Hello for the third time, Gundam fans. My name is Maderfole, and I'm pleased to welcome you back into my world. If this is your first time encountering me, well, count yourself as pretty lucky for one, but more importantly, in order to have the faintest clue about what is going on in this story... and I mean even the faintest clue... then you should read the two prequel stories of The Golden Age trilogy, Book 1 Gundam Seed: Chaotic Cosmos and Book 2 The Eden Disaster, before you continue any further. I will await your return eagerly, but do be warned, you'll be a while at it. I think the fastest anyone has ever read both stories is 3 weeks. Which is understandable, since they are each more than 1 million words long. Its a daunting number, I realize, but it just means that there is that much more awesome stuff to read and encounter in them. If you aren't convinced, I invite you to take a random sampling from pretty much any reviews of any chapter in either story, and listen to what your peers have to say.

This next story, Book 3 of The Golden Age trilogy, The Reclamation War, takes place roughly 7 years after the End of Book 2. Its a pretty big time gap, but given what happened in ED, there is a lot to recover from, and no reason for major conflict to have started up in the interim. Until now of course. Like all of my stories, this one involves fighting, involves war. What does that mean? Brutality, death, violence, blood, gore and pain, often on large scales, just as often on a personal level. Men and women and even children get hurt and killed in this story. Its sad, I know. But its also real. For a long time I was seriously considering rating this whole story "M", but I think it will only be certain chapters and story arcs that really push my tolerance limit, and such chapters will have the "Mature content" warning at the top. Given that everything I have had in my past two stories I consider Teen content, most people should take me seriously when I say that the Mature warning, when seen, will be something to pay heed to.

Usually this is the point where an author puts in a disclaimer about how they don't own the series they are fanfictioning, etc, etc. I don't think that really applies to me anymore, not like it does for most stories. It is true I don't own Gundam Seed or Gundam Seed Destiny franchises, and I did at one point in time draw heavily upon their intellectual property for the background setting and base characters of my fics, but at the time of Reclamation War, the world is now my own, the Canon characters have become my own versions of them, as evidenced by their evolutions through CC and ED, and my OC's have often become the most popular characters, something of an accomplishment I think you may agree, considering that the canon characters still get the most screen time. So, except for the basic setting of Cosmic Era, and the names of the canon characters and places... I own pretty much everything else. But I'm not the hoarding type... anything and everything I write and post, I consider open source material, so feel free to pick out anything that catches your eye for your own writing. I take it as a compliment.

I am always looking for feedback, and I value the opinions of my reviewers. I have many times incorportated the ideas of my reviewers into the story, making it much better than it would otherwise be. I WANT to hear from you. Who knows, your idea or question could be the one that sparks a chapter or scene that gets everyone talking and praising, and I give credit where its due. If you drop a review, I will almost always drop a PM back, to let you know I appreciate it, and to answer any questions or quibbles you may have had. I have met and made many friends on this way, and I hope to continue this trend. I can't promise absolute perfection in grammer and spelling, though I don't mess up very often (english is my first, and regrettably only, language), but if anything gets too glaring, please point it out to me. I write long chapters, usually 10k words plus, so get settled in. My text can sometime block up a bit, usually during bits of intense detail, just bear with me, I ask.

Because my stories are so long and involved, and it can often be hundreds of thousands of words since a person or place or exact definition of a piece of technology has been introduced, I am including two different stat pages in chapters 2 and 3, which will be updated and filled out as the story progresses. Chapter 2 will be a list/definition of technologies, people and organizations, and chapter 3 will be a roster of all the mechanicals, including Mobile Suits, Mobile Armors, and Warships, or at least the ones relevant to RW. Chapter 4 will be the introduction and recap chapter, and thus the actual "first" chapter of RW.

Once again, thank you for reading my stories, and thank you so much more for telling me how they make you feel. Reclamation War is going to be the wildest ride yet, and I look forward to hearing from you about it.