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"Daemonic Speech"

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Every Daemon Get Down !

( 4th floor, 20th AB HQ Building )

The sword was roughly 1.6 metres long, with a metre long blade and 0.6 metre long hilt. The blade was that of a gracefully curved sabre, like a talwar, though slightly wider. The sharp cutting edge ran from the base to the tip of the outer curve, then turned around at the tip to cover three eighths of the inner curve, and was finally separated from the blunt edge by a sharp protrusion in the outline.

A line of ghastly glyphs crudely depicting furious eyes, claws, teeth and blood filled the middle of each face along the blade's whole length. The glyphs, as well as the cutting edge, glowed red hot like heated metal, against the obsidian black material of the rest of the blade. As blood washed over them, the glow in the glyphs flickered and intensified.

The hilt curved in the other direction from the blade, so that the whole weapon took the form of an "S" stretched vertically until it was almost straight. The hilt appeared to be made of bleached bone, and had organic designs carved into it to further pronounce that effect: a knob-like counter weight at the lower end; striations where the fingers curved around its inner curve; and its small guard was the socket of a socket joint from deep within which the blade grew out.

Nice !

Gy spun the weapon about and admired it from various angles. Upon closer inspection, the cutting edge had shallow serrations like those of a self-sharpening jack-knife. Close to the blade's tip, these serrations grew in size until they resembled shark's teeth.

He lowered the sword in one hand, walked over to the table ( which was directly under the hanging lamp), and held up his free hand towards the lamp, turning it slowly over to examine the transformation that it had undergone.

Generally the outline was still human. Five fingers. Joints where they were supposed to be. The similarity ended there.

His entire hand, in fact his entire arm, had become much more rugged. Short black claws in place of flat nails. Instead of normal human skin, it now had a much tougher, red-brown, leathery skin. As he looked downwards he realized that a similar change had occurred to his chest, his legs, his entire body ! His already impressive muscles had become firmer, as if made of carbon fibre. The joints were slightly larger and denser. However, his body remained lean, the same average widths along his limps and waist as was before the transformation, though judging from the perceived height of the lamp, he had grown taller.

All these new features reminded him of something.

He bent down to look at the surface of the blood on the floor. As he did so he also realized that the structure of his feet had changed, further strengthening his suspicion.

As he waited for the surface of the blood stilled, he half-expected a face similar to Baelor's to show up in his reflection, but what he saw was quite different.

Before he had time to study the reflection however, he heard the door to the room being opened, and he stood up to see,

A human-sized version of the Bloodthirster, except that it was much leaner, like Gy himself. Its jaws were also less savage, but still fearsome, resembling those of a Mako Shark. Unlike a shark, its nose was practically non-existent. Its skull was elongated backwards ( like that of a Xenomorph from the Alien movies, but shorter ). From the sides of its bald scalp, a pair of bull like horns curved up, then backwards to run parallel to the length of the skull, then outwards again.

In its right hand it held a double edged broadsword with jagged edges, shorter and more brutish than Gy's own sword, but made of the same materials and inscribed in the same glowing glyphs.

The Bloodletter stared at Gy with eyes which glowed a furious blood-red against the shadows of its low brow-ridges, and then spoke in its unearthly voice.

"What orders from the Master ?"

For a silent moment Gy stared back at the daemon. Then, it recalled the last words Baelor had spoken when the Bloodthirster sent ( or rather, wacked ) him back into the physical world.

"Get him the blood !" Gy replied in a similar, but clearer, voice.

The Bloodletter grinned, then raised its Hellblade and cried out, "Get blood for the Master !"

To Gy's surprise, this was answered by a loud chorus of "Get blood for the Master !" from the corridor outside.

There's more of them ?

Gy walked over to the door. The Bloodletter stepped aside to allow him to exit the room.

He looked around. On one side of the corridor were supposed to be the doors to the various rooms and offices, including the Interrogation room. Along the other side were the windows, which let in the dim light from the overcast sky outside, and this dim light that pierced the gloomy darkness revealed a most shocking scene.

