Merlin washed his hands in the M&S club's bathroom, checking his appearance offhandedly in the mirror.

He was one of the few Doms who didn't bother with a get-up. No matter what he did with others in the club, rare as it was, he, like every other master, dressed for his own slave. And Arthur didn't have any particular fancy for leather outfits or anything like that. Just that Merlin was dressed when he wasn't got him off.

Merlin was the one who'd taken it one step further in dressing up like he was about to go clubbing. Tonight, he was in black jeans and a blue shirt and a dark leather blazer and his signature loose red cashmere scarf. Merlin had worn it to a work party a while back, and Arthur had nearly drooled when he'd seen Merlin in it tonight.

Some Doms considered it weird, but that was their problem. Then again, most also considered it weird that apart from the occasional 'sir', Arthur still mostly called him Merlin.

Maybe one day he'd move up, but right now, 'master' was just too damn weird for him. He was working on it, though...

Seeing that he was fine, Merlin headed out and back towards his table. There, Arthur was kneeling on the floor by the chair, a chain from his collar to the table leg keeping him there like a dog. He was working his way through a basket of crisps Merlin had left him on the floor, and he was idly watching the couple currently on stage.

Merlin sat down and stroked Arthur's hair as they watched. Arthur leaned against Merlin's leg, and silently offered up a crisp. Merlin took it in equal silence, and they comfortably watched the show, as if they were at home rather than in the middle of the club.

Suddenly, Vivian came up to him. Merlin could see her sub Alvarr similarly chained to his table as Arthur-

He frowned at the expression on her face. "Hey, Viv - what's wrong?"

"You see the man in the back with the burns on his face?" she asked. Merlin turned, saw him, and nodded as he turned back.

"What about him?"

"Keep an eye on him," she said. "Alvarr says he's drunk and been trouble before, and that he's...well, he's not really into the core of the bondage scene."

Merlin nodded seriously, understanding at once.

He'd been warned about blokes like him on every forum he'd been to. People - mostly men - who didn't get how BDSM really worked, and didn't understand - or refused to understand - that there were rules, above all else. They thought subs were all sluts who'd fuck anyone indiscriminately, and didn't think subs had standards and expectations, either. They didn't get the amount of trust that was really needed for these scenes, and thought of subs as almost like actual sex slaves, as little more than free prostitutes for their consumption.

He was also warned that most of them didn't react well upon finding out the truth...and that many of them reacted violently.

"We'll watch out for him," Merlin said, and with a nod, she wandered off to apparently spread the word.

He stroked Arthur's hair reassuringly and went back to watching the gangbang on stage.

For a while, things were normal. It was some slave's birthday, and to celebrate, on stage, she was being quadruple penetrated, two men at her cunt, one at her arse, and her master in her mouth. Even with considerable stretching and suspension bondage helping out, the logistics were mind-bogging and fun to work out. When they finished, a gay couple came on stage and started their own bondage scene, too.

That was when the burned bloke came down. He wandered around for a bit, before standing before a kneeling masterless sub in the audience, talking to her. It appeared she didn't like what he was saying.

Abruptly, she got up and stormed off. Or tried to - he grabbed her arm and whirled her forcefully around to face him, grasping her shoulders to hold her still even as she said, "I don't just mean no, I mean red light no!"

Red light - that was the universal safe word in the club.

And instantly, a quarter of the club, all the tables nearby to the confrontation, was alert. As much as subs were the ones that were hurt by guys like him, Doms were just as hostile to men like him, sometimes even more so.

Two buff waiters who doubled as bouncers stepped in immediately, getting in between the now obviously drunk man and the sub girl.

"Is there a problem?" one of the men asked.

"She's bein' a bitch!" the burned man slurred out. "She won't let me near her and won't tell me why."

"Sir, all patrons of this club have the right to say no and refuse any sexual acts they do not wish to-"

"Yeah, yeah, I read that stupid pamphlet!" the man shouted.

Non-members of the club had to sign a little waiver thing every time they came in, saying they've read the basic rules of the place. Merlin got the feeling this guy barely skimmed the few rules in the pamphlet - at best.

"She doesn't have to be such a fucking bitch about it," the man shouted. "And she has no good reason to refuse me, she's just a fuckin' slave, she should be happy I want to fuck her little-"

"Mr. Myrddin!" Forridel, the head waitress and club matron, shouted as she came across the main floor. The entire club was focused on them, now. "We have to ask you to leave-"

"Why, you-"

"We have very strict rules in place to ensure everyone's safety, which you have broken, and as such we need you to leave, and now."

The Myrddin bloke growled threateningly, and Arthur, apparently unable to take it anymore, stood up, shedding his collar just as Myrddin went around the waiters and made a grab for the sub girl.

