Couples Collide...

Springing one sided denial separates couples, and so Greg Douglas and Lisa Cuddy take matters into their own hands.

Crossover fic between House M.D and Holby City. For those who don't watch one of them but the other, the storyline is easy enough to follow.

Sorry for not posting as often as I should, I have so many in progress fics and real life is keeping me very busy at the moment. I start a new school on Monday and so will not be around as often as I'd like to.

As he left, he shut the door behind him.

'Bizarre,' said Greg. 'Totally and utterly bizarre. What do you reckon?'

'It's definitely strange,' said Connie. 'But they seem like nice people.'

'Except House,' replied Greg.

'Even House seems okay,' replied Connie. 'A little misunderstood though, I think.'

'Kindred spirit?' asked Greg.

'Perhaps Greg, perhaps,' she replied.

After a long silence, Connie said, 'Gracie, how about you go and pick a bedroom?'

'Yeah!' exclaimed Grace, setting off down the hallway in search of a room.

Sitting down, Greg said, 'I hope we can be civil for the next month Connie, I really do. We'll find a way to have some time alone, apart from each other. Perhaps that will stop us from killing each other.'

'Perhaps,' said Connie quietly. 'We have a weekend off in a few weeks, and Grace and I won't be around from the Friday evening until late Sunday evening.'

'How come?' asked Greg, fiddling with a bit of lint that he had found previously on his leg.

As Greg finished his sentence, Connie's phone began to ring. He shifted back a few inches as Connie answered it.

'Connie Beauchamp,' she said in her usual tone, slightly steely and stern.

'Who is it?' said Greg quietly, Connie silencing him with a wave of her hand.

'Hi,' said Connie, her voice softening. 'Yeah, we'll be over on the Friday night, we're taking the train down. Grace? She's just scouting the apartment for a bedroom, I'll get her.'

'Oh, I wonder who that was,' said Greg sarcastically, rolling his eyes. Lowering his tone and muttering slightly, he said, 'Sam Mark 2 my arse!'

Ignoring him, Connie shouted, 'Grace, your father's on the phone.'

'Daddy!' she squealed, running into the room and taking the phone. 'Daddy! We gonna come see you? Yay! Friday? Yeah! I've been a good girl! Love you...'

Grace gave the phone back to Connie, who said, 'She can't wait to see you Sam, it's really been too long. We'll see you soon. Bye.'

Putting the phone down, she said to Greg, 'There was really no need for that.'

'No need for what?' asked Greg, feigning ignorance.

'Don't be an idiot Greg,' she spat at him. 'I know you have a problem with Sam, but like it or lump it, he is Grace's father.'

'I go into bedroom,' said Grace, sneaking out.

'Whether I have a problem with Sam or not doesn't matter,' replied Greg loudly. 'It's not as if I have the right to give a damn!'

'You sure don't,' shouted Connie. 'They might call you Sam Mark 2 at the hospital back in Holby, the absent minded fools that they are, but that doesn't give you the right to pass judgment on someone that you've never met.'

'I am not Sam Strachan,' roared Greg.

'I know,' said Connie, her voice dripping with sass and sarcasm. 'I was on the phone from him a few minutes ago. Would be pretty pointless talking to him on the phone if he was in the room.'

'I can't talk to you when you're like this,' said Greg, standing up and heading down the corridor. 'I'm off to find my room.'

'So I get last choice?' said Connie to herself. 'Whatever happened to chivalry?'

Huffing to herself, she wheeled Grace's suitcase up to her room and pulled it through the door. She found Grace sitting on the floor, tears spilling from her eyes.

'Oh Gracie,' she said, sitting down beside her daughter and holding her close.

'Don't like it when you fight,' said Grace sobbingly.

'I know,' said Connie. 'I don't like it either.'

'Why do it?' she asked, sniffing slightly.

'Sometimes adult fight,' said Connie. 'For lots of reasons.'

'Like you and Daddy?' she asked.

'Yeah,' said Connie.

'That's why Daddy left,' said Grace, bowing her head slightly.

'Oh no Grace, please don't think that. It wasn't anything to do with us. Your Daddy left to go and look after your brother in New York. It made him very sad to leave us behind, but he had to think of Keiron.'

'We go see him soon?' asked Grace.

'Yes,' said Connie. 'He's got a busy weekend planned for us.'

'Yay,' said Grace, wiping the tears from her eyes. 'You sing a song to me? I'm tired...'

'Okay,' said Connie, propping the suitcase up against the wall. 'We can unpack when you wake up.'

'Where's Olly?' asked Grace.

'Here she is,' said Connie, handing her the little stuffed toy.

'Olly likes Olly,' said Grace with a grin.

'Yes he does,' said Connie, a bemused smile on her face. Grace had named her teddy Olly after meeting Oliver Valentine, but the catch was that Grace had declared the teddy to be a girl. Oliver had had to put up with the stick ever since.

'I like Olly,' said Grace sleepily.

'Of course you do,' said Connie, getting Grace undressed and into her pajamas. Tucking her into bed, she said, 'What song do you want me to sing to you?'

'River,' said Grace.

'Okay,' said Connie, clearing her throat.

Hush now my baby
Be still and don't cry,
sleep like you're rocked by the stream
Sleep and remember, my lullaby
and I'll be with you when you dream

Drift on a river
that flows through my arms
Drift as I'm singing to you,
I see you smiling, so peaceful and calm
Holding you I'm smiling too

Here in my arms
safe from all harm
holding you I'm smiling too

Hush now my baby
Be still and don't cry,
sleep like you're rocked by the stream
Sleep and remember, my lullaby
and I'll be with you when you dream

Here in my arms
safe from all harm
holding you I'm smiling too

Sleep and remember, this river lullaby
I'll be with you when you dream

I'll be with you when you dream

'Sleep well Gracie,' she said, kissing her forehead and leaving, noticing Greg in the doorway.

'You have a beautiful singing voice,' said Greg quietly. 'I've never heard you sing before.'

'Thank you,' said Connie.

'Truce?' he asked.

'It's what we do worst,' said Connie, sliding past him and heading to the kitchen.

'Yes it is,' said Greg. 'Would you like a cup of tea before you go to bed?'

'It feels strange to say that,' said Connie. 'It's only lunchtime after all. I think that I will go to bed now and skip the tea, I'm exhausted.'