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"Y-you know I just remembered I have to be somewhere-like now so I'll just be going and-"

"Oh no you don't, Sit!" I cast a motionless spell on her. "Good girl," I smirked


"Now care to tell me what's going on?"


"Or do you need a little persuasion?" my eyes glowed as I rose.

"Darcy!" I finally took notice of the witch tapping her foot with a questioning look on her face, Icy.

"Don't you know not to play ball in the house?" she shook her head, then smiled. "Now care to tell me what's going on?" I grinned and told her all I knew. First she looked at me, then Stormy, and then she just stared. Her eyes welled up and she started to laugh hysterically.

"You…Him…F-fountain boy…to-together?" was all we could make out from the constant laughter. Once she had calmed herself Icy snapped her fingers and we appeared outside.

"Now who's up for a little witch off?" she asked.

"Ok but what are the bets?"

"I was getting to that, if Darcy wins stormy spills,"

"And if I win"

"Cool it! I was getting to that! If you win um…"

"You both jump of that tree," she gestured to a rather tall tree. "Into the river."

"Wait both of us? This is your little quarrel not mine!"

"Yeah well do you want to find out or not?"

"Fine… we'll jump Ok, happy now?"

"Enlightened" bad idea, Icy was gonna be pissed I was a bit nervous.

"Darcy you better not blow this for us" she growled

"Who, me?"

"Don't play dumb with me little miss darkness!"

"Its lady, lady of darkness. Much better then heart, I mean I would expect that from a pixie-"

"Hey you listen here-"Our heads were practically touching

"Guys!" we jerked our heads to stormy

"What?" man that sounded so cool in unison.

"Who says Icy can fight? The two of you will beat me for sure!" Icy grinned at that thought.

"Well we could have three rounds, than it would be fair."

"Fine first round Darcy and Stormy." I grinned at this I had Caught Stormy at her worst. She was being pulled down by her secret, and the thought we would find out.

"Think of a joke little lady?"


"Then wipe that grin of your face- you know what I'll help you!" she shot out tornado at me and I barley dodged it. I forgot a little something about Stormy, the more scared or nervous she is, the sicker and twisted she gets.

After I had multiplied myself I blasted her with a little dark magic and hit her squarely to the floor. Round one: Darcy.

After Icy finally cracked in round two and said her fill of insults it was me and Stormy. Then I realized a small, important detail. Mind reading.

How could I forget? Now to finish the deed.

"Why don't you just give up now? You can't hold off your dirty little secret for long."

Trying Concentrate while dodging constant shots is not easy.

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