club)

Minor: rope bondage, vibrating egg, spreader bard, lingerie, (foray into) breathplay, watersports/piss play, exhibitionism (public area), very vague hints of puppy play, handcuffs

Yup, I just needed two lists for all the kinks. I'm so going to special hell for this.

Please give a big thank you to my beta May Eve, who made this thing legible for you all to enjoy. :D

Merlin watched from the doorway to the bedroom as Arthur writhed on the bed, wrists tied to the headboard by soft, silk ropes, that nonetheless would likely leave light bruises by tomorrow morning. He was blindfolded, his ankles free, and the little string for the vibrating egg causing his misery was poking right out of his arse.

With a smirk, he pressed his thumb against the intensity control of the remote, and slowly raised it up another notch.

"M-Merlin..." Arthur moaned. "...please!"

And that was the word Merlin had been waiting almost half an hour for.

Having already shed his clothes long ago without Arthur hearing, Merlin silently walked to the side of the bed, before basically leaping onto it, straddling Arthur's hips and holding the writhing man down. Arthur's long, soft moan went straight to Merlin's cock, which was currently brushing against Arthur's.

"Please, fuck me, fuck me now, Merlin, please, please-"

Merlin gagged him with a kiss.

Then gave him exactly what he wanted.

This entire BDSM thing was a bit of learning experience for them, more so for Merlin than Arthur, who already was quite knowledgeable about these things.

By day, nothing changed. At work, Arthur insisted they do this "right", be professionals, and not acknowledge their personal relationship at all. If mostly to get the company's ethics committee to shut up and leave them alone.

Merlin was a lowly graphics designer, making headers and logos and other things to make Camelot Inc. look nice and pretty on paper. Granted, he was the top designer, and had been long before he even personally met Arthur, but still...

And Arthur, of course, was CEO, the king and owner of the company.

The mental image of last night, Arthur bound and at his mercy and begging Merlin shamelessly, clashed inside his head as he watched Arthur at work.

"Owain, I wanted the Chinese figures half an hour ago, Kay, Jen, get me the second and third quarter reports on our American offices, and for god's sake, why the hell does no one here know the phone number for our office in India?" Arthur shouted into the general office area, storming around and terrifying interns and demanding things of his various department heads.

Here, he was the boss, of everyone. He answered to no one except shareholders, and on occasion his retired father - even the board of directors listened to him. And under his leadership, Camelot was one of the fasted growing computer companies in the world. It had at least one office, usually several, in every developed country on the planet, and several undeveloped ones, too. BBC Business speculators were already setting high expectations of the company, and The Economist had summarized somewhat accurately that 'Bill Gates had better watch out'.

One of the world's most powerful business executives, and come nighttime, it was Merlin who had him, who he would kneel before, and beg to.

As two interns scattered away from Arthur's yelling at the latest series of crises, Merlin rolled his eyes and crossed the top floor and through the various company secretaries, Thai takeaway and coffee in hand.

Arthur had told Merlin that the relationship at work was to be off-limits, but really, they rather sucked at not acknowledging it.

But oh, if only these people knew...

Arthur had slammed back into his office to go call some famous business person or other off in Canada, and Merlin stopped at his secretary's desk.

"Hey, Leon," Merlin said. "Has he been giving you too much trouble?"

"No, the Americans and Chinese have," Leon said. He looked at something on his computer and said, "Wait a few minutes before going in."

Merlin nodded and stood, and only pushed open the door once Leon said Arthur was done with his phone call.

"Leon!" Arthur called out as the door opened. "I said-"

"I come bearing gifts," Merlin said, holding up the coffee tray and bag of food.

Arthur turned his swivel chair around, and his shoulders loosened and relaxed as he saw Merlin.

"Oh, thank god..." Merlin smiled, giving him his coffee and setting out the food for what he knew would be a quick lunch.

"Be nicer to the interns," Merlin said. "I'm pretty sure I saw one crying on the way up."