The walls, floor and ceiling was all covered in blood, just as it was in the Interrogation room. In a few areas where the blood was thickest, there even seemed to be giant pulsating blood vessels and other dubious organic features like black beady eyes, bony spines, and fleshy feelers growing and spreading along the surface. As he would soon find out, the whole interior of the building was covered in the disturbing Warp flesh. A faint red mist hung near the floor and some parts of the walls.

And the corridor was crowded with the daemons of the Blood God ! Had they congregated there to wait for his arrival ? Did that mean that he was their leader now ? Or were they just waiting for the last soldier sent by Baelor to fall in so that they could carry on with … whatever they were supposed to do ?

His ruminations was interrupted by a familiar woman's voice sounding from the loudspeaker installed in the ceiling of the corridor.

"Attention all in-camp personnel ! A daemonic incursion has been reported in the 20th Armour Brigade HQ building. All living 20th AB HQ staff are to evacuate said building immediately ! Others standby for further instr-"

The woman's voice was cut off by a buzzing sound, followed by the voice of a middle-aged main, "This is Colonel Lyntus speaking. I have received the reports of the incursion. Its precise nature has not been determined, but the reports strongly suggest the presence of Bloodletters. Specialist squads have been dispatched to investigate and contain the threat.

For the rest of you: Armour and Artillery units standby your vehicles. Infantry units assemble on the training field in full battle order. Be on the alert for other signs of a Chaos attack.

And remember: the Emperor Protects !"

"Shit !" Gy's first instinct was to follow the instructions and "evacuate the building". After taking a few steps forward he realized that he was part of the "daemonic incursion" now. That meant …

He rushed over to the nearest window and looked through it at the parade square outside, four storeys below him.

The the general shape of the 20th AB HQ building was what you got when you cut a cone vertically into half, remove one half, then cut the remaining object horizontally across the middle and remove the top half, resulting in a semicircular base, a smaller semicircular roof, a sloping wall bending around most of the building and a trapezoidal "cliff face" overlooking a parade square with the usual flag poles, platforms, and marked areas. On the end of the parade square opposite from the "cliff face", it sloped gently down for quite a visible distance until it reached the edge of the expansive common training field, which the 20th AB shared with other units in the camp.

The "cliff face" itself was 7 storeys high ( the height of the whole building ), with a wide colonnaded entrance in the middle bottom, and 7 storeys of irregularly spaced windows across its surface.

It was from one of these windows in the 4th floor that Gy looked out, and spotted the one whole company of what looked like Elite Infantry running up the slope at the edge of the field, over the parade square, and towards the building he was in.


From afar, they looked like the average Imperial Guardsmen. Similar green armour. Similar light arms. Yet to someone like Gy, the differences were glaring. The armour worn by the Karskin were far darker in colour and slightly heavier, concealing far more sophisticated equipment, as hinted now and then by a red or blue spot of light coming from their helmets.

The way they moved also set them apart from the normal Guardsmen. When the latter charged, it was like a race, each trooper rushing to the given destination before regrouping with his comrades and moving on to the next.

Not so with the Guards' Elite. The Karskin advanced briskly in orderly formation, not in ranks and rows, but rather as a loose body of overlapping ovoids. The outer ring of troopers pointed their las-rifles outwards, on the lookout for enemy ambush. Even those at the very back of the formation had their sights trained behind them all the time as they followed the rest.

Further in, near the back, were a group of troopers of imposing stature, carrying the heavier equipment used by the company, including the signal devices, medical kits, and several heavy bolters.

Near the front, were a smaller group in various get-ups. Two frail looking persons, each holding a staff in his hand and wearing a long grey robe; a metal cap-like device covering the top half of his head. Psykers,used to detect enemy troop movements. One bald middle aged man in brown, gold trimmed robes, holding a bronze-coloured chain-sword in one hand and a brown-covered in the other. A priest, eager to purge their destination of the taint of Chaos.

Finally, at the very spearhead of the group, a man dressed similarly to the other troopers except that his armour was lighter and he wore a green cap instead of a helmet. The sword sheathed at his waist was longer than that carried by his comrades. The weapon in his hand was a pistol rather than the rifles and bolters used by his comrades. This was the enemy commander.

