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Legend ( for now ):


"Daemonic Speech"


Daemonic Thoughts/Telepathy

The Awakening


Gy's vision cleared with a start. Now wide alert, his eyes darted left and right in search of the source of the gunshot noise. Quickly, they settled upon the smoking pistol held by Commissar Warren.

"When I speak, you LISTEN !" the Commissar shouted across the field. "NO BUTS!"

A sinking feeling settled in Gy's stomach, as if someone was gradually pressing a foot into his belly. Shakily, he turned his gaze away from the Commissar, swept it slowly across an expanse of sand and grass the size of two football fields, over the 99 troopers, in their standard dark green uniforms, standing at attention before him and the Commissar, and the one trooper lying on the ground in the middle of the ranks.

When he finally rushed over to that trooper's side, the latter was already slightly convulsing all over, blood streaming from a hole in his forehead, eyes staring far up into the sky.

"Soft … belly …" Gy started calling the trooper's nickname. "Swift ! Ringworm ! Go get the medics NOW !" The two troopers immediately sprinted off in the Medical Centre's direction even before Gy finished giving that order. They were just eager to get away from the field. Gy picked up on the same sentiment radiating off the other troopers ( a commander has to know his men well ) and followed up, "Battalion dismissed ! Back to your bunks now ! You four ! help me carry him to the MC !". The troopers complied, and briskly jogged off the field before Commissar Warren's shouts of "Get back in line !" and "Nobody's going anywhere !" could reach their ears.

"S … Sir …" Softbelly stuttered as eight hands prepared to lift him off the ground, "I'm a … in deep shit … aren't I ?"

"No you aren't !" Gy had produced a rag from somewhere and tied it around Softbelly's forehead.

"Hehe … you … always … warned me to … stay alert … else I'll end up … with a round … in my … head." Softbelly's voice was becoming barely coherent.

"That's RIGHT ! Stay Alert ! You can do it, boy !" Gy fought to keep himself from shouting. Shouting was just one step away from breaking down.

Come on, the MC is just right beside the field ! Why is it so far away now ?

The Medical centre was part of the crescent ridge of buildings surrounding the training field. From afar the camp looked like a dull grey assortment of cubes, racks, platforms, etc, with the occasional transparent green panel or red spot of light, extremely utilitarian, as was all imperial guard facilities.

When they had finally rushed past the simple white door with a big red sign saying "Emergency" on it, Gy had to bend down and hold his ear close to Softbelly's face to hear the latter's voice.

"Sir, we'd appreciate it if you give us some space to work." One of the group of medics said as Gy and the four troopers slid Softbelly onto the bed.

Gy nodded, but before he could turn away, Softbelly suddenly grabbed Gy's collar with on hand, and blurted in an unusually clear voice.

"Sir ! I don't want to die like this ! I want to go down fighting them Xenos and Freaks, not like this … !"

Gy could only return Softbelly's wild and wide-eyed stare. Should he commend the latter's brave effort to stay alive, or should he ask him to calm down so as not to exarcerbate his condition ?

"Not like this … ! Not like this … ! …" Softbelly repeated the last phrase over and over. Each time, his voice grew softer, his eyes stiller, and his grip on Gy's collar loosened.

By then, the rag wrapped around Softbelly's head had been drenched deep red. Some of the blood had seeped out and washed over his face.

Finally, the sight of Softbelly's blood-soaked, still visage, with eyes frozen in a distant, but wide and defiant glare, struck Gy with panic … and also brought up an unnameable excitement in his subconscious.

"Soft … Softbelly ? Softbelly ? SOFTBELLY ? COME ON, ANSWER ME DAMMIT !" To the astonishment of everyone else in the room, Gy's worried expression twisted itself into a snarl of rage. "ALRIGHT, YOU'RE QUITTING NOW, IS IT ? QUITTING NOW IS IT ? I'LL SHOW YOU ! NOBODY QUITS ON ME !"

Unbeknownst to the others in the room, Softbelly's lifeless body shuddered for a moment, as if shocked by Gy's outburst as well, but everyone's attention was instead focused on the angry Lieutenant, now hunched over the bed, like a wild predator preparing to tear apart a fresh kill.

"Sir !" The four troopers stepped forward and caught hold of Gy's arms and shoulders. For a few silent seconds, they held that pose, Gy with arms out ready to pounce, restrained from behind by eight arms.

Then, slowly, Gy let his arms droop, straightened his back, and turned to face his men with a forced expression of calm. He had to lower his gaze and pull down his cap to hide his eyes though. The latter felt like they were on fire, and probably did not look very reassuring at all. "I'm sorry." He waved his free hand at the medics. "Please continue. The Emperor guide your hands."

