Couples Collide...

Springing one sided denial separates couples, and so Greg Douglas and Lisa Cuddy take matters into their own hands.

Crossover fic between House M.D and Holby City. For those who don't watch one of them but the other, the storyline is easy enough to follow.

Chapter 2:

Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, Cuddy's Office...

'Jenna, Isaac,' said Lisa Cuddy from her desk to the two doctors that stood in her doorway. 'Are you looking forward to visiting England?'

'Very much so,' said Jenna.

'I did a little research,' said Isaac, straightening his tie. 'This hospital, Holby General, it's really shot up with modern technology. I heard that they have Robotics facilities and a new laser!'

'Don't get so excited Isaac,' said Jenna. 'We'll be there to work, not tinker with their toys.'

'It's good that he's getting excited,' said Cuddy. 'Your flight flies out at 8am tomorrow morning, and the CEO from Holby will collect you from the airport. An apartment's been rented for you close to the hospital, and I hope you have a great time.'

'I think we will,' said Jenna.

After Jenna and Isaac had left, Cuddy slid back from her desk just enough so that she could rest her head on the hard wood.

Today had not been the greatest day, and the pounding sensation in her head had only got worse, developing with a vengeance as her day had continued.

Inhaling deeply, she mentally ran through the things she had left to do today. She had sent Isaac and Jenna home to pack for the trip to England and had rung Mark Williams to make the final arrangements, so all of that was in hand. She had the clinic to attend to, to put a few hours in there, some paperwork to do, and then there was...

Hearing a tap on the door, she sighed heavily. House. She had no doubt that now he had a case to occupy his mind with, he wouldn't be tapping on her door as much to annoy her. Unless he wanted permission to do a procedure.

Waving him in, Cuddy said, 'You have a minute to pitch whatever it procedure it is to me, and what I say is final, okay?'

'Oooh someone's got their monthly curse,' said House mockingly like an old woman.

'Ever thought that I just don't like you?' she snapped.

'I'll shut up,' said House.

'That's wise,' she admitted. 'You have one minute...go.'

'Got a case, need a brain biopsy,' stated House.

'The file?' she asked.

'I knew I'd forgotten something,' he said, slamming his hand down on the desk a little too forcibly.

'Symptoms?' she asked, beginning to lose her patience at his intended idiocy and forgetfulness.

'Guy's blinking like crazy,' declared House.

'And you want a brain biopsy?' she asked, an air of sarcasm to her voice. 'Sure, go ahead, where do I sign?'

'Seriously?' asked House.

'No you jackass!' she exclaimed. 'This is beyond a joke, get out of my office!'

'You sure it's not that time of the month?' asked House.

'Yes!' she yelled. 'It's not that time of the month for me! Now go away! Or even better, forget your pathetic symptomless pointless case and go and do some clinic hours!'

'Low blow,' said House, mock seriously. 'You cannot seriously tell me that it makes you feel good to take samples of genitals, urine samples and examine a billion noses and throats for a simple cold?'

'It humbles me,' she replied snappily. 'It'll do you wonders...'

'Ahh, you've tried once before to humble me, and I believe it failed,' said House to remind her. 'All of that pain that worried you and Wilson. Was it physical? Was it psychological? All of those unanswered questions.'

Even though it didn't show on his face, she knew that he was dying to smirk at her.

'Go to the clinic, take another case, annoy Wilson, watch your soaps, play on your game boy, annoy the ducklings, call Thirteen thirty one because she likes it either way, appreciate Chase's hair, mock Taub's nose and his marriage and torment Foreman about his juvenile record. Do anything, but stay out of my sight!' she said, the tone of her voice low and warning.

Knowing how to take a hint, House said, 'Fine. Can I have the biopsy though?'

'Go away!' she roared. 'You picked the wrong day to annoy me!'

Holding his hands up, House said, 'I'm going...'

'Good!' she retorted.

Newark Airport...

'Got everything packed Jen?' asked Isaac.

'I sure have,' she replied, patting her suitcase. 'It should be an interesting trip.'

'Yeah!' he agreed enthusiastically. 'I can't wait to meet everyone!'

'Lisa gave us a little file about the hospital,' said Jenna. 'According to that, in Cardiology, otherwise known as Darwin Ward, there is Connie Beauchamp, high powered senior surgeon who's in Princeton while we're in Holby. Gregory Douglas, Irish ladies man, also in Princeton. Elliot Hope, friendly consultant, good sense of humour and Joseph Byrne, son of a Lord, by all means very good at what he does.'

'Sounds like a great bunch of people,' he replied. 'I can't wait to meet them.'

'Me either,' replied Jenna.

Bristol Airport...

'Ah, come on Connie!' pleaded Greg. 'This will be a great trip!'

'Oh really?' she asked.

'Yeah,' he replied enthusiastically.

'Mark Williams will rue the day he pulled rank on me!' she said angrily.

'Are you not over that yet?' he asked, bemused.

'It hasn't been that long,' she spat at him. 'We'll manage though, just about, I guess. As long as you behave yourself...'

'I will if you will,' he remarked.

Connie ignored his remark and turned her attention to 4 year old Grace, who was standing by her holding her hand.

'Gracie,' she said gently. 'I'm sorry that you got dragged along on this pointless trip.'

'It's okay Mummy,' she said happily. 'Gonna be fun!'

'I very much doubt that,' she said to herself quietly.