Arthur stuck his tongue out petulantly at Merlin, before biting into his noodles. "How's the new Oficina Mexicana design going?"

"My team's almost done," Merlin said conversationally. "I've done my part, now the rest are doing some of the design clean-ups. You'll be able to fork it over to the Mexican department by the end of the week."

"Relegation, I like it. What've you been doing all day, then - I'm pretty sure I saw you staring at your computer rather avidly when I passed...I hope it's not porn."

"No," Merlin said. "Just networking. My work's all done and more, so I'm not 'wasting company time'."

"Mmhmm," Arthur said disbelievingly, before biting into his noodles again.

Later, the grateful looks Merlin got from the staff as he headed out made Merlin roll his eyes at his temperamental slave while he headed back down to his actual job (the one he got paid in money for, rather than the free pastries the higher-ups always saved for him, and called his paycheck, for helping decompress Arthur during the day to make him more bearable).

He logged onto his computer and smirked, wondering what Arthur would do if he knew of the BDSM forums Merlin was now an avid member of.

Checking his intro and "help me!" posts, he started reading through responses, tips, helpful hints, and imagining Arthur doing what he read, he grinned and started copying and pasting all the important stuff into online files for future reference.

If he was going to do this, he was going to do this right.

It had taken some work to get the size of Arthur's neck right, especially without Arthur knowing, but it was worth it.

Stiff, black leather, with a small, durable clasp at the back, and an O-ring on the front, about two centimeters wide, and a few milimeters thick, with softer leather inside, and small rhinestones dotted around it decoratively, the collar Merlin had gotten was probably the most perfect gift possible for Arthur. Coming with a short chain, and a long one, with small locks for bondage, it had cost almost a fortnight's worth of his salary, but it was worth it.

For Arthur's birthday party that Morgana organized, she turned to Merlin and asked, "Well? Don't you have a gift for him?"

"My gift for him isn't up for public consumption," Merlin said.

Morgana grinned slyly. "Can I watch?"

"No," Merlin said shortly. "Sorry."

She pouted. "Ah, well - I hope he enjoys it."

Later, after finishing cleaning up from the party, Arthur cornered Merlin in the kitchen and said, "All right, what's my gift?"

Merlin beckoned Arthur to follow him, and fought the urge to hide his glee at Arthur's expression as he pointed at the bed. "Sit."

Arthur nodded, a now apprehensive expression on his face as Merlin wandered to the other side of the bed and reached under it.

"Really, Merlin? Hiding it under the bed?"

"I figured that it would be so obvious that you wouldn't look."

Arthur flushed as he realized Merlin was right. He took the plain white box, unwrapped but with a bow on top, and opened it.

Merlin smirked as Arthur gasped, eyes locked on the collar in the middle, then on the two chains circling around it.

"...how did you..."

Merlin took the box and set it on the bed. Pulling out the collar, he tilted up Arthur's head, and clasped it about his neck.

As soon as Merlin pulled away, Arthur's hand shot up to brush his fingers across it. "Merlin..."

Merlin grinned. "It's...it's simple. You control the collar, when you do and don't wear it. When you don't wear it, we're...um, normal? You know what I mean. But when you wear it..."

Arthur looked up through golden lashes. "You control me."

Merlin nodded. "So...is it...do you..."

Arthur stood up, and kissed Merlin. "It's brilliant."

Merlin mouthed his way along Arthur's jaw, running a hand over Arthur's arse. "So - are you keeping it on for tonight?"

"Fuck, yes," Arthur hissed in Merlin's ear.

"Then strip," Merlin commanded. It still felt awkward to actually boss Arthur around, and it was something Merlin knew was going to take some getting used to.

The fact that Arthur seemed to love it, though, helped significantly.

Arthur nodded and stepped back, divesting himself of his clothes quickly.

Merlin took the short chain from the box, set the box on the floor, then reached up to hook the chain to Arthur's collar.