As he exited the emergency ward, he heard heavy footsteps coming his way from the far end of the dull grey corridor, and turned towards its source. Approaching him now was a middle-aged man dressed in an extremely formal black uniform, covered in medals, with a large red cape flowing from his shoulders. A big red beret sat above a highly angular face, lips pressed together in contempt.

"What did you think you were doing ?" Commissar Warren asked when he came within two metres of where Gy stood. "We were in the middle of a drill !"

"They needed rest." Gy whispered, still covering his eyes with one hand.

"That is for me to decide, not you !" the Commissar pointed a gloved finger at Gy's concealed face. "Look here, Lieutenant, we've had enough of your insubordination ! When we ordered you to strike, you retreat ! When we ordered you to stay put, you move off ! Is this really the most respected regiment among the Guard ?" Warren stabbed his finger at the badge near Gy's collar, with the words "20th Cadian Armoured Brigade" engraved in relief on it.

"You don't know the Chaos freaks like we do Sir." Gy's voice remained soft but low and disturbingly hoarse. "Throwing our men at them at the wrong time will only result in massive casualties, in effect, sacrificing our lives to Chaos. They don't need rituals to –"

"You keep spouting blasphemies like that, I'll have you tried ! And look at me when I'm talking to you !"

Gy's head shot up to meet the Commissar's gaze, and the letter immediately jerked back in shock.

The Lieutenant's eyes weren't bloodshot at all. However, his normally light brown irises were now practically glowing, fiery red, like molten metal in a blast furnace. In the middle of the iris the pupil shrank and flared out occasionally like a sunspot.

The glare of this sun forced Commissar Warren to break the gaze and turn awkwardly away. As he walked down the corridor away from Gy, he shouted out, "Well then, prepare to face the consequences, Lieutenant !"

In a flash, Gy whipped out his laspistol and pointed it shakily at the Commissar's receding figure. He held it in that position, his finger just a micrometer away from pulling the trigger. Then the Commissar disappeared round a corner, and Gy gasped and slammed the weapon into the nearby wall.

"Sir ?" Came the voice of one of the troopers, who had just come out of the room to see what was going on.

"It's nothing." Gy whispered between heavy breathing.

A few days later …

"I told you, NOTHING OF THAT SORT !" Gy shouted. He took a few seconds to catch his breath. "This is outrageous !" He wanted to stand and slam his hands onto the table before him, like he always did when something outrageous happened, but now his hands were tied together behind him, and the two heavy hands pressing down own his shoulders from behind prevented him from leaving the wooden chair he was sitting on.

"Believe me, Lieutenant Rend, the Inquisition has dealt with far more outrageous incidents."

The man interrogating Gy appeared more like a bounty hunter from a barren land than an investigator. A brown leather trench coat, shaped like an extended jacket, over a dull red tunic and trousers. Partially concealed by the cape-like coat, were a rifle slung low over his back, and a sheathed sword attached to a brown leather belt, along with small utility pockets of dubious contents.

He was tall and lean. This became further pronounced due to the black conical wide-brimmed hat that he wore, which, in the dimly lit environment of the interrogation room, cast a shadow over the upper half of his long, bony face.

"Your past records have been rather suspicious, Lieutenant. Your always tried to avoid direct confrontation with Chaos forces, and when you do engage, the battles went too conveniently smooth for you. And …" Inquisitor Sisus continued, unmoved by Gy's exasperated defense. "Commissar Warren's reports about you were particularly unsettling."

"Oh did they ?" Gy spat.

I should have killed him on the first day, just like …

Yes, kill them ! They all deserve to die !

Gy stiffened all over in shock. What the hell was that ?

Yes, give them HELL !

"I sense a killer intent. Reinforce the ropes." Sisus motioned to the man standing behind Gy.

"Right away." The two large hands began winding extra lengths of rope around him at chest level.

"Look, since you're psychic, why don't you just read my mind ?" Gy pleaded. "You'll know that I'm innocent."

I've been too soft, so everyone thinks he can ride over my head … and now I'm letting someone into my head ? … I'm not soft ! My men's safety is non-negotiable !

Safety ? They'll all get killed in the end ! By the enemy ! By their own idiot commanders ! Drowning in their own blood ! Blood pouring, skulls rolling …

"Oh I have." Sisus replied, picking up on Gy's confused mental state. " And what I've found out tells me otherwise. Was it simply by luck that you knew all the best times and best places to attack the Chaos strongholds ? Obviously not."

Everyone doubts me ! Everyone thinks he can tell me what to do !

Stop that !


Then stop that ! Let me think clearly !


"WHY ?" Gy tried to clear his mind by hitting his forehead on the edge of the table, but to no avail. To a lay observer, it appeared he had just broken down under the stress of the interrogation, but the Inquisitor knew otherwise.

"Seth, hold him down ! Incapacitate him if he turns dangerous !" Sisus drew his Force Sword.

