Disclamier: I do not Own Angry Beavers or Invader Zim

*It was a dark and Stormy night, the rain poured down hard, Dib was looking out his window in a bored why, He says "I hope it stops by tommorrow" He said..

*Down the street at zims house he was in the lab working on his newest invention. "Gir i think i will finnaly get rid of Dib once and for all! with my thing that will put dib in a diffent universe" Zim said

*Gir giggles "Master! Piggy is teaching me how to sing, Oink Oink" he squeels happily and hugs his pig.

*Piggy just had his blank face on.

*zim rolled is eyes. "This machine will work. i know it will! he has a happy face on

*"Ohhhhhhhhh What this do? What that do? !" Gir says before pressing random buttons.

*"GIR! Stop it! Zim yelled "you will brake my plan!

*Gir keeps pressing buttons and giggles.

*"GIR STOP IT THIS ISTANT! Zim tried to stop gir form pushing the buttons

*Gir presses one button and he activates the Machine, he then blinks and goes "Ohhhhhhhhh" while smiling.

*" yes Gir, now move out of my way! "Zim pushes Gir and cont working on the machine

*Gir turns the Machine on and a bright light covers them and sucks them in.

*" Gir! go play with pig! ill tell you when im done! Zim was starting to get pissed off*

*Zim suddenly sees he and Gir is in a world.

*Gir looks around "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" he said as he sees two Beaver's.

*Daggett and Norbert Beaver looked into the machine. "who are you? they said to zim and gir

*Gir squeels "HIIIII, I'M GIR, DID YOU SEE MY PIG?" He yells happily.

*Zim looked at Dag and Norb and said "what are you?"

*Dagget says "We are beavers, What are you?" he asks, Gir giggles.

Zim tilted his head "you dont look like beavers" im um...a human? he was trying to cover the fact that he is an alien

*Dagget laughs "Norb, This human is green" He says laughing hard, Gir wanders away.

Norb looks at Zim " Dag, your right..he doesnt look like a human"

*Dagget nods "He looks diffrent, Like a living Snot thing" he said.

"I am NOT a SNOT thing you-fuzzy talking bagers! Zim yelled loudly

*Dagget shows his tail "Beaver!, I am a Beaver and so is my brother " he says.

*Zim Snoted "pfft whatever. WHY are you here in MY base?"

*Dagget points that they are actully at Norbert and Dagget's Den.

zim was shocked "where did my base go?"

*Dagget shrugged "Your green thing walked off".

*"GIR? greattttttt, hes off doing something stupid" Zim rolled his eyes

*Dib was at zims house, wondering where half of his house went. Dib sneeks inside and falls in the machine. " AHHH" he yelled

*Dagget laughs "Norb he is wieerdd" he says.

*Dib lands on top of Zim "AHH where am i?

*Norb looked at Dag, then zim, then dib "yes dag-butt, your wierd too"

*Dagget looks at Norbert "Sometimes I wish I was an Only Beaver child".. He says.

*Norbert looks at Daggett "same here brotherrr"

*Dib was still ontop of zim trying to get off. He looks at Dag and Norb. "Zim where are we?"

*Dagget looked at Them and folds his arms in a 'I'm mad at you' look.