Arthur shivered, his eyes roving over Merlin. A quick gesture from Merlin, and Arthur was kneeling on the ground before him, looking up, waiting.

One thing they quickly figured out they both liked in these games was Merlin being dressed while Arthur was naked. Even now, Merlin unzipped his jeans, pulling out his cock, and said, "Suck me off. Keep your hands behind your back."

Arthur nodded, clasping his hands behind his back, craning his neck and taking Merlin's cock into his mouth.

Groaning and shuddering, Merlin stood, his hands gently resting on Arthur's head, fingers in Arthur's hair, as Arthur worked his throat furiously to suck Merlin off.

The feeling of warm, wet muscle around his cock, the sight of Arthur kneeling naked before him, collar around his neck, chain in Merlin's free hand...and his eyes - he was looking up at Merlin through his lashes, even as his head moved up and down, Merlin's cock repeatedly disappearing and reappearing through those sinful lips.

"Do you have any idea how hot you are?" Merlin asked, his fingers tightening in Arthur's hair as he was nearing completion. "How your lips look and feel around my cock? How you look with that collar? The way you're looking at me now...?"

Arthur groaned at that, long and drawn out and vibrating Merlin's cock, and with that he twisted Arthur's hair to keep him steady there as Merlin came.

It almost sounded like choking, but a quick glance revealed Arthur was enjoying the treatment.

"Swallow it," Merlin said, without removing his cock at all.

Arthur did so. When Merlin pulled his cock out, finally, there was a trail of saliva between the tip and Arthur's lips.

One wet stroke of his cock from Merlin's finger was all it took for Arthur to slump against Merlin as he came.

Looking up from his laptop to see Arthur trying to fix whatever was wrong with the telly this time, the collar around his neck while he was swearing at the box of wires before him, Merlin was glad he had moved in.

As it was, Arthur wore that collar almost all the time, now, when he was at home - even if Merlin wasn't there.

Something Merlin hadn't expected to be so hot, actually. Even if Arthur was fully clothed and doing something completely innocuous, like doing paperwork or cooking or something, the sight of the collar around Arthur's neck...

Arthur took it off when he would go out. He would tuck it into the drawer of the small hallway table right by the door. When he came back, often the first thing he did was put it on, before even entering the main part of his house. The only time he didn't wear it around the house was when something needed to be done for work.

Merlin had felt some trepidation when Arthur had offered for Merlin to move in with him when he needed a new roommate, back when they were just friends, before they started dating and all this came along. Now he was glad he had done so.

Merlin counted how many times Arthur swore.

By the end, it was about 20.

When Arthur was finished, putting everything back and testing out the TV, Merlin stood up and silently pulled off his belt. While being rather pathetically skinny was usually a nuisance, as most jeans designed for men would mean Merlin needed lots of belts, he has come to have dramatically more appreciation for it since this started.

"Arthur," Merlin said, using his Master Voice.

He'd been practicing. He couldn't quite match the movie-style rugged "I'm in charge now shut up" voice he'd been hoping for, but he could manage "stern" pretty well.

Arthur turned to look at him.

"Come here," Merlin said, gesturing in front of him, mentally rehearsing the words he planned to say, to get Arthur as hot and bothered as he was...

Arthur's eyes drifted towards the belt, and he swallowed and nodded.

"You know how many times you swore?" Merlin asked when Arthur was kneeling in front of him.

Arthur shook his head.

"Twenty," Merlin said. "You know its very impolite to swear? Crass, really, truly filthy words to come out of a pretty mouth like that..."

And, yes, there it was, the flush, the telltale bulge in Arthur's jeans, the parting lips-

Merlin reached out and ran his thumb over Arthur's lower lip, before slipping his thumb in at the corner. "Lick."

Arthur did so, licking, swirling, lathing Merlin's thumb with attention.

"Take off your jeans, and underpants," Merlin said. Arthur pulled his head off to do so, and Merlin said, "Did I say you could stop licking?"

