Couples Collide...

Springing one sided denial separates couples, and so Greg Douglas and Lisa Cuddy take matters into their own hands.

Crossover fic between House M.D and Holby City. For those who don't watch one of them but the other, the storyline is easy enough to follow.

Sorry for not posting as often as I should, I have so many in progress fics and real life is getting me down and keeping me busy at the moment.

'Stop!' exclaimed Grace. 'No fight!'

'Okay Grace, we won't,' said Greg reassuringly.

'Don't make promises that you can't keep,' spat Connie.

'We'll be landing in a few minutes,' said Greg. 'Can we be civil until then?'

'I guess,' replied Connie, turning away from Greg, with a grimace.

'Well we've been civil,' stated Connie as they wandered through the arrivals gate. 'Must be a record, we've been polite for a whole half an hour.'

'Miracle,' remarked Greg as they wound their way through the crowds. 'How are we going to find this Dr Cuddy?'

'She should be holding up a piece of paper with our names on it,' replied Connie. 'Should be around here somewhere, in theory.

Seeing a crowd of people with pieces of paper held up, they went over and found a man and a woman standing with the piece with their names on.

'You must be Drs Beauchamp and Douglas,' said Cuddy with a smile. 'Dr Lisa Cuddy, Dean of Medicine at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. This is Dr James Wilson, my second in command.'

Shaking their hands, Connie and Greg said in unison, 'Pleasure to meet you.'

'We thought that we'd take you straight from the airport to the apartment that you'll be sharing while you're here, so you can get settled in,' suggested Wilson.

'That sounds like a plan,' said Connie. 'We're all a little bit groggy.'

'Jet lag's a lot to get used to,' said Cuddy. 'But you'll have a few days to get used to the time difference, settle in, get acquainted with the hospital and staff before the real work starts.'

'That would be great,' replied Greg.

'Dr Beauchamp, would you like me to carry your suitcase?' asked Wilson. 'You look like you've got your hands full there.'

'Thank you Dr Wilson,' she replied. 'Grace is a little bit weary, so she's kind of glued herself to me. And call me Connie.'

'Only if you call me James, or Jim, whichever you like,' he replied, picking up the suitcase and following Cuddy's lead out to the parking lot.

As Cuddy, Connie and Grace slid into the back of the car, Greg and Wilson loaded up the trunk, and took their places in the front.

'So,' said Wilson as he drove. 'What is it like in Holby?'

'There's not a lot going on to be honest,' admitted Greg. 'For a city, it's on the small side.'

'It's quite close to the countryside though,' said Connie. 'Always good if you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.'

'And the hospital?' asked Cuddy.

'The hospital is second to none,' replied Connie. 'The ward we work on, Darwin; is a centre of excellence.'

'And our CEO, he's a great guy,' said Greg. 'Used to be a consultant nurse, so he really knows what it's like to be on the front line of medicine. Definitely the most understanding CEO I've ever worked with.'

'Oh yeah, Mark Williams is it?' asked Cuddy. 'I remember talking on the phone with him.'

'Yeah,' replied Connie through gritted teeth. 'He is good at his job.'

Later...The Apartment.

'Well guys, this is where you're going to be staying,' said Wilson, pointing to the apartment and handing them the keys.

'It has three bedrooms,' said Cuddy. 'So one for each of you.'

'We hope you'll be comfortable here. But beware of your neighbour,' said Wilson.

'Why would we have to beware?' asked Greg.

'Your neighbour at 2B is also a Doctor at the hospital,' said Cuddy. 'A Dr House.'

Connie smirked. 'I've heard about him from Mark. Apparently he doesn't have the greatest of temperaments.'

'That's an understatement,' replied Wilson quietly. 'But it shouldn't be too bad living next door to him. I'm assured that the walls are very soundproof so he won't disturb you.'

'So what department does Dr House work in?' asked Greg after a long pause.

'Diagnostics,' replied Cuddy. 'You probably don't have a department like that at your hospital. The only reason we have ours is so that we can keep Dr House working here. He's a world renowned diagnostician. When people have lost all hope of diagnosis, they go to him.'

'Sounds like a smart guy,' commented Greg.

'Believe me, he knows it,' replied Wilson.

As they went through the door to the apartment building, they bumped into House.

'Cudddyyyy!' he exclaimed, noticing her and Connie. 'You brought me a hooker? And you're here? Threesome?'

'You wish,' replied Connie before Cuddy could get a word in edgeways. 'Connie Beauchamp, Clinical Lead.'

'Wow, you're British!' said House excitedly. 'That's hot! You're hot!'

'House, behave,' said Wilson.

'What is this, a gang bang?' asked House.

'Sorry about this, Connie and Greg, he has really bad people skills,' said Cuddy apologetically.

'Connie, I should sooo introduce you to one of my Ducklings Chase, he's British too, and he has great hair' said House, ignoring everyone else's presence.

'Chase is Australian,' said Cuddy. 'And House, he's one of your fellows, not a Duckling.'

'He had the Queen on his money, he's British,' replied House. 'So PartyPants, when's our next private party?'

Pushing him into his apartment, Cuddy said to the others, 'Wilson, please show Connie, Greg and Grace around their apartment while I lecture my colleague for being an ass.'

'Will do,' he replied, leading them into the door at the other end of the hall.

Getting all of the bags in, Wilson shut the door and said, 'I'm sorry you had to see that.'

'To be honest, I'm not sure what I saw,' replied Connie.

'Yeah me too,' agreed Greg.

'House and Cuddy have a past, they go back 20 years or so. They were at college together in Michigan, they had a one night thing, he left, she was heartbroken, etc. She gave him a job after he kept getting fired, and they have a, let's say, tenuous relationship,' he explained. 'He enjoys mocking her, arguing with her, berating her, insulting her, defying her, but there's something there between them.'

'Wow that's complicated stuff,' said Greg.

'I've been stuck in the middle of it for as long as I can remember and it still confuses me,' stated Wilson. 'But yeah, they have issues. I guess I'll leave you guys to settle in, and go play mediator next door.'

'Okay,' said Connie. 'Thanks James.'

'You're welcome Connie,' he replied.

As he left, he shut the door behind him.

'Bizarre,' said Greg. 'Totally and utterly bizarre. What do you reckon?'

'It's definitely strange,' said Connie. 'But they seem like nice people.'

'Except House,' replied Greg.

'Even House seems okay,' replied Connie. 'A little misunderstood though, I think.'

'Kindred spirit?' asked Greg.

'Perhaps Greg, perhaps,' she replied.