Gy narrowed his eyes. Somehow, coming back to life seemed to have endowed him with perfect eyesight, beyond the level of a normal human being. Strangely, he had not noticed this before. As he ran his gaze over the approaching Karskin formation, now in the middle of the parade square, he realized that his vision was still the same as before, but it sharpened to a high degree whenever a potential living enemy came within his range of sight, combined with the unnameable urge to tear said enemy apart and drain its blood. This sudden focus allowed him to recognize the enemy commander's face.

Lieutenant Krewk. Once a dear buddy, now his "potential enemy".

Presently, the trooper beside said enemy commander passed a pair of binoculars to him. Lt. Kreuk held it up, and looked through it at the "cliff face", in Gy's direction.

Krewk, held up one hand in a "halt" sign. And starting from right behind him, row by row the whole company of Karskin stopped advancing and settled into high alert poses.

And then Gy saw Krewk point the raised hand in Gy's direction, shout something he could not comprehend, and at once every Karskin trooper holding a las-rifle pointed his weapon at the fourth floor of the "cliff face".

"Incoming las-fire !" Gy turned to the Bloodletters beside him and shouted. "Every daemon GET DOWN !" And squatted down at the same time.

The next moment, the corridor was lit up by thin red threads of light streaming in densely through the windows and throwing up thicker red mists as they struck the bloody glistening walls and ceiling.

Those bloodletters standing close to the windows and who had not reacted to Gy's warning and ducked down in time had their heads and shoulders perforated and boiled off by concentrated laser fire. Each of the ten unfortunate daemons dropped to the floor, its upper bodie now a charred mess emitting red smoke from all over.

Immediately, Gy dashed to the middle of the corridor. His battle instincts had kicked in, and he started thinking up a plan, out loud. "Everyone get to the basement, now ! keep your heads low ! and …" As he reached the place where the wall opened into a wide staircase instead of a room, and turned to descend, he came across the shocking headless corpse of a trooper (probably killed by a bloodletter not long ago) slouched against the blood-drenched steps and wall. Ah to the Warp with decorum ! Survival is more important ! "… pick up any stand-off weapon you find !" He went over to the corpse, wrenched the las-pistol from its lifeless hands, and handed it to the confused bloodletter standing behind him. "Get a move on ! Down the stairs NOW !"

Just then, there was a series of loud intermittent cracks. The glass in the windows frosted over and shattered, and small but deafening explosions occurred here and there as heavy bolter rounds struck the ceiling and walls.

At once, Gy dashed down the staircase, followed by a crowd of cursing and screeching bloodletters.

Before all the daemons could clear off the fourth floor, two large frag grenades flew in through two of the broken windows, hit the opposite wall, bounced to the floor and detonated together. The expanding wave of pellets hit the last four bloodletters in the group. The latter fell forward and tumbled down the stairs screaming, crashing into those in front, and causing them to double their pace, literally avalanching down the staircase as more and more bloodletters turned from leaping down the stairs to sliding down the railings, clambering across the bloody walls … and each other.


( 20th AB HQ Parade Square )

"S-Sir," Lt. Krewk heard one of the Sanctioned Psykers he'd brought along stutter to him from behind. "The daemonic presence, it's moving down … very fast … ground floor … no ! they're going underground !"

"Got it." Krewk kept his gaze on the entrance of the building ahead. Through the latters' glass doors, he could make out the reception lounge within, with its desks and usually decorated walls, now an usually dark inky colour. Dammit, on the ground floor, the staircase opens from behind the wall around the reception area, not towards the front like on the other levels. That means we can't just fire upon them from afar as they pass through the ground floor.

He turned around to face his men, pointed at the building behind him with his left thumb, and ordered, "Alright ! We moving in now ! Standard maneuvers ! Secure every office and niche you can find ! Medics and coms personnel wait outside the entrance until we call you in ! Sargeant Nas, your squad and the Heavy Weapons team come with me. We'll look for any door that leads underground."


The hundred and twenty Elite Infantry promptly advanced towards the building entrance.