She yelled and pushed him off in time with the waiters hauling him back, and Arthur stepped in between the girl and Myrddin, shoulders back and head held high in a way Merlin recognized as him purposefully trying to being intimidating, a look he rarely saw outside of Camelot Inc.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," Arthur said. "I happen to have private access to some of the best legal firms in the country and if you try anything else, you will regret it."

"No need," the sub girl said with a slight sneer towards Myrddin. "I am a lawyer - I've got friends who specialize in prosecuting harassment, too."

Merlin could recognize the corporate status in her stance as she dropped her sub-ness and put on the mask of legal warrior.

Guys like this - Myrddin - also seemed confused by the fact more subs than not were, outside of their sex lives, very much the alpha-dogs of their social and work circles, and even their entire lives.

There was a moment of silence, and Forridel chimed in with, "Either you can walk out, Edwin Myrddin, or you can be dragged out, but either way, you will be leaving."

Another tense moment, before the man shot one last glare towards Arthur and the sub girl, before he turned and stormed out of the club all together.

Applause for Arthur and the girl and Forridel went up as soon as the man was gone, and Forridel leaped up onstage by the gay couple, and said to the room at large, "Masters and servants of M&S, I apologize for that interruption. For those of you who are new, here, we do in fact enforce our rules, however much it may appear otherwise. And as always, regulars, please be sure your fellow patrons know them."

With that, she quickly leaped back off and gestured for the gay couple on stage to go back to their show.

As they started redoing their bonds, and Vivian quietly started talking to the apprehensive sub-girl, Arthur turned on his heel and came back to his table. Once back, he dropped to his knees and reclasped the collar, and Merlin leaned down and kissed Arthur's forehead, running his fingers through his hair. "I'm so proud of you, Arthur."

Arthur smiled somewhat at the praise. "Thank you," he said, leaning in to nuzzle Merlin's hand, then the inside of his knee.

He was still trembling.

"Shh..." Merlin murmured quietly, trying to be an anchor for Arthur. A quick glance around the nearby tables showed he wasn't the only one. After all, ending up in the clutches of a guy like that was one of any sub's worst nightmares, and even Doms would get antsy around them, though it was less getting nervous and more getting enraged.

Looking back down at Arthur, Merlin undid his fly and pulled out his cock. He brought up Arthur's hands to his hips, his arms draped over Merlin's thighs, and then he curled a gentle hand around Arthur's neck and pulled him in close, and without prompting, Arthur took Merlin's cock in his mouth. He fell into the comforting routine of sucking off Merlin, who rubbed his hands soothingly up and down Arthur's arms, and when he came, he softly rubbed the back of Arthur's neck as he pumped his seed down his throat.

"It's okay," Merlin said lowly as Arthur licked him clean. "You've got me, now."

Arthur responded by kissing the tip of Merlin's cock affectionately. Merlin looked up to see the sub girl from earlier sucking off Alvarr with Vivian directing. She was taken care of, then.

Turning back to Arthur, he stroked his hair as he lay his head on Merlin's knee.

"Let's finish watching, shall we?" Merlin offered, and Arthur smiled and nodded, tucking Merlin back in, before turning around. The basket of crisps was right where he'd left it, and as he settled in, he offered Merlin another chip. Merlin took it with a smile, stroked his hair, and turned his eyes back to the stage to watch.

Merlin had Arthur lay down on the bed, pushing his arms gently up and smoothing out his legs.

Once Arthur was laid out in the line Merlin wanted him in, Merlin retrieved his latest gift.

Arthur's eyes widened at the sight of the handcuffs that Merlin was twirling on his finger, keys in his other hand.

"Hold still," Merlin said simply, and straddled Arthur easily, leaning over him to work. He clasped one cuff around one wrist, looped the other one through a gap in the headboard, barely, and then brought it back around to clasp it around Arthur's other wrist. He sat back, and Arthur looked up to admire the glint of steel against his skin.

Arthur tugged hard on the handcuffs for a little bit, and smiled at the sounds they made.

"Great, aren't they?" Merlin murmured, bending at the waist to face Arthur, before capturing his lips with his own.

Arthur hummed into the kiss as Merlin entwined their lips and tongues, slithering a little to put just the right kind of pressure on Arthur, enough to drive him crazy, but not enough to bring him real relief. He grinned when Arthur moaned and tried to push up some more. Merlin pressed down with his hips.

He pulled away long enough to grab a small bottle from the bedside drawer, grinning down at Arthur as he held up the tingly lube.

Scooting down Arthur's thighs, Merlin shot Arthur a lecherous grin while he squeezed some of the lube onto his fingers, before he started on Arthur's cock. Arthur gasped as Merlin slowly rubbed in the lube in small, sensuous circles, trying to move his hips, success limited with Merlin sitting on his thighs. He went up the top of Arthur's cock, down the side, up, down, up, down, and even a bit around it, until Arthur's entire cock was slippery, and he was shivering and little whimpers were coming from his lips at the tingling feeling of the lube.

