Carter rushed to the house quickly when she spotted her dads car sat outside, after barging into the house she started to search for her dad.

"Dad? Dad?" She shouted then caught a quick glimpse of him outside the window catching bait on the pier, she smiled brightly and rushed to her room to throw her bag down, she opened the door and without looking threw her bag at the window it wasn't until she heard a small squeal that she turned back fearing the worse- that a snobby princess was forced to share her room again- she slowly turned around and saw not one but two young ladies stood by the window.

"Ozma that hurt!" Azkadellia (Alex) blurted out, Carter was confused.

"Who's Ozma?" She asked that is when Az looked up, she had to remember that she was not in the zone anymore and so she had to blend in because that is what it took to protect her family and friends.

"No-one!" DG (Danielle) blurted out suddenly. Carter thought for a minute then shook her head to dismiss her thoughts.

"Who are you?" She asked, Az and DG looked at each other then answered.

"I am Azka... I'm mean Alex" Az answered,

"And I am Dee... I mean Danielle" DG answered. Carter crossed her arms,

"Princesses?" She asked, Az and DG looked surprised should she know that? Would she tell Zero where they were? Wait she couldn't she is on the other side.

"You won't tell will you?" Az asked, Carter shook her head.

"I see you have met Alex and Danielle" A voice said from behind Carter spun around and hugged her father.

"Dad!" She exclaimed happily and after a few seconds released her grip.

"I need you to take the girls to school with you" Joe told her. Carter sighed,

"Dad I am tired of teaching princesses how to be normal!" She moaned, she did not turn to see the insulted look that was painted on the girls faces.

"Carter!" Her father said giving her "that look" again. She sighed.

"Fine who do I say they are?"

"Cousins" He replied,

"Again? People are going to think our whole family is weird!" Carter turned around and smiled at Az and DG "No offence"

"None taken" DG smiled then when she turned away she mumbled "jerk!" Az nudged her sister and DG quickly got the message.

"Come on pal they really need to keep their heads down" He told her, suddenly Carter seemed to be struck by sadness.

"Yeah" She replied, "So did Rosie" Joe sighed,

"Rosie was a sweet girl and you kept her safe do the same for Alex and Danielle" He smiled warmly. Carter sighed and nodded her head, Joe left so the girls could talk.

Meanwhile back in the outer zone. Ahamo, Lavender, Ambrose, Tutor, Raw, Jeb, Kalm and Cain were escorted into the throne room where Zero sat upon the kings' throne, smirking evilly. Currently Zero did have the power to lock everyone in front of him away. He ordered his men to release the captives, roughly they were all released from the tight grip.

"Why hello everyone" He mused sarcastically, everyone remained silent. He stood and began to pace in front of his prisoners. "Where are your darling girls?" He stopped in front of the king and queen, if he locked away Az and DG he would possess the power to fully inherit the throne and the OZ.

"Somewhere you will never find them" The queen replied coldly. "They are safe!"

"For now" Zero smiled.

"Just what do you mean by that?" The king asked, Zero walked over to him.

"Azkadellia and DG are still just girls they will contact their family" He smiled wickedly looking at Lavender and Ahamo, "Or their friends" He said looking over at the others. "And when she does we will locate them and bring them back here by force"