"Stormy!" I couldn't think my mouth took over.

"What have you done?" I waved my hand at Icy out cold lying on the floor of the Red Fountain boy's room.

"Darcy I'm sorry I- I didn't mean to I-I'm sorry" Stormy hung her head down.

I held up my fists they glowed purple with my eyes I pulled my arm back the power growing. I shot. Her head whipped up and she ducked, lucky girl. I shot again

But my shot was interrupted by a sudden pain in my stomach. I fell to all fours and clenched my stomach which was dripping with crimson blood and purple fluid and bellow it a dart with the remains of the strange fluid.

My vision started to get a little blurry and my head fuzzy, the last thing I could remember was stormy running towards and the Red Fountain boy holding a dart gun a scared look on his face.

I woke up to crying and pain. But it was the person crying that scared me more than the fact I had been shot with a dart containing a strange mix I could have died from. In fact I could have died and I still would have been more scared of the Stormy.

The only other time I had seen her cry was when she was little and it still wasn't that much. And then there was the Red Fountain boy what was his name Hela? Healo?

Her scared and quiet sobs continued. "She's not dead she should be conscious within a few minutes

"I know but…I feel really bad" she was now on the floor head in hands

"Stormy it doesn't have to be this way-"

"Healia I love you but I love my sisters too and…and family comes first" it was quiet for a long time after that. My stomach ached and I moaned.

"Darcy!" Stormy leaped up and helped to picked me up.

"You see what you've done! My sister is hurt because of you!" she yelled. I almost belived her, but I caught her hooting a desperate look at him.

"Come on" she yanked me to Icy.

"Do you think you can transport us back?" I shrugged. I was pretty out of energy but I figured I would try. I limped over to Icy to help carry her.

"Don't, you're too injured. I can handle it."

"You sure"

"Yeah" fine storm wants to be a Strong, bad girl let her. I took us home.