/( K, I'm not sure how many Karskin there are in one company. If it's actually far more than that, then just take it that Kreuk only brought a few select squads XP )


( 20th AB HQ basement )

The first impression that one got when he entered the "basement" was that it was a cross between the interior of a warehouse, and one section of an underground parking lot.

Unconstrained by the floor plan design of the building above, it was spacious, capable of holding twelve Leman Russ tanks ( including ample space for each tank to turn and perform any gun drills ), with an approximately square rather than semicircular floor plan.

In the middle of the each of the three walls other than the one through which the staircase opened, there was a trapezoidal doorway, big enough for three Sentinel walkers to step through together ( the basement itself was about twice the height of a walker ). These doorways lead into tunnels which connected the various underground facilities of the camp with each other, but now they were sealed shut by heavy sliding blast doors, probably ordered in response to the daemonic incursion.

Those will be taken care of later. Gy scratched the floor with his modified hellblade as he kept walking towards the middle of the basement, taking note of the ease with which it carved into the concrete.

Besides the large sealed doors were dim white phosphorescent lights ( the only functioning lighting in this underground facility ), as well as smaller doors and windows opening into the vital storage facilities used by the 20th AB : Armoury, Stores, Tool Cages etc.

Strewn about here and there across the empty space of the basement were messy piles of crates, boxes and equipment currently not in use, like mechanical parts, long metal ladders etc, which the Quartermaster had not had time ( or had not bothered ) to sort out.

Hmm …

As he looked up, Gy saw the mass of plastic and metal pipes, tubes, and cables that covered the ceiling : plumbing and power lines for the floors above.

His free hand reached up to scratch his chin, then froze as he felt the twitching feelers and tentacles growing out from that section of his face.

What the h… no matter, first things first.

He turned and looked at the crowd of Bloodletters which had gathered around him. Most of them stared at him expectantly, waiting for him to decide their next move, though some were growling and tapping the tips of their Hellblades on the floor, eager to feed their weapons with blood right away. Some were testing the las-pistols they had picked up by shooting randomly at their neighbours' feet, and then jumping as they got shot at as well.

"Alright, now … I'm not sure if you understand what I'm saying but … right now Krewk and his men have probably taken over the floor above. They'll find us soon. If we confront them the way we are now, we'll all die a horrible death. So … let's give you guys a crash course on human tactics and weapons ! … OK ?"

For a while, the Bloodletters continued with their staring, growling and tapping. The Lieutenant stared back at them, not sure what to do. During this moment of silence, Gy was able to discern their individual appearances. He counted fifty-four daemons, including the four with their backs disfigured by the exploding grenade. Some had two pairs of horns while other had only one. Some were taller and leaner while the others were shorter and stouter. So on so forth, just as it was with individual humans.

Something about their toothy grins struck a bell in his mind, but he could not quite place it. He had a feeling that if he could have seen the dead faces of the ( unfortunately ) headless corpses they had come across while rushing down the stairs, he might have comfirmed for himself the connection he had with these daemons now standing before him.

From their badges, none of those corpses belonged to my battalion …

And then, to his utter astonishment, from somewhere within the crowd, one of them shouted,"YES SIR ! MORE BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD !"

The rest of the crowd shouted excitedly in reply, "MORE SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE !"

As Gy was about to find out, the Bloodletter's elongated skull, and rugged hands, were NOT just for show.


( 20th AB ground floor staircase )

Krewk, Sargeant Nas and his squad, the two psykers, the priest, and the Heavy Weapons team stood in a circle around the room-sized opening through which the staircase descended into the underground.

The Heavy Weapons team was setting up firing positions besides the stair, while the Priest, brother Abel, was busy trying to scrape off the blood from the walls and muttering prayers mixed in with curses and exclamations now and then as he came across an eyeball, a tentacle, or lamprey-like mouth.

Krewk motioned towards the wall of crates and mechanical spare parts now completely blocking the entrance into the "basement". "They're in there ?"

"Y-yes !" One of the psykers replied.