Arthur immediately took Merlin's digit back into his mouth.

"I'll let that slide...this time."

Arthur sucked appreciatively as he undid his jeans. It was a struggle for Arthur, fun for Merlin to watch, as he tried to take his jeans off without letting go of Merlin's finger, but he managed, eventually shucking off his lower body clothing.

He pulled his thumb out.

"Bend over the couch," Merlin said sternly.

Arthur complied, lifting himself up and draping himself over the arm of the couch, his arse waiting in the air, begging Merlin to abuse it.

Oh, he would.

Raising the belt high into the air, he said, "Count them off."

And struck down promptly.

"One!" Arthur called out sharply.


And the next four, Arthur's voice got progressively higher in pitch.

After "Seven!", it started lowering again.

By, "Ten!", his voice was slightly shaky, and Arthur was trembling with each strike. And Merlin wasn't even hitting his hardest.

On "Eleven!", he was.

By, "Fifteen..." Arthur's voice was starting to noticeably shake.

On, "Twenty!", Merlin could barely hear him. Arthur's voice was hoarse and soft and absolutely submissive.

He barely made a sound as Merlin cleaned his arse and prepped him.

But he gasped when Merlin thrust right into him.

"You really should learn to control your filthy mouth," Merlin breathed into Arthur's ear, punctuating each word, each syllable, with a sharp thrust.

Arthur moaned and came within moments.

He woke up one night and shifted on his side to see Arthur. Where Merlin was wearing pajamas, Arthur was completely naked - except for the collar. In the light of the half-moon and dim streetlights, Arthur's skin rippled, and he made Merlin think of Classical times, ancient times, a time of spirits and myths and a time of love, including the gay variety. He wondered if men back then would look at their lovers and wonder if perhaps they were demigods, themselves, if perhaps they shared their passions and intimacy with the children of the gods.

He knew he did.

Arthur moved in his sleep, the sheets having long since migrated down to his waist, tangled up in his legs. His chest rose and fell, his breathing thankfully unaffected by the collar, whose stones and metal shined in the pale light, contrasting sharply against the black of Arthur's collar and the shadow of his neck.

He leaned over and kissed his sleeping slave on the forehead. Arthur leaned into the touch in his sleep.

Merlin smiled, curled close to the warm body beside him, and fell asleep again.

Merlin watched from the doorway as Arthur packed frantically for his trip to New York, an amused smile on his face.

He waited.

Finally, Arthur got to the stage for packing his ties, and he couldn't find the ones he'd planned to take.

"Merlin, have you seen my ties? The ones I-"


"...well? Where are they?"

Merlin smirked. He beckoned forth with a finger and pointed at the floor in front of his feet.

Even as Arthur kneeled, he protested, "Merlin, you can't, I don't have time for this-"

It was a light slap to Arthur's face, followed by Merlin tugging on the collar and waiting for Arthur's breathing to even out.

"Yes, you do," Merlin said. "You wouldn't be wearing that collar, otherwise."

Arthur nodded, his sweatsuit crumpling in his position.

"Now - I know you will be gone a while. So I am going to give you something to remember me by. Then you can have your damned ties."

Flushed, Arthur nodded again, face lowered but eyes raised.

Merlin is fairly certain Arthur remembered his goodbye rather vividly.

With the way Arthur kissed him upon returning, he's sure he did.

Most of the time, Merlin planned a bit of what he was going to do. It was thrilling in a way he hadn't expected, to spend some time, sometimes hours, planning out escapades, imagining how they would go, making sure all the possible loose ends were taken care of, everything - it was its own brand of exhilaration that Merlin had come to love.

But sometimes, spontaneity worked, too. And right after having spent the last fifteen minutes watching Arthur work his way through a red ice lolly in a way that Merlin could only describe as Arthur's tongue having sex with the damn thing, Merlin was definitely feeling spontaneous.

