A/N: Next Sexual Harrassment chapter almost done. Just fixing the ending. This is a one-shot based of Callen's "Traffic School" experience. It's not the best, I wrote it in like five minutes. But review anyway? I also could not remember the blonde's name at all, so I keep refering to her as, "the blonde." Was her name even mentioned? I don't remember.

Spoliers for 1x17, if you haven't seen that episode.

Callen and the blonde walked side by side out of the hall, and into the car park, pausing at the door. "It's too bad," she told Callen affectionately, leaning in to kiss him on the cheek, whispering in his ear, "We could've had a good time."

"I've just got a lot of work going on at the moment that I can't get away from," Callen sighed, wishing he could go on holidays with this blonde, whom he found extremely hot, but knew he would miss his work too much to do so.

He felt a hand in his back pocket, and the blonde pulled back, smiling at him. "My number, call me some time?"

"You bet," Callen grinned, his grin falling of his face as he saw Sam and Kensi, leaning against his car. When they saw him, they both mounted of the car and walked towards him, and he frowned at them. Why were they here?

"Hey guys, what are you doing here?"

Sam gave the blonde a once over, who smirked at him in response. "We came to give you a lift back to work," Sam shrugged.

"I can drive now you know," he responded sternly, looking between Sam and the blonde who smiled politely back at him.

"I'll see you," she excused herself from the group, heading across the car park to her silver convertible, getting into the drivers seat and pulling out, driving off, all eyes on her.

"She's cute," Kensi commented, as Sam walked back to his car to drive back to work, wrapping an arm around Callen. Callen leant closer to her, as they walked across to his car, waving at Sam who honked at them, telling them that he's see them back at work and they'd better not beat him there.

Kensi used her free arm to reach into Callen's pocket, pulling out his keys, running the rest of the way to his car, Callen chasing her. They reached the car and after a brief struggle for the keys, Kensi won, getting into the drivers seat.

"You're a worse driver then me," he complained, getting into the passenger seat.

"Oh suck it up," Kensi complained, backing out, "it's only because you got caught and I didn't."

There was silence for the next ten minutes, until Kensi broke the silence, turning to face Callen, before looking back at the road. "You going to call her?"

"Nah," he sighed, feeling the number in his pocket. "Not my type." Kensi rolled her eyes at his comment.


"Kens, honestly, I'm happy with my life the way it is now. Thanks, though."

"You're welcome," she shrugged, pulling into the small side street which housed their work and their lives for the next few years seeing Sam leaning against his car, arms folded across his chest waiting for them.

"You know," Sam spoke as the piled out of the car, "I didn't think you could drive that slow."

"Maybe I learnt a few things the past few days, including the dangers of driving over the speed limit," Callen joked, walking step by step besides his partner.

"Yeah right!"