Sargeant Nas frowned. "Them Khorne followers, huh ? No way in hell. They'd never be this methodical. This looks more like something that we would do …"

Krewk held up his coms unit. "Command Post. This is Lieutenant Krewk. We've secured the ground floor of the target building. The psykers tell me the daemons are congregating at the basement below us. The entrance to the basement has been blocked with crates and broken equipment."

The coms unit emitted a buzzing voice in reply. "Understood, Lieutenant, we have already sealed off all other doorways leading into that 20th AB basement to prevent them from escaping through it. You are to break through the barricade and neutralize the daemonic threat now."

"Now, Sir ? but we don't know what's in there. We could be rushing in to a trap !"

"Every second counts Lieutenant !"

"Understood." Krewk looked around. Tight space. Can't use explosives. He turned towards the two teams of troopers manning the heavy bolters set up beside the stair. "Alright, fire the crates."

The thunderous noise of heavy automatic weapons fire filled the staircase as the intermittent streams of supersonic, self-propelled ammunition shells tore through the haphazardly raised wall of crates. Everyone stepped back to avoid the cloud of dust, wooden splinters and the occasional nuts and bolts thrown up by the intermittent onslaught of bolter rounds.

However, Lieutenant Krewk kept his gaze fixed on the basement entrance. After a few seconds, he held up one free hand. "HOLD !"

The din died down abruptly. In the ensuing silence, the dust cloud settled, revealing the entrance, with pieces of perforated wood and metal laying all over the steps descending through it, beyond which the floor of the dark basement below was now visible.

Before Krewk could issue his next order, an inhuman roar rose up from the underground.


While Krewk pondered about the weird tone used in that challenge,

Brother Abel had suddenly appeared beside him and shouted down the stairway, "OH YES WE WILL, CHAOS SCUM ! BE PREPARED TO FACE THE EMPEROR'S JUDGEMENT !" The priest waved his book and chainsaw angrily.



The Priest made to step down the stairs, but Krewk caught him by the arm. "Brother Abel, we must stay calm. Those weren't the words of a normal servant of Khorne. There's more to this Incursion than the initial reports are telling us."

If Krewk's words had any effect on the agitated cleric, it was immediately undone by the next roar of insult from the daemon.


"WHAT !" With a violent jerk, brother Abel broke free of Krewk's grip and rushed down the stairs, waving his chain-sword madly in the air and yelling a string of Holy Litanies devoted to the Emperor.

"Shit !" Krewk urgently turned to Sargeant Nas, and pointed at the figure of Brother Abel disappearing down the stair. "BlackSand squad, follow him now ! Take note of your surroundings, but if there's too many ememies, retreat back here at once !"

"Yes, Sir !" Sargeant Nas and ten other troopers hurried down after the priest.

Krewk then turned to the psykers. "Alert the other squads ! Whatever comes out of that hole we must be prepared for battle !"

"Y-yes sir …"


( 20th AB HQ Basement )

Gy couldn't believe himself.

In a few seconds, he had shouted three insults to the very deity he had been worshipping from birth till not long ago. He had seen men getting shot immediately for doing that. Granted, he was being cheered on by a group of bloodletters, but it was such a shocking experience even to himself, that he almost lost his hold on the pipes he had been clinging onto.

No … nobody's shooting me this time ! Before that I'll, I'll twist off their limbs, take off their heads, rip out their innards, squeeze out their blood …

The sound of hurried footsteps and rude yelling brought his attention back to the entrance below, through which a Priest emerged running towards the centre of the basement, followed by eleven Karskin troopers.

Just one squad ? Damn, Krewk is being cautious, as always... Hehe, too cautious for his own good. If he'd rushed in with his whole task force, he might have won ( though most of either side would have died. )

He turned to the Bloodletters crouching beside him. "Ready ?"

They nodded.

Presently, the Priest and the squad following him were directly below where Gy was. The troopers were on high alert, their sights sweeping the shadowy basement around them. None of them thought of looking up.

"Remember, be quick and silent ! and don't go too close to the entrance !" Gy crawled over to an opening in the plumping network. The sixteen bloodletters beside him just hacked through the pipes beneath them with their hellblades.

And together, they jumped.

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