"Arthur?" Merlin said, using his Master voice again once Arthur returned form throwing the stick away in the kitchen. The more he used it, the easier it got. Pointing to the floor between his legs, he said, "Come here."

Arthur nodded, kneeling before Merlin, watching as Merlin pulled out his hard dick, whose eyes absorbing Arthur's red, puffed slips.

"Suck me off."

Arthur smiled and nodded. He leaned forward, neck arching, and took the tip of Merlin's cock in his mouth, his red lips already looking so used before they even touched his cock.

Merlin hissed at the contrasting feeling of Arthur's cold mouth, especially with his already warming tongue, but when he felt Arthur hesitate at the sound, he ground out, "Keep going."

Arthur did so, slowly working his way further along Merlin's cock, and the deeper he went, the more his mouth warmed up, and Merlin fought the urge to gasp and moan and beg, because when the collar was on it was Arthur's job to beg, not Merlin's.

And that was why he threaded his fingers through Arthur's hair and pushed his head down Merlin's cock.

Arthur gagged for a few seconds, but quickly adapted, throat and mouth muscles working to pleasure Merlin, and, oh yes, Arthur had an absolutely brilliant mouth and really, that was so unfair, but oh it was wonderful.

When he peaked, he pulled Arthur up so just the tip was on his lips, and came.

Most of it landed in Arthur's mouth, coating his tongue, but a considerable amount of it slipped across his lips, instead, splashing across his cheek and dripping down his chin.

Even as Merlin sat there, laying back and panting, Arthur continued to suck the tip.

Merlin pulled his cock away, his hand trailing down to part Arthur's lips with his thumb, his lips and tongue covered in come.

He trailed his finger across Arthur's skin, collecting the come off Arthur's face and onto his finger, putting it in Arthur's mouth, having him lick it off, and watching through a pleasant haze as Arthur swallowed it all, Merlin's come gone from his face and down into his body, marking him from the inside out.

Merlin said, "Go wash your mouth out with some beer or something and come back after."

Arthur did so. Merlin listened, hearing him open the beer, take several, several swigs, before the sound of Arthur setting it down on the table reached his ears, and Arthur was kneeling before him again in moments.

Merlin pulled Arthur up by the collar, kissing him as he used his hands to direct Arthur to sit on his lap. He was heavy, but being able to sit back and see Arthur like that while on him was brilliant, and definitely worth the slight discomfort of Arthur's muscle mass bearing down on his lap.

"That was good," Merlin said. "I was really sodding horny. Don't worry - I'll reward you..."

He palmed Arthur through his tracksuit bottoms, and Arthur keened, head falling back as he thrust into Merlin's hand.

Mental note, get a gag, see what happens, Merlin thought vaguely to himself, though he knew he probably wouldn't, considering he liked how Arthur sounded far too much.

One hand creeped into Arthur's pants, while the other reached up to curl a finger into the O-ring of Arthur's collar, and pull him in for a beery kiss. Arthur moaned into Merlin's mouth, vibrations from the sound rippling through his lips and across his cheeks, and Arthur bucked when Merlin stroked two fingers down his cock.

"Mer...Merlin..." Arthur panted into Merlin's shoulder.

"Hm?" he asked, and fuck, it was so, damn, hard to keep his voice steady like this. But, he was a master in this thing - control, that was the key.

"Please..." Arthur moaned as Merlin ran the pad of his thumb over the head of Arthur's cock.

"Please 'what', Arthur?"

"Faster," Arthur begged. "Please."

"Of course," Merlin said, complying happily, watching as Arthur fell apart in his lap.

He increased speed, pressure, and when the friction started getting uncomfortable, Merlin brought his hand up for Arthur to lick wet before bringing it down to finish him off. Having long since hardened, himself, he lifted his own cock and pressed it flush against Arthur's.

Arthur keened into Merlin's neck as he came, and Merlin gasped and otherwise came (again!) with no sound, their combined come covering his hands.

