It was night time, and Jak was on a mission to investigate a crash in the wasteland. Spargus had reported a mysterious ship crashing in the desert. Jak had taken off alone to go check out the mysterious crash in his Sand Shark. He had been visiting Sig who was the new king of Spargus. Him and Keira had a place in Haven City, but were always welcome in Spargus. He had left Keira and Daxter asleep at their place in the Spargus palace. He didn't want to wake them, and Sig said that it was best he go alone.

Jak had reached the crash site and saw that the ship was quite unique and didn't seem like it was from this planet. Jak walked over to ship and looked inside of the cock pit. It was empty, but he suddenly heard some robotic beeping. He looked and saw a half sphere shaped object on the hull of the ship spinning and making noises. Jak walked over to it and examined it. He tried to touch it, but it sent out a bolt of electricity into his finger. Jak pulled his hand back quickly. He looked at his hand, then at the object. He thought that Keira might want to have a look at it and pulled out his communicator but felt a presence behind him and quickly turned around. A figure stood dressed in some form of cloak and attire he didn't recognize. Judging by the man's face, he was in his twenties and had a scar across one eye. The man also had one hand covered by a glove.

"Are you the one they call Jak?" asked the man.

"Why don't you tell me who the hell you are first," said Jak.

"My name is dead to me, I go by the title of Darth Vader," said the man.

"Vader. What the hell are you doing here?" asked Jak.

"I was sent here for you," said Vader. Vader paced back and forth, which made Jak uneasy.

"I sense that you are very strong," said Vader. Jak looked at him funny. What the hell was he talking about?

"I come to you with an offer," said Vader.

"An offer of what?" asked Jak.

"Power. I am giving you a chance to become one the the most powerful beings in the galaxy," said Vader. Jak stared at him.

"I am creating an army to fight off an Empire. I am searching the galaxy for those who are strong with the force to join me," said Vader.

"The force?" asked Jak.

"I sense you have much of it in you, much of the dark side," said Vader.

"It's a curse I'm stuck with. I have to keep myself from going crazy and killing everyone," said Jak angrily as his nails started to come out.

"I can help you control it. All you could ever want, i can give you," said Vader. Jak was intrigued, but something about him just didn't seem right. Jak hated to admit it, but the dark eco had begun to take control more and more. He felt that it would keep getting worse and eventually consume him, and kill all he knew. Could Vader help him control it?

"I can't leave. I protect Daydra," said Jak.

"If you join my army, we can protect Daydra and hundreds of other planets," said Vader. Vader made all of this seem like Jak would become a galactic hero. Vader pulled something out of his cloak.

"You would use this as your weapon," said Vader. He tossed Jak a small metal stick. This was a weapon? Jak examined it and saw a red button, being very curious he pushed it. A red beam shot out of the end of the stick. It was like a laser sword. Jak could hear the blade buzzing. He swung it and as it tore through the air. Jak liked this weapon.

"It's called a lightsaber," said Vader. Jak pushed the button again and the blade closed.

"Would I be able to come back to here?" asked Jak thinking of Keira and Daxter.

"Yes you can," said Jak.

"Can I bring people along?" asked Jak.

"I can only bring you, but you will be able to return to them whenever you want," said Vader. Jak thought for a minute. He didn't want to leave Keira and Daxter, but he was needed on hero business on a galactic scale.

"Give me a minute," said Jak. Jak walked away from Vader and pulled out hi scommunicator to send Keira a message.

"Keira. I, I'm leavin on hero business. It's bigger than this planet, so I'm leaving the planet with this guy named Vader. I can always come back and see you. I gotta go fight some empire thats streching across the galaxy and, I don't even know the whole story. Just know that I'm leaving, but I will be back. I love you Keira. Don't forget that," said Jak. He sent her the voice message and took a deep breath. He walked back over to Vader.

"Are you ready" asked Vader. Jak nodded. Vader called on another ship to pick them up.

"So how'd you crash in the first place?" asked Jak.

"I was shot down," said Vader.

"What happend to the guy who shot you down?" asked Jak.

"I shot him down," said Vader. The ship had arrived and Vader boarded it. Jak stood at the foot of the walk way and thought about how this would be the grandest adventure of his life. He knew he could always come back and see Keira which comforted him. He boarded the ship, ready for whatever he might have to face.