Title: Romancing a Leopard for Dummies

Author: Melissa Someone

Story Category: Power Rangers

Generation: Jungle Fury

Rating: Teen

Summary: Casey has no idea on how to romance both a woman and her animal spirit..

Pairing: Casey/OC

Inspired by: Nikutai No Kizuna – The Ties That Bind and Forgotten Past

Disclaimer: Don't own PR, Saban now holds the rights!

Universe: AU

Dedication: To Chelle - who, three years ago allowed me to use the ideas from Nikutai No Kizuna , provided I didn't write Forgotten Past as a Casey/Lily story. I still don't think she knew what she was getting into when she and I started talking on Yahoo. I mean, I can be a bit crazy

Chapter 1:

Welcome To The Jungle

Casey looked back at the Academy Gates. A young woman with an Asian cast to her features stood there looking at him as if she wanted him to stay. Lily's twin, whose name Casey couldn't remember, stood with her. "Casey, stop mooning over my sister and let's go find our new Master!" Theo called out to the inexperienced Tiger Cub. Casey looked at his fellow guardian in disbelief.

"Your sister?" Casey asked, a bit dumbstruck over the fact that the young woman was related to Theo of all people. "She looks nothing like you and is a hell of a lot prettier than you."

"That's what all the boys say. Now come on!" Casey tore his gaze away from Theo's sister and ran away from the Academy gates.


After RJ had pronounced the team not ready for the growing technique, he brought Theo's sister up to the loft. "So how is Casey going to come up to speed then?" Theo complained. Casey looked very uncomfortable with Theo's question.

"I will since you are whining about it Taro."

"He's just a cub, Jasmine!"

"Yes, but even as a cub, you had to learn to use the tonfa, which you refused to learn from Uncle Retsu, Taro." Theo now looked embarrassed. "Besides I was always with Tora when he trained with Dad in the ways of the Tiger Kenpo."

"Dad refused to let you learn the nunchuks because you were a girl. Even Tora disapproved of you using the nunchuks because he thought it a dangerous weapon."

"That's not relevant, Taro. I'm teaching Casey and that's that."

"No, you're not!"

"Theo, I want her to teach me." Casey's comment took Theo aback for one second.

"Be my guest, then…..Just don't come crying to me when RJ deems her training inadequate, Cub." Theo spat, making Jasmine incredibly angry at her own brother.


"Okay this should be a good spot." Jasmine murmured as they came into the clearing. It was somewhat of a distance away from JKP where the customers would see their training.

"So who's Tora?" Casey asked before he put RJ's old football training helmet on. "I had a feeling he was much more than a simple acquaintance." Jasmine sighed as she sat down on a stump. Even now, she still worried about Tora. Her heart jumped into her throat, all of a sudden pounding as an idea hit her that Tora was right in front of her. She shook her head to dispel the thought.

"You'd be right, Casey. He was a...childhood friend. He and I were very close. I still have hopes to find him." The crestfallen but melancholy look on the younger girl's face made Casey want to take her into his arms and make her feel better.

"Is he alive?" Casey asked.

"Well I have no idea at this point. Hold out your nun-chuks." Jasmine would not be distracted from the task at hand like Theo.


"Start practicing." Casey did as he was asked but the cub kept hitting his helmet with the nunchuks while he practiced.


"Here, let me show you." Jasmine said gently. Taking the nunchuks from Casey, Jasmine began to demonstrate the use of the Nunchuks with a speed and grace that Casey appreciated as he watched her. "In – out – catch. In Kenpou, my dad's former master had a saying, 'Just Feel It, Don't Think About It.' It's been passed from Master to Master since the beginning of the Beast Arts discipline." At this Casey frowned. "And Father to daughter, since Theo won't embrace it."

"Better?" He asked.

"Much. Now for a test of real power. Look deep inside and channel your animal spirit. Focus the energy there." she directed, pointing to a boulder.

"Calling on the spirit of the Tiger. " Using some fancy footwork, Casey directed a burst of red energy at the boulder that smashed it to smithereens.

"That was an awesome display of strength. You know, you're not that bad for a cub and you're a fast learner."

"Thanks. And you're a good teacher – for being the cute sister of an uptight, egocentric neat freak." Jasmine raised an eyebrow.

"There's nothing wrong with being neat!" she said laughing. "And I am Theo's youngest sister."


The Rangers chatted excitedly over their first victorious battle against Mantor. Casey spotted Jasmine in the corner, eating a slice of pizza in the back corner. "Um, guys...I haven't thanked Jasmine yet for bringing me up to speed," Casey excused himself to go sit at Jasmine's table.

"Is it just me or is Casey...being sweet on Jasmine?" Theo asked Lily.

"Relax, Theo. Jasmine is just enjoying his company." Lily replied with a smile. Theo continued to watch Casey talk to his sister. He watched as Jasmine blushed and then reply to whatever Casey was saying to her.

"It's not her enjoying his company that has me worried, Lil. I'm worried that she'll never find Tora."Theo watched as Jasmine and Casey came over to their table.


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