For a while, they breathed heavily in the wonderful afterglow, and really, the littlest things were getting so hot lately, Merlin was starting to worry about their ability to walk.

After a moment, Merlin brought his hand up to Arthur's mouth, and he promptly started licking all the come off Merlin's hand, enjoying himself immensely.

When Merlin's hand was clean, he righted his own clothes and Arthur's, then said, "Go get that beer."

Arthur nodded, shaking as he climbed off, but managing to reach the kitchen and get the beer bottle and bring it back with no trouble.

Merlin took the bottle as Arthur stood with a pleasantly tired look on his face.

Smiling affectionately, Merlin made Arthur sit beside him, before tipping half the beer into Arthur's mouth. When he had drained half the bottle, Merlin pulled it off, and gently pulled Arthur's head down to his lap. "Go to sleep. I'll wake you up in time for that dinner with your father."

Arthur nodded tiredly, kissing Merlin, before resting his head and going to sleep.

They had gone back to the club where it all started several times, now. Regulars, and they were friends with many of the other regulars, too.

Master&Servant was ultimately a BDSM club. This club in particular seemed to have an unusually high number of gay couples - as in, the same number as straight ones, which means a lot of gays, really - but otherwise, it was a fairly normal BDSM club...whatever the hell a normal BDSM club was supposed to mean.

One Friday night, after Arthur and Merlin wrapped up a nice gangbang, he was sitting at a table with two beers and some really nice chips - surprising, actually, that this place served pretty good food - with Arthur kneeling at his feet, the chain to his collar attached to Merlin's wrist, his head resting on Merlin's thigh, hair still damp from the two-minute wash to get all the bodily fluids from earlier off his body.

With the exception of a few drops of Merlin's come on Arthur's shoulders and face. Marking Arthur as his - it was touching his baser instincts, borderline barbaric, absolutely primitive, and they both loved every bit of it.

Across from him sat a nice woman, Vivian, and her slave Alvarr, an equally nice-looking man covered in leather and studs to match the mistress's get-up, also kneeling on the floor.

He and Vivian were eating, and occasionally feeding chips and beer to their slaves, and it was bizarre how normal this felt, the two of them chatting with their lovers kneeling beside them subserviently.

The other bizarre thing for Merlin was knowing that she was a sodding school teacher.

"I mostly teach primary," she said. "Late primary, the age when kids are just starting to enter the whole rebellion stage. I don't teach much later than that except for occasional substitutions, though. Tweens and pre-teens, basically."

It made Merlin wonder what he hadn't known about his own childhood teachers...

"I'm in graphic design," Merlin said. "I'm the top designer for his company." And here, he jangled Arthur's chain a little to signal him, but no more. The whole treating people like pets thing was still a little weird to Merlin, but he was adapting fast.

Again, getting to see Arthur like this helped tremendously.

"What's the company?"

"You might have heard of it? Camelot Inc.?"

"Oh! I think they may be producers for some of the software my class uses..."

Merlin and Vivian continued talking. Merlin knew her slave was a doctor, though, despite position offering otherwise.

Actually, Merlin knew this because just a few visits before, someone in the back part of the room had fallen to the ground from her seat shaking. People were watching, wondering what to do, when the slave had jumped up and started shouting at everyone to get out of the way for him to see to her. Alvarr had gone from 'serving all' to 'man in charge' instantly, and Merlin had found it rather jarring - hence why he remembered it.

Merlin discovered that most of the slaves in here were like that - doctors, lawyers, executives...most of the masters in here had more ordinary jobs, actually.

It made a bizarre sort of sense, if you either over thought it enough or made sure not to think about it too much...

During a lull, the lady took her slave towards the stage, and left Merlin alone with Arthur.

With a smile, he pulled out his phone and pointed the camera at Arthur. "Look delectable," Merlin said in mock-command.