Merlin got up on his knees, and put his weight on a hand on Arthur's hip, and made Arthur watch as he took the remainder of the squeezed out lube, and reached behind himself. He didn't turn around for Arthur to see that, there's no way he'd be able to hold him down long enough to manage that, but he did let go all his movements and moans, almost exaggerating them but not quite, for Arthur's benefit. Arthur's eyes widened, his eyes locked on Merlin's cheek and lips, and his hips, as Merlin worked himself open, slowly.

Once he deemed himself ready, he slowly crawled up Arthur's body, and Arthur was jerking in the handcuffs, trying to follow along with the movements and unable to.

"Merlin," he gasped out. "Fu...fuck, already! Please!"

Merlin grinned, rubbed a little of the lube on his lips - it did have a nice, minty flavor to it - and then bending down to kiss Arthur's collar bone, his neck, his jaw, all the way up to his lips, leaving a trail of wet, tingling skin in his wake as he slowly, agonizingly slowly, lowered himself onto Arthur.

It was torture to make himself go so slowly, rather than just dropping and impaling himself on Arthur's. But Arthur's writhing movements and desperate noises made it totally worth it.

That, and the feeling of finally home he got deep in his guts once he finally settled on Arthur.

For a moment, he held himself. It was odd - he used to bottom all the time. At first, he and Arthur switched off, and then this BDSM thing started, and now he topped all the time. He still enjoyed this, but he didn't miss it as much as he thought he would.

"Merlin, please," Arthur said. "Please, please, please-"

"Shh..." Merlin crooned. He leaned forward, sliding himself up Arthur's cock, before thrusting back sharply, pushing himself down on Arthur at an angle that left him groaning when it hit his hotspot, and, yes, yes, yes-

Arthur's legs came up a bit, his knees nudging against his ribs and his heels against his arse, his legs cradling Merlin, and he drove up into Merlin's body with a long, stuttered gasp, as if he were coming up for air, before he let out his breath in a soft moan when Merlin continued the motion in waves, rocking into Arthur's body at a moderate pace, fast, but not fast enough.

"Arthur," Merlin gasped out, his lips seeking out Arthur's, finding, nipping, biting, Arthur opening his mouth to whatever Merlin wished to do. "Good, so good, you're so good, Arthur, do you have any idea? How magnificent a ride you are?"

Arthur let out a sound that may have started out as a moan but ended in a gasp, and he groaned when Merlin started laving his neck, murmuring endearments into the sweaty skin. "Mine, Arthur, oh, you're good, good and mine, I love you, Arthur, you have no idea!"

"M-M-Merlin!" Arthur cried out pleadingly.

Merlin clenched himself around Arthur, and as he reached his peak, breathed into Arthur's ear, "Come with me."

Arthur did. A high keen escaped his lips as he came inside Merlin, who spilled over, lining Arthur's stomach and chest with his come.

Merlin collapsed on Arthur's chest, the handcuffs jingling with the movement but then stilling as Arthur didn't move, laying absolutely still save for his breathing as he rode out the orgasm. Merlin's chest would press against his when they expanded, and for brief moments, he could feel their heartbeats pounding against each other in the most ancient rhythm in existence.

"Need to go to the loo or anything?" Merlin asked quietly, gently pushing some strands of hair off of Arthur's forehead before they got stuck with sweat. Arthur shook his head, and Merlin smiled, kissing his slave's forehead and getting up, a soft squelch sounding loud in the room as he pulled himself off Arthur's cock.

Grabbing a cloth and barely dampening it with warm water, he patted Arthur down with it and then with a fluffy dry towel after, cleaning him up and washing off the sweat and other fluids. When he was finished with that and Arthur was clean, Merlin headed for the bathroom and went through his own nightly routine.

Once clothed - in silk pajamas, so Arthur would have something nice against his skin, tonight - Merlin got into bed and pulled the covers over both of them, pulling the duvet up to their waists. Arthur was already drifting off, arms draped across the pillow, hands hanging limply, his hands also resting on the pillow, putting no pressure on his wrists now that he wasn't tugging at the handcuffs.

Merlin smiled at the sight of Arthur's tired satisfaction, the carefree easiness on his face, and leaned over to kiss Arthur, his lips, the tip of his nose, between his eyes, and finally, his forehead. Arthur's content countenance was graced with a sleepy smile as he snuggled up to Merlin, as Merlin wrapped his arms around Arthur.

"Goodnight," Arthur mumbled into Merlin's neck, curving his arms as much as he could without pressuring his wrists to cradle Merlin's head in them a little, resting his forehead under Merlin's chin.

"Goodnight," Merlin murmured back. "Love you." He wrapped himself completely around Arthur, and together, they drifted off to sleep.


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