A/N. Hey, I was looking back over the Manga, and I got to this part where Eve was saying something about beating Train, and someone's fanfiction inspired this…forgot what it was, but it won't be like theirs.

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I'm going to beat you Train.

Ever since she was saved by Sven, she's wanted to pay him back. She's wanted to save herself, or save them. Sven and Train. But Sven was the one to save her, so she wants to be his partner. That means she has to get rid of Train. That incorrigible, stupid, carefree Black Cat. The assassin that she'd been chasing. Her game never ended.

I'm going to beat you Train.

So she made it her goal to become a better sweeper than the notorious Black Cat. She tagged along on missions, and sometimes went out on her own. But somehow, Train was everywhere. He always got to the target, maybe not first, but he got there. And he caught them. She'd been really devastated when the whole Igor Planter incident happened. She was positive that she would get the bounty and bring it back to Sven in a matter of minutes. However, she wasn't counting on the Toa the man had drunk. So when she had to be rescued, she was mortified that Train was the first to show up. So she kept telling him her life long goal, never getting too close.

I'm going to beat you Train.

Three years passed, and Train eventually got over Saya's death and getting revenge. He was fully focused on any job they came up against. Eve was still planning on becoming a better sweeper than Train. She wanted to stop being called 'Princess' and start being called 'Warrior'. So when she went off one day, she was completely expecting Train to follow her. He had this knight in shining armor complex. But she was sick of being the damsel in distress. And when she got to the hideout, the fight started. Train was the one that got hurt. Sven showed up just as she was knocking the last person out, and she turned to look at him with a smile on her face. Train was off to her right, bleeding and unconscious.

Train, I beat you…

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