Arthur's smile grew even more sated and lazy, his eyes glazed and hooded, tilting his head onto Merlin's thigh even further. The collar and chain in view with the come on his face - he did look delectable.

Snapping a few pictures, he put the phone away, stroked Arthur's hair, and murmured, "Good boy."

Arthur preened under the praise and kissed Merlin's hand.

Arthur seemed to find a bizarre type of stress relief from the collar.

Merlin's head snapped up when Arthur slammed the door when he came home. "That man is the most infuriating control freak in the history of executive management!"

And then Merlin sighed through the rest of Arthur's latest rant against his father. "...he's retired, damnit! I'm running the company, and he has no right to tell me..."

Arthur paced around the living room, for a while, shouting about Uther, and Merlin went and prepared some cocktails and pot noodle - no matter what Arthur said about having class, Merlin knew he liked it - and had them ready on the coffee table by the time Arthur calmed down enough to eat.

"Thank you," he said through a mouthful of noodle.

He finished it up quickly, before locking himself away in his office for some teleconference with subordinates somewhere in India or something, and Merlin went to the bedroom and started tying the ends of the silk ropes to the bed posts.

After several hours, Arthur came out with a scowl on his face at however the meeting went, and Merlin waited.

With an almost relieved sigh, Arthur put the collar on in the living room, and without a word, Merlin clipped the chain to it and led Arthur through the house, making him strip in the laundry room and put the clothes into the hamper right then and there, before taking him to the bedroom.

Arthur lay there all tied up, blindfolded, murmuring in content and shifting constantly as Merlin ran teasing fingers over Arthur's body, going down one side, up the other.

He stroked Arthur's dick quickly, stimulated him slowly, lubing Arthur up prodigiously as he knelt by Arthur's bound body, opening himself up, as well. When Arthur was moaning, Merlin sunk himself down on Arthur after tightening the bonds, so Arthur couldn't move. He clenched around Arthur, and moved slowly, ignoring Arthur's begging and pleading, and when they came a considerable amount of time later, Arthur was pliant in the bonds, breathing deep and face relaxed, the smile on his face content.

Merlin untied his wrists, loosened the ropes around his ankles - though he still kept them bound, leaving Arthur with a considerable amount of movement range, but ultimately unable to leave the bed.

A warm washcloth to clean them both up, and Merlin dressed himself in pajamas, before pulling a blanket over himself and Arthur. He kissed Arthur good night, and went to sleep.

The next morning, Merlin managed to connect the long chain from the headboard to Arthur's collar without waking him up. He left Arthur with an empty bottle - a note saying, If you get desperate - and a book Arthur had been reading on the bedside table (a simple stay here), along with his iPod, and went down a few streets quickly, getting a few things.

Later, Merlin came home to see Arthur curled up, still naked, in a nest of pillows and blankets, ankles and neck still bound to the bed, reading his book while listening to his iPod, the excess chain draped over his waist, and Merlin couldn't help but simply stare for a bit at the sight. He even took a picture with his phone in case his memory one day failed him.

Getting Arthur's attention, Merlin laid out the Thai take-out and a doughtnought with jam filling and powdered sugar on top, and Arthur smiled when Merlin just told him to eat it, sparing Arthur his need to give a rant on the unhealthy properties of his secretly-favorite pastry before downing it. Halfway through, Merlin had scooped some of the jam filling from it and rubbed his cock with it, and Arthur sucked him off slow and languid, eyes never breaking from Merlin's as his head moved in Merlin's lap.

Merlin spent a better part of the day pampering Arthur and using him in equal measures, and by the end of it, when Arthur took off the collar for the sake of another meeting - "It's Saturday, damnit, you're not supposed to work." "That's why Camelot is in such great shape, Merlin, we've got two more days a week than everyone else!" - it was with a joyful, contented look and a soppy kiss, before he donned a decent looking shirt and jeans and went back to his computer in his office room and Merlin smiled at the debris from the day of gluttony.

He rather liked this arrangement.