"YOU CAN'T HOLD ME !" Gy bellowed in a low and hoarse voice. His eyes now had the same red glow with which he stared down the Commissar in the MC corridor a few days ago. He roared, gnashed his teeth, and began to rock back and forth in his seat, up and down, left and right, like a caged beast trying to break out of its claustrophobic prison, and almost succeeding. Seth, Sisus's assistant standing behind Gy, fought to keep the latter from standing up.

"The Chaos Freaks thought they could trap us in that jungle. We slaughtered them ! BLEW THAT ENTIRE JUNGLE UP ! The Captain thought he could apprehend us for leaving our posts ! I killed him ! NOBODY MESSES WITH THE ARMOUR BRIGADE !" Gy's voice now had now gone beyond the range of tones thought to be humanly possible. "And those bloody locals, making those stupid noises day and night ! We chopped off their heads ! HAHAHA ! We killed them ! I KILLED THEM ! I KILLED THEM ALL !"

It was a voice eerily familiar to the Inquisitor's ears.


Sisus frowned in concentration as he attempted to knock Gy out with a psychic assault, then gasped and jerked back as the attack was reflected back upon him. His vision blurred, his head ached as if someone had just swung a Daemonhammer at his skull, and his limbs grew weak.

"Seth … NOW !" Sisus ordered while trying to regain his balance.

However, before the assistant could do anything, Gy rocked back so hard, the chair fell back completely, so that now Gy lay with his back flat against the floor. He ignored the pain of his hands getting crushed between the chair's backrest and the floor, and kicked up at Seth's groin, with such force that the assistant, for all his imposing stature, flew back and crashed against the wall behind him with a sickening thud and crunch, before slumping down into a lifeless heap.

Now, Gy was rolling left and right attempting to break free of the ropes. His hands had gone numb.

Just then, he felt his chest getting cut open, and looked down to see Sisus plunging the force sword straight down into his heart. As the blade sank down, blood gushed out from the surrounding wound like a miniature fountain.

"Begone, daemon !" The Inquisitor then proceeded to mutter an incantation. Sparks of psychic energy began to dance across the surface of the force sword's blade.

He was interrupted by Gy's insane laughter.


The Inquisitor's eyes widened as the ropes that were restraining Gy suddenly flew apart, and the mad Lieutenant brought his hands out from under his back. The skin of the hands were tattered, blood seeped out and dyed both his arms red as the latter reached upwards. At the fingertips the flesh was completely gone, leaving the pointed tips of the finger bones giving them the appearance of talons.

These talons now dug themselves into the sides of Sisus's head. Though used to brawling with daemons, this turn of events had caught him completely off guard. "H-how ?"The Inquisitor let go of the hilt of his sword and gripped the bloody arms in an attempt to pull them off. Then he looked down again at the sword, and realized, the position where he had stabbed Gy. He cursed himself for his stupidity, then screamed as he felt daggers being thrust into his head.

Something was prying off his psychic defenses, like a stork cracking open the shells of a mussel or scallop. He tried to erect more shells around the core of his mind, but this psychic invader was just unstoppable. Whatever anti-daemon incantation that he threw up to protect himself was immediately torn down, until all his inner secrets were laid bare.

How is this possible ? This should not be ! unless …

The stream of coherent thoughts ceased, as his mind was overwhelmed with a torrent of Warp energy.

As he collapsed onto the floor, a deep red haze, the colour of blood, but the consistency of steam, erupted from the Inquisitor's mouth, ears, nose and other pores.

It filled up the entire room, seeped out through the seams in the doors and the ventilation system, and spread into the rest of the camp.

Right outside, a trooper who was passing by the interrogation room, noticed the ever thickening red haze that was constantly belching out from under its door, and expanding out along the corridor. As the haze drifted over a section of floor or wall, the latter was also gradually dyed a glistening deep red, like someone had splashed blood over it, and the blood was now flowing out over the surface as well.

He walked towards that door to investigate, but stopped three metres away from the edge of the widening deep red cloud, deciding that it was unwise to go so close to what could be a leakage of noxious gases.

Too late.

Just as he turned around, he was overcome by an unexplained urge to kill. He collapsed onto the floor, convulsed, and writhed, hands clawing at an imaginary opponent. An expression of extreme rage distorted his features beyond what was humanly possible.

And then the blood haze drifted over him.

Seconds later, the trooper stood up, on a pair of long digitigrades legs. Through the haze, one could make out a pair of bull-like horns protruding from the top of its long, alien skull. In its right hand it carried a large sword with jagged edges. It appeared to take a deep breath, then raise the sword, and let out a roar which sounded like that of various types of hungry flesh-eating beasts rolled into one.


And further down the corridor, someone else answered in the same voice,


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