Couples Collide...

Springing one sided denial separates couples, and so Greg Douglas and Lisa Cuddy take matters into their own hands.

Crossover fic between House M.D and Holby City. For those who don't watch one of them but the other, the storyline is easy enough to follow.

Sorry for not posting as often as I should, I have so many in progress fics and real life is keeping me very busy at the moment. I've also started a new school, and have been starting my A-levels. Have so much homework it is unreal, but I will post as often as I can.

'Truce?' he asked.

'It's what we do worst,' said Connie, sliding past him and heading to the kitchen.

'Yes it is,' said Greg. 'Would you like a cup of tea before you go to bed?'

'It feels strange to say that,' said Connie. 'It's only lunchtime after all. I think that I will go to bed now and skip the tea, I'm exhausted.'

'Connie, Connie,' said Greg softly, gently nudging her.

'Mmmmm?' asked Connie, stretching out her limbs and yawning.

'You've got to get out of bed,' he said softly.

'Why?' asked Connie, rubbing her eyes. 'What time is it?'

'Lunchtime,' said Greg.

'i've been asleep for 24 hours?' asked Connie in disbelief.

'Yup,' said Greg, smiling at her. 'I've only been up for an hour myself. I'll go and get Grace up in a minute and make brunch.'

'Brunch,' repeated Connie.

'Well, technically it's lunch,' said Greg. 'But we haven't had breakfast yet, so I deem it brunch.'

'Brunch it is,' said Connie. 'What are you making?'

'I thought that I'd make scrambled eggs, toast, little bit of fruit salad, plenty of jet lag busting coffee and yoghurt?' asked Greg. 'They filled the fridge for us.'

'Sounds very much like breakfast,' said Connie, smirking.

'No,' said Greg, defiantly shaking his head. 'It is most definitely brunch.'

'If you say so,' said Connie, partially laughing at him.

Sitting by the side of the bed, Greg said, 'Are we okay now?'

'Yeah,' replied Connie. 'We both said things we regretted saying, and now we've agreed to a truce.'

'It's just that I'd really like us at least to be friends,' said Greg quietly.

'At least?' asked Connie. 'What is that meant to mean?'

'Never mind,' said Greg. 'How about you test out the new bath and I'll wake up Grace and get her sorted. She can watch those cartoons that Americans wave about while I work my magic in the kitchen.'

'Magic?' asked Connie. 'I can still taste your morning after the night before fry up. Never again.'

'I've changed,' said Greg. 'Anyway, you, bathroom, now. You look shattered.'

'I am,' said Connie. 'It's like a hangover but without the alcohol and the fun night before.'

'Go on,' said Greg. 'Have a long hot soak, you'll feel a lot better. Out of bed you get.'

'Okay,' she said, getting out of bed and revealing her very naked body to him.

'Connie!' he exclaimed, covering his eyes. 'You should have made me leave!'

'You told me to get out of bed,' she said innocently.

'But I never knew you were naked, I thought you had pajamas on!' he said.

'Greg, you have shared a bed with me a few times. You should know by now that I don't wear pajamas, ever,' she said. 'And besides, it's nothing you haven't seen before.'

'Connie,' he said. 'When I saw it all before, we were in a relationship, sort of...Now it's just wrong.'

'Thought you'd enjoy the opportunity to see me in all my glory again,' she said.

'There's a lot of glory, believe you me,' he said. 'I love your body and you know it. But I don't get to see it anymore, it breaks the rules...'

'Never been one for rules myself,' said Connie.

'I don't doubt that for a second,' replied Greg. 'I'm going to leave the room now, once I'm gone, feel free to take your naked self to the bathroom.'

'Will do,' she replied as he left. All the while, she couldn't help but wonder. Why did he want them to be at least friends. What did at least mean?


'Hey Mummy,' said Grace in the living room as she saw Connie enter.

'Morning gorgeous,' said Connie. 'Afternoon even...Is Greg in the kitchen?'

'Yeah,' said Grace. 'Greggo Douggo.'

'Greggo Douggo,' she said to herself. 'I'll have to ask Greg about that one.'

Alejandro, Alejandro, Alejandro

Ale-Ale-jandro, Ale-Ale-jandro

'Never had you for Lady Gaga,' said Connie in the doorway of the living room looking into the kitchen.

'Ahh,' said Greg. 'She's freaky, but her songs are catchy. How was your bath?'

'Good thanks,' replied Connie. 'Why does Grace call you Greggo Douggo?'

'I got a phone call from Lisa Cuddy while you were in the bath, I answered it saying 'Greg Douglas' and Grace now likes to call me Greggo Douggo. Guess she can't say Douglas,' said Greg.

'It's cute,' she replied. 'What did Lisa Cuddy have to say?'

'Just wanted to know how we were settling in,' said Greg. 'And to tell us that we weren't expected to start work until Tuesday.'

'Good,' said Connie. 'When's our hospital tour?'

'Monday,' said Greg. 'So we have